Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 McKenzie, Eugene  1871Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03074
52 McKenzie, Florence Zella  23 Nov 1894Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I06340
53 McKenzie, Floyd Aloysus  26 Jun 1894Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03114
54 McKenzie, Francis Patrick  19 Dec 1919Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02521
55 McKenzie, Fred A.  12 Mar 1912Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02245
56 McKenzie, Genevieve Emma  25 Jan 1911Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01672
57 McKenzie, Gerald McCoy  10 Apr 1923Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02523
58 McKenzie, Gilbert W.  11 Jul 1913Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03138
59 McKenzie, Glenn Robert Sr.  13 Mar 1920Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I09002
60 McKenzie, Gora S. (Gorey)  1899Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03639
61 McKenzie, Grant H.  12 Jun 1903Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I14279
62 McKenzie, Hilary Aloysius Jr.  1891Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I10899
63 McKenzie, James Francis  22 Aug 1875Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03070
64 McKenzie, James L.  16 Jan 1879Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03109
65 McKenzie, Jesse Aloysious  15 May 1934Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02528
66 McKenzie, Lemeul L.  16 Aug 1916Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I06236
67 McKenzie, Leo  1817Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01620
68 McKenzie, Leonard Blaine  18 Sep 1908Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I10853
69 McKenzie, Leota Beatrice  7 Apr 1909Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I08985
70 McKenzie, Margaret  15 Aug 1917Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I10779
71 McKenzie, Margaret Ellen  30 Nov 1886Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03081
72 McKenzie, Marshall Joseph  22 Jan 1906Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03690
73 McKenzie, Mary Caroline  14 May 1926Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02525
74 McKenzie, Mary Henrietta  10 Mar 1904Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I06369
75 McKenzie, Matilda Ann  15 Jul 1892Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I07732
76 McKenzie, Matilda Elizabeth  28 Mar 1853Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01912
77 McKenzie, Melvin Francis  25 Apr 1886Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I10848
78 McKenzie, Mildred M.  14 Oct 1904Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01898
79 McKenzie, Myrtle A.  6 Jul 1928Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02400
80 McKenzie, Nora Cecelia  9 Mar 1922Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01674
81 McKenzie, Raymond (Flavin) P.  4 Jul 1885Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03112
82 McKenzie, Robert E.  16 Jul 1916Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I07146
83 McKenzie, Rosella Agnes  27 Mar 1915Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I14633
84 McKenzie, William Henry  9 Oct 1892Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I06339
85 McKenzie, William Urban  19 Aug 1882Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I10766
86 Merrill, Mary D. Elizabeth  26 Feb 1915Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I07693
87 Michael, Ernest Quinton  Abt 1879Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I16138
88 Michael, Lillian Llewellyn  10 Jan 1910Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I14512
89 Michael, Walter Owen  26 Oct 1913Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I00771
90 Orner, George Henry  Abt 1917Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I15040
91 Orner, Margaret Angela  28 Sep 1913Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I15039
92 Pfaff, Marie E.  3 Oct 1911Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I15049
93 Robeson, Eva M.  1908Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03524
94 Robeson, Howard William  1 Oct 1888Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03522
95 Robeson, Joseph C.  28 May 1854Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I06707
96 Robeson, Pearl C.  24 Sep 1916Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03525
97 Robeson, Pearl E.  Abt 1886Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I06157
98 Robeson, Rose Priscilla  Abt 1889Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I15387
99 Robinson, Sarah (Sally)  12 Sep 1919Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I42660
100 Robinson, Sarah V.  12 Sep 1919Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I07833

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