Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cannon, Irvin Blandell  Abt 1908Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I34077
2 Cannon, John William Marcellus Sr.  Abt 1916Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I40549
3 Cannon, Otto  Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I03561
4 Hacker, Martha Henrietta  17 Apr 1877Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I43797
5 Lease, Bernard McKenzie  17 Sep 1900Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I13837
6 Lease, Blanche Marion  28 Sep 1889Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I13840
7 Lease, Elsie Elizabeth  28 Dec 1903Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I13841
8 Lease, Mary Bertha  21 Jun 1890Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I13845
9 Lease, Richard Wesley  14 Oct 1898Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I13838
10 Lease, Roy Archibald  1 Feb 1895Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I13844
11 Lease, William Kenneth  28 Oct 1906Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I13839
12 McFarlane, Anna  3 Jul 1906Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I16184
13 McKenzie, Alice Loretta  22 Jun 1904Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I12459
14 McKenzie, Carl Irvin  29 Apr 1912Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I00164
15 McKenzie, Charles A.  Abt 1875Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I13695
16 McKenzie, Charles Walter  19 Aug 1877Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I01348
17 McKenzie, George James  22 Feb 1857Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I01260
18 McKenzie, Gladys Elouise  3 Sep 1908Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I00064
19 McKenzie, John Burr  4 Mar 1880Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I01349
20 McKenzie, Margaret Elizabeth  18 Aug 1865Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I03563
21 McKenzie, Martha Ellen  17 Apr 1855Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I43793
22 McKenzie, Myrtle McLane  1 Aug 1889Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I12447
23 McKenzie, Nettie May  14 Feb 1879Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I01234
24 Monnett, Norman Ellsworth  Oct 1897Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I05155
25 Shepard, Louis Dewey  23 Oct 1897Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I34039
26 Spencer, Sarah Elizabeth  7 Apr 1842Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I01355
27 Thrasher, Eleanor  22 Nov 1866Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I06352


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Flanagan, Edith Bessie  Oct 1989Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I40987
2 Lancaster, Mary Margaret (Lou)  30 Dec 2011Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I33386
3 McFarlane, Gabriel Thornton  15 Sep 1935Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I16181
4 McFarlane, William Ritchie  8 Jan 1943Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I16179
5 McKenzie, Ann Sophia  23 Jan 1889Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I19724
6 McKenzie, Charles A.  3 Mar 1896Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I13695
7 McKenzie, George Newton  10 May 1913Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I00061
8 McKenzie, Joseph Webster  7 Mar 1896Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I14008
9 McKenzie, Silas Johnson  23 Sep 1888Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I01270
10 McKenzie, Thelma Elizabeth  7 Jun 2015Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I03043
11 McKenzie, Thomas Leroy  9 Nov 2017Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I16723
12 McKenzie, William  1890Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I00650
13 Wilt, Virgil Ruben  12 Aug 2002Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland I52291


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davis / McKenzie  26 Nov 1958Rawlings, Allegany County, Maryland F03474
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