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Every tree grows from a single seed. For the McKenzies of Early Maryland, that seed was John MacKinzie (born 1687, died 1758), one of the first McKenzies to emigrate (most probably) from Scotland and populate the shores of the Maryland colony. His six children added sturdy branches to the family tree, which in turn sprouted numerous branches the past 334 years. Although this site originally was intended to be the family genealogical web site of Michael A. McKenzie, who traces his lineage to John through his son, Gabriel (b. abt. 1715), it quickly morphed into a collaborative effort of serious McKenzie genealogists whose goal was to separate fact from fiction with respect to the family's early roots. Since then, it has evolved into an effort to capture data on ALL Maryland McKenzies who descend from John. There is no need to register for a user account or to log in (those features do not work). Just start by typing a name in the boxes in the lower right-hand corner and begin to explore. You might want to try variations of the "McKenzie" surname since multiple spellings have been used over the past three centuries. Please consider purchasing the McKenzies of Early Maryland, which can be acquired by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page. The book extensively discusses the first three generations of the McKenzies of Early Maryland, other chapters discuss a variety of topics including whether the Maryland McKenzies descend from Collin MacKenzie (b. 1630) (they do not) (Chapter 5), the current status of McKenzie DNA analysis (Chapter 8), the military service of hundreds of McKenzies (Chapter 9), the location of the original McKenzie property (Chapter 3) and the migration of early McKenzies from the vicinity of Baltimore to western Maryland and beyond. Currently, the McKenzies of Early Maryland genealogical database contains over 59,000 names of Maryland McKenzies (and various spelling variations) and their relations, in addition to over 5,000 documents and thousands of obituaries. Although the McKenzie Research Group has striven to make certain all information is correct, there is always a possibility an error may have occurred. If you would like to contribute information to this site, or correct an error in our research, please email me at You'll also want to visit Don Kagle's Ancestry site "Family Tree Project 1" which also contains information on the McKenzies of Early Maryland. Don can be reached at - Michael A. McKenzie, July 18, 2024

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