Marian Ulmer

Marian Ulmer

Female 1901 - 1988  (87 years)

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  • Name Marian Ulmer 
    Birth 12 Mar 1901  Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Female 
    Death 23 Jun 1988  Cook County, Illinois Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • From a copy of a letter from Aunt Fina and Uncle Bip to Katherine Frank Bovitch dated June 3, 1981, a copy of which is in the possession of Michael A. McKenzie:

      Dear Katherine:

      It was so good to hear from you & about your Brother Richard and your Sister Louise. The last time we seen you was when you attended Grandma Ulmer's funeral. And we were so pleased to see what nice young people you were & from that time on we have heard nothing of you all. But every night, I pray for all of Uncle Bip's brothers and sisters & their children. Is your father, Joe, living yet? He was always such a kind person & we thought much of him. When I lived in Pgh., some years ago, sometimes I would encounter him on the corner where he had his paper stand. It was always a joy to talk to him. We are also happy to hear that your sister, Louise, has a son that is an attorney. How proud she must be of that. And Richard also of having a son that is an English Professor in a college in Ohio & we too, are happy to hear the good news.

      I will take your letter that you sent to us to Pgh, Pa. We are flying up June 11 & will show it to your Aunt Nellie (Unc Lou wife) & Uncle Nun when we visit them during our vacation. We will be gone for 4 months & if you need to contact us we will be at our daughters, address Wm. J. Ulmer c/o Michael Johnson, 157 Saxonbury Rd., Pgh., Pa. 15238. She bought our home when we moved to Fla.

      I know they will be happy to hear about you. Because, when we get together, we think of you 3 young people. The reason I had all of this information at hand is that one of Uncle George's sons (George) was interested in his families background. Little George was only about 5 yrs. old when his Dad died & he said his mother hardly ever spoke to him about the Dad & that is why he came to me. He now lives in Oregon. So I had just finished writing up the family history for him & lo and behold your letter came. Evidently, I must have been the only one in the family that listened as Grandma Ulmer would talk of her & Granpaps family. And I am very thankful, now that I did & also, I am thankful too, that you three are also interested in your "roots".

      I just remembered, at this moment, that Grandma Ulmer, when she came over from Germany, worked as a cook for a Lutheran Pastor & his wife, who served a church in the North Side of Pgh., Pa. That was when the North Side was a highly respectable part of the city. And this Pastor Schuh was the person who performed the marriage of your grandparents. (Editor's Note: In 1942, Fred O. Schuh, Pastor of the Bethelem Evangelical Church, 731 Excelsior Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania wrote a letter on behalf of Lester Franklin McKenzie in Lester's quest to obtain his birth certificate. Given the similarity in the spelling of the last name of Schuh, it is quite possible that the Pastor Schuh for whom Grandma Ulmer worked as a cook is the same person (or perhaps it was his son) who assisted Lester Franklin McKenzie with his birth certificate in 1942). Both grandparents came from good, respectable families for I have personally met Granpap's brother, George & and other relatives of his. They were people you could be proud to associate with.

      I hope this will answer your questions & and at least once a year let us hear from you so we know you are among the living.

      Your Uncle Bip is now aged 83 yrs & I, Aunt Fina will be 78 in July.

      So God Bless you all, we send our Love,

      Aunt Fina and Uncle Bip

      The family informatio attached to the letter reads as follows:

      Lineage of Ludwig Ulmer and Katherine Post Ulmer, Grandparents of Katherine, Richard & Louise Frank.

      Ludwig Ulmer was born Dec. 1864. His parents last name was Ulmer & Hienz.
      I suppose his fathers first name was John because that name came most often in his cousins families.
      I have no idea what the mothers first name was. Ludwig Ulmer was born near the town of Ulm, Bavaria Germany (South).
      He had 4 brothers, all of them immagrated to U.S. while they were young & married here in U.S. - Here they are:

      # 1 John Ulmer - the oldest brother - settled in Attica, New York. He had a furniture store & was an undertaker. He had three sons. Wm. - a banker & the 2 others were Pharmacists & lived in Buffalo, N.Y. - Dead.

      # 2 Barney Ulmer (bernard) - owned a general store & lived in West Valley, N.Y. - Dead.

      #3 Matthew Ulmer - owned a tailoring business lived in Little Valley, N.Y. - Dead.

      # George Ulmer - the youngest brother worked for the Railroad - This one I knew & he was a beautiful & kind person - We loved him. He was married to a lovely wife - Elizabeth.

      Ludwig emigated to U.S. - 1876 - when he was 12 yrs. old, without his parents knowledge & worked his way from N.Y. City over the Allegheny Mtns. to Pgh. Pa. & lived & worked with his Uncle Ulmer (a baker - in the South side of Pgh. This uncle had a few children - He later worked foe a lumber company.

      In 1892 - Ludwig Ulmer - Age 28 - married Katherine Post Age 20. They had 8 children.

      1st Born - George Ulmer - Born 5/1893, Age 37 yrs. Died 1930, married to Edna Muszik - 4 children.

      1) Edna Frieda Ulmer Wagner of Akron, Ohio & now in New Port Richey, Florida.
      2) Louis Ulmer of Pgh. Pa.
      3) Henrietta Ulmer Livingston of Pgh. Pa.
      4) George Ulmer of Pgh. Pa. now in Oregon.

      2nd Born - Louis Ulmer - Born Mar. 1895 - Died 1978 married to Nellie Wright of Pgh. Pa. No children.

      3rd Born - William Ulmer - Born 1898. Married to Adolfina C. Gollwitzer Ulmer November 26, 1924. 3 children & 10 grandchildren& 4 great-grandchildren.

