Uriah, Monroe, Alabama



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Biggs, Leslie  9 Sep 1914Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I26477
2 Brown, Elouise  15 Oct 1938Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I18007
3 Dunn, Franklin  22 Sep 1933Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I26594
4 Hollinger, Elizabeth  30 Jul 1883Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I27750


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aplin, Callie  10 Feb 1931Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20889
2 Bohannon, Nancy Ardella  10 Mar 1942Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I30966
3 Chunn, Georgie Emma  13 Aug 1992Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20351
4 Chunn, Monroe Alexander  5 Aug 1984Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20528
5 Chunn, Thompson Ann  29 Aug 1987Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20610
6 Frye, George Daniel  21 Jun 2000Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I27077
7 Gentry, James Reginald  28 Jan 1951Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20888
8 Hollinger, Elizabeth  11 Aug 1912Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I27750
9 Hutto, Robert Percy  6 Aug 2001Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I27838
10 Jay, William Alvin  9 Sep 1996Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I17801
11 Kirchharr, George G.  25 Jul 1972Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I28080
12 Lnu, Lela R.  28 Dec 2004Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I28348
13 Shiver, Terry Bartley  18 May 1974Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I29939
14 Turberville, Edna Hortense  7 Mar 1963Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I21763


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Thelma Doris  29 Feb 2008Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20880
2 Aplin, Callie  11 Feb 1931Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20889
3 Aplin, Lillia  Sep 1990Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I31868
4 Barlow, Laura Jane  1936Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20861
5 Bohannon, Marcella  Feb 1963Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I31086
6 Bohannon, Missouri  Oct 1939Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I31107
7 Bohannon, Nancy Ardella  Mar 1942Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I30966
8 Boone, Farr May  Feb 1913Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20859
9 Boone, Joe Joseph  Feb 1974Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20873
10 Boone, Mattie  Nov 1983Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I31446
11 Chunn, Floyd  1960Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20342
12 Chunn, Georgie Emma  Aug 1992Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20351
13 Chunn, Leonard L.  Oct 1997Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20464
14 Chunn, Moses Evans  Mar 1955Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20537
15 Chunn, Thompson Ann  Aug 1987Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20610
16 Chunn, William Rayford  Jan 1932Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20643
17 Chunn, William Robert  Mar 1934Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20654
18 Cumbie, Lillie Angeline  Aug 1926Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I23326
19 Davis, Lula Dale  Between Apr and May 2010Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20865
20 Dunn, Sudy  Dec 1935Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I26670
21 Gentry, Willie L.  Aug 1991Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I27123
22 Harris, Bertha Cornelius  Dec 1998Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20867
23 Harris, Fletcher Alexander  Jan 1999Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20864
24 Harris, Robert Alexander  Jul 1957Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I27354
25 Harris, William Dale  UNKNOWNUriah, Monroe, Alabama I20860
26 Harris, William Riley  Aug 1980Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20862
27 Hayles, Mary Nell  Feb 1987Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20900
28 Jeter, Gena  Oct 2000Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20863
29 Jeter, Henry Hubbert  Jul 1960Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20876
30 Jeter, Joseph Franklin  Mar 1964Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I27910
31 Kecher, John  Sep 1934Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I27974
32 Lambert, Emma Ella  Jan 1932Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I28185
33 Melvin, Sarah Jane  Jul 1977Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I29001
34 Morris, Richard B.  May 1936Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I29127
35 Morris, Roxie Jane  May 1925Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I29128
36 Peavy, Wiley Jefferson  May 1936Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I21764
37 Rachels, Hiram Thomas  22 Jul 1948Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I29666
38 Shiver, Terry Bartley  May 1974Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I29939
39 Stabler, Agnes  Jun 1957Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I30100
40 Stabler, Josephine  Jun 1962Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I30131
41 Stabler, Sarah Emily  Sep 1912Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I30153
42 Turberville, Anna  Jul 1947Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I30345
43 Turberville, Archie B.  Jul 1928Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20877
44 Turberville, Ardella  Oct 1925Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I30379
45 Turberville, Barney S.  Mar 1967Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20878
46 Turberville, Brandi Nite  Jul 1961Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I30363
47 Turberville, Carlie Virginia  Aug 1958Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I20875
48 Turberville, Daniel Arnold  Apr 1925Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I30381
49 Turberville, David Monroe  Aug 1956Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I30390
50 Turberville, Edna Hortense  Mar 1963Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I21763

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Physical Description

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Physical Description    Person ID 
1 Turberville, Joseph Samuel  12 Sep 1918Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I30469


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Turberville, Joseph Samuel  12 Sep 1918Uriah, Monroe, Alabama I30469


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Harrison  26 Mar 1935Uriah, Monroe, Alabama F07992
2 Shiver / Chunn  23 Jan 1916Uriah, Monroe, Alabama F09223
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