Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barchus, John McClure  10 Apr 1902Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I46940
2 Bittinger, Shirley Irene  6 Jul 1934Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I13629
3 Bowman, Jeanne  3 Mar 1943Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I09326
4 Broadwater, Forrest Ellsworth  3 Apr 1925Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I52138
5 Brown, Lena Elizabeth  1 Feb 1911Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02253
6 Brown, Marie J.  7 Oct 1919Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07210
7 Brown, Ray Harrison  23 May 1921Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02219
8 Clark, Robert Wayne (Bobby)  30 Jul 1935Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I15763
9 Cochrane, Marshall Joseph  17 Oct 1922Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I38912
10 Cochrane, Marvin Arthur  9 Jun 1920Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I42699
11 Hawn, Meshach  21 Jan 1895Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I13630
12 Hutzel, Paul  8 Sep 1938Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07741
13 Lint, John Calvin  22 Nov 1943Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07435
14 Lung, Mable Margaret  17 Jul 1929Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02237
15 Maust, James Mahlon  19 Jun 1918Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02532
16 McKenzie, Henry Sadres  4 Jun 1917Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03155
17 McKenzie, James Ernest  28 Oct 1942Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I46992
18 Miller, Marian  2 May 1922Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I50290
19 Newman, Paul C.  1933Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I15696
20 Oester, Donald Wayne  5 Sep 1947Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I39900
21 Poleman, Lawrence E.  26 Jun 1906Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I15052
22 Tressler, Ralph G. Sr.  11 Dec 1948Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I08721
23 Walker, Ezra T.  27 Sep 1908Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07769
24 Walker, Laura Edith  Abt 1907Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07768
25 Weimer, Ozias G.  24 Jul 1914Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07974
26 Wilt, Mae  5 Feb 1918Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I15191
27 Wilt, Pearl Savilla  5 Feb 1918Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I15187


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barchus, John McClure  20 Sep 1985Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I46940
2 Bowser, Russell  6 Jul 1977Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I39323
3 Deal, Lawrence William  29 Jan 2015Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I39604
4 Durst, Sarah Levenia  1 Jul 1919Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02627
5 Harding, Frank S.  2 Sep 1974Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I15083
6 Holler, Kenneth A.  16 Jun 1986Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I15398
7 Howard, Albert C.  13 Jan 1999Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I41781
8 Hutzel, Paul  13 Oct 1996Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07741
9 Keim, Edison  22 Feb 2007Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06977
10 Keim, Harry  29 Feb 1976Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06974
11 Keim, Morris  1 Oct 1988Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06978
12 Klavuhn, Dorothy Mae  13 Mar 1980Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I01666
13 McKenzie, Angus A.  14 Jun 1950Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03113
14 McKenzie, Cobey L.  5 Apr 1985Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02396
15 McKenzie, Helen Matilda  18 Aug 1920Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02205
16 McKenzie, Leora Mae  4 Jan 2001Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06641
17 McKenzie, Margaret M.  20 Jan 1986Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03164
18 McKenzie, Orville Sylvestor  22 Nov 1982Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02218
19 McKenzie, Richard Lee  6 Apr 2017Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I15278
20 Meese, Delia  3 Mar 1946Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I04422
21 Meese, Reid  26 May 1958Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07150
22 Newman, Robert J. (Bud)  3 Dec 1976Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I15693
23 Orner, George Henry  24 May 1972Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I15040
24 Orner, Helen Louise  5 Oct 2002Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I15137
25 Orner, Samuel Harrison  6 Jan 1944Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06934
26 Pope, Stephen H. (Steve)  22 Sep 2017Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I08161
27 Reiber, Betty E.  1 Sep 2018Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I16590
28 Weimer, Doris Elizabeth  26 Aug 2007Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I09156
29 Weimer, John Ambrose  29 Dec 1966Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02364


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Minnick, Larena Elizabeth (Rena)  5 Mar 1998Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I43259


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Althoff / Weimer  15 Feb 1905Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania F01299
2 Butler / McKenzie  1928Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania F03437
3 Carey / McKenzie  23 Nov 1905Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania F01608
4 Hostetler / Clark  27 May 1937Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania F07172
5 McKenzie / Baker  10 Apr 1939Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania F02029
6 McKenzie / Garlitz  1 Jul 1926Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania F06587
7 Wilhelm / Drees  25 Nov 1937Salisbury, Somerset County, Pennsylvania F15980
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