      1) Adele Ulmer - married to Herman Mesteur - 7 children.
      2) Marjory Kathryn Ulmer married to Ronald Teudeman - 1 child.
      3) Walma Ulmer married to Michael Johnson - 2 children.

      4th Born - Mary Ulmer Frank Born Mar. 1900 married to Joseph Frank - 3 childrenfrom her 1st marriage - Her name now is Passes.

      1) Katherine Frank Bovitch
      2) Richard Frank (we called him "blue eyes")
      3) Louise Frank
      These are all married & up to now, I did not know their married names. You were all such beautiful children.

      5th Born - John Ulmer - Born Aug. 1902 married to Ann _______, & owns a 100 acre farm in Kennerdell, Pa. - No children.

      6th Born - Matilda Ulmer - Born Apr. 1906 married to Herbert Burger - who lives near Erie, Pa. Tillie died of cancer in 1978. 6 children.

      1) Lois Burger Cox - 4 children.
      2) John Burger - 2 children.
      3) Neil Burger - 2 children.
      4) Susan Burger - married, no children, don't know married name.
      5) Tom Burger - 4 children.
      6) Katherine Burger Boswell - no children.

      7th Born - Louise Ulmer Braun Born July 1908 married to Walter Braun & now dead - 2 children.

      1) Irene Braun Thomas - 2 children.
      2) Walter Braun, Jr. - 3 children.

      8th Born - Oscar Bernard Ulmer Born July 1911 died 1956 married to Rose Farkas - 2 children.

      1) Rosemarie Ulmer - not married.
      2) Charles Ulmer - not married.

      Ludwig Ulmer died in 1942 - lacked 1 month of celebrating his 50th wed anv.

      Lineage - Grandma Katherine Post Ulmer

      Her father's name was Post - don't know 1st name. Her mother's maiden name was John. Her parents had 3 children.

      1) Son - Charles Post (in German would be Karl) - a builder of shoes for crippled children.
      2) Daughter - Elizabeth Post Krieling - she had the blue eyes - which came from the Post side.
      3) Daughter & your grandmother. Katherine Post Ulmer. She was born June 1870 - In Germany - City of Darmstadt, in the Hessean Province. She emigrated to U.S. - when she was Aged 16 - Her older sister returned to Germany to escort her over to U.S. This was in 1886 - She married your Grandfather Ludwig Ulmer in 1892 at the age of 22 yrs. Their marriage was blest with 5 sons & 3 daughters. Grandma died in 1958 - at the age of 88 yrs - She was a widow for 16 years.

      Grandfather Ulmer never did apply for American citizenship. He never bothered, he came over at such a young age (12) that he considered himself a good American citizen & we considered him a good upstanding person & his sons all served their country - George in the National Guard - Lou & John in the U.S. Navy & William (Bip) in the U.S. Army in World War I the Tank Corp. Oscar tried to enlist in the 2nd World War but was turned down for health reasons.

      The dates of birth and death are taken from the tombstones - situated in the Mt. Royal Cemetery in Glenshaw, Pa. - a suburb near Pgh. Pa.

      There are quite a few Ulmers in S. Carolina - there is even a town called Ulmers, S.C. on Rt.301 - I saw on a billboard where Issac Ulmer was running for some Political position as we went through the town. Even here in New Port Richey, there is a Judge Ulmer & near St. Pete there is an Ulmerstown Rd. The S.C. Ulmers could have been some cousins far back that settled in the South Carolina area. There are some Ulmers that settled in Buffalo & Little Valley & West Valley, N.Y.

      This transcript of letter typed verbatim by Michael A. McKenzie from a copy of the original addressed to Katherine Frank Bovitch. Transcription on February 19, 1998.
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    Last Modified 29 Oct 2021 

    Father Ludwig Ulmer,   b. 29 Dec 1866, Willmandingen, (near Ulm) Germany Find all individuals with events at this locationd. Oct 1942, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 75 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Mother Katherine Post,   b. 24 Jun 1870, Dormstadt, Hessean Province, Frankisth Germany Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 14 Jun 1958, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 87 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Marriage 26 Nov 1892  Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Family ID F00174  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family 1 Joseph (Pop) Frank,   b. 12 Jul 1899, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 12 Oct 1982, Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 83 years) 
    Marriage Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Katherine Marie Frank,   b. 13 Jul 1923, Pittsburgh, Allegany County, Pennsylvania USA Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 13 Feb 2018, Deerfield Beach, Broward County, Florida Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 94 years)  [Father: natural]  [Mother: natural]
     2. Richard Joseph Frank,   b. Private  [Father: private]  [Mother: private]
     3. Louise Gertrude Frank,   b. 14 Jul 1927, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this locationd. 14 Dec 2007, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 80 years)  [Father: natural]  [Mother: natural]
    Family ID F00008  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart
    Last Modified 29 Oct 2021 

    Family 2 Something Parsis   d. UNKNOWN 
    Family ID F00173  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart
    Last Modified 29 Oct 2021 

  • Photos
    Photo of Edna Ulmer, Louise Ulmer Braun, Mary Ulmer and Oscar Ulmer
    Photo of Edna Ulmer, Louise Ulmer Braun, Mary Ulmer and Oscar Ulmer
    Circa 1923
    Joseph, Mary (Ulmer) and Katherine Frank - 1923
    Joseph, Mary (Ulmer) and Katherine Frank - 1923

    1920 Census Allegheny, Pennsylvania (Ludwig Ulmer b. 1865).jpg
    1920 Census Allegheny, Pennsylvania (Ludwig Ulmer b. 1865).jpg
    Pittsburgh Ward 8, Enumeration District 439 Roll T625_1517 Page 12B

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