Mexia, Monroe, Alabama



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Crutchfield, Senoba Estelle  15 Dec 1906Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I17449
2 Hendrix, Jesse Walton  20 Oct 1887Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I17502
3 Lowery, Helen Leona  20 Mar 1931Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I28451
4 Wiggins, Elizabeth Ann  2 Jun 1845Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30998
5 Wiggins, Minnie Lou  9 Nov 1908Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I17499


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brown, James David  10 Nov 2010Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I18240
2 Cooper, Elizabeth  13 Jul 1825Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I21807
3 Hendrix, Jesse Walton  11 Sep 1968Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I17502
4 Johnson, Arvie Lee  30 Oct 1991Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I27925
5 King, Linda Daisy  24 Jul 1949Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I28048
6 McNeil, Mary Abigail  19 Apr 1933Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I23644
7 Simpson, Elbert Emanuel  1 Apr 1927Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I23643
8 Thompson, Samuel Franklin  17 Jun 1945Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30298
9 Turberville, Mary Emely  10 Oct 1951Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30511
10 Wiggins, Elizabeth Ann  7 Mar 1908Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30998
11 Wiggins, Jephelona Hasseltine  10 Sep 1863Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I31177
12 Wiggins, Martha Permelia  18 Sep 1917Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I31360
13 Wiggins, Otto Morfeit  28 May 1937Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I31457
14 Wiggins, William Wilson  14 Apr 1859Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I31642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Biggs, Fred A.  Jan 1988Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I29252
2 Brown, Andrew Earl  Feb 1992Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I17711
3 Brown, Andrew Earl  Apr 2004Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I17720
4 Brown, Blanche  Jul 1991Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I19493
5 Brown, James David  13 Nov 2010Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I18240
6 Brown, Linda Gail  Sep 1957Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I18335
7 Brown, Sarah  Abt 1961Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I18571
8 Conoly, Willie D.  Feb 1951Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I21662
9 Cooper, Elizabeth  Jul 1825Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I21807
10 Fountain, Elizabeth Henry  Sep 1881Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I27025
11 Fountain, John Augustus  Aug 1856Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I27035
12 Fountain, Martha Louise  Aug 1892Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I27051
13 Hamilton, Mahaley  Aug 1892Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I27271
14 Harrison, Edna Lenora  Jan 1969Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I27356
15 Hendrix, Jesse Brown  Dec 1921Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I27666
16 Hendrix, Jesse Walton  Sep 1968Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I17502
17 Hendrix, Martha Malinda  Oct 1918Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I19617
18 Hendrix, Verdelia W.  May 1963Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I27674
19 James, Hattie Olevia  Jul 1983Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I17786
20 Kilpatrick, William H.  Aug 1943Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I17471
21 King, Alexander  1919Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I28019
22 Lnu, Ella Ree  May 1979Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I18249
23 McNeil, Mary Abigail  Apr 1933Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I23644
24 Ranaldson, Elizabeth Allen  Sep 1895Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I29771
25 Simpson, Elbert Emanuel  Apr 1927Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I23643
26 Simpson, Elwanda  Between Oct and Nov 2005Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I20976
27 Simpson, John E.  May 1974Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I23627
28 Thompson, Cal S.  Apr 1937Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30286
29 Thompson, Lovdy P.  Jan 1914Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I18427
30 Thompson, Roy A.  Apr 1930Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30285
31 Turberville, Mary Emely  Oct 1951Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30511
32 Wiggins, A. Liston  May 1973Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I31294
33 Wiggins, Blanche  Nov 1973Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30881
34 Wiggins, Burt  Jun 1973Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30874
35 Wiggins, Carrie Victory  Jul 1978Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30902
36 Wiggins, Catherine Allice  Oct 1851Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30904
37 Wiggins, Charles Leslie  Jul 1967Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I17479
38 Wiggins, Edward Homer  Jul 1858Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30975
39 Wiggins, Elizabeth  Aug 1898Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30991
40 Wiggins, Elizabeth Ann  Mar 1908Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30998
41 Wiggins, Elizabeth Kate  Dec 1911Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I20849
42 Wiggins, Ella Ree  May 1979Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I17493
43 Wiggins, Franklin Monroe  Mar 1916Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I31069
44 Wiggins, James M.  Jul 1834Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I31160
45 Wiggins, Jephelona Hasseltine  Sep 1863Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I31177
46 Wiggins, Jewel Blanche  Nov 1973Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I20977
47 Wiggins, John Gilmore  Jan 1898Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I31203
48 Wiggins, Joseph Madison  8 Dec 1902Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I31231
49 Wiggins, Joseph Thomas  Jun 1905Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I31234
50 Wiggins, Liston Godfrey  Jul 1995Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I19689

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ida  21 Apr 1930Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I24688
2 Hendrix, Jesse Walton  5 Jun 1917Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I17502
3 Hendrix, Verdelia W.  8 Apr 1930Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I27674
4 Jaye, Royden E.  21 Apr 1930Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I27881
5 Jaye, Thomas H.  21 Apr 1930Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I24686
6 King, Corilla Mae  8 Apr 1930Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I28029
7 King, Linda Daisy  8 Apr 1930Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I28048
8 Thompson, Bessie Lee  8 Apr 1930Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30282
9 Thompson, Bettie Sue  8 Apr 1930Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30284
10 Thompson, Duke Clifton  8 Apr 1930Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30287
11 Thompson, Roy A.  8 Apr 1930Mexia, Monroe, Alabama I30285


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 King / Wiggins  23 Jan 1868Mexia, Monroe, Alabama F12005
2 Thompson / King  31 Jan 1895Mexia, Monroe, Alabama F08349
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