Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Biggs, Bessie Massenburg  28 Jan 1880Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21737
2 Biggs, Jeane  Abt 1659Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I18709
3 Biggs, Johannah  1653Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I18712
4 Biggs, Kader  18 Oct 1875Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21708
5 Biggs, Louisa  1874Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21709
6 Biggs, Loula M.  8 Jan 1854Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21702
7 Biggs, Lucy Clifton  9 Feb 1880Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21698
8 Biggs, Pheobe  1666Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I18714
9 Cotten, Harry Andrews  18 May 1876Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I22870
10 Hall, Frances  1674Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I18734
11 Sikes, Walter  1645Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I18710
12 Wood, Kader Biggs  5 Aug 1878Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I23161


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Biggs, Annie  Bef 1860Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21701
2 Biggs, Asa T.  6 Mar 1878Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21690
3 Biggs, Bessie Massenburg  14 Jun 1880Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21737
4 Biggs, Jabez  1693Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I18713
5 Biggs, Johannah  1693Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I18712
6 Biggs, Kader  16 Oct 1876Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21708
7 Biggs, Kader  3 Jan 1884Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21692
8 Biggs, Louisa  1879Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21709
9 Biggs, Loula M.  17 May 1874Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21702
10 Mackethan, Edwin Robeson  15 Nov 1989Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I23726
11 Massenburg, Lucy M.  27 May 1933Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21736
12 Sikes, Walter  15 May 1710Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I18710
13 Wilder, Francis  Between 27 Feb 1722 and 19 Feb 1723Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I24897
14 Wood, Kader Biggs  21 Feb 1879Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I23161


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Lucy Ann  Oct 1909Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21710
2 Andrews, Martha Elizabeth  Oct 1885Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21707
3 Biggs, Asa T.  Mar 1878Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21690
4 Biggs, Bessie Massenburg  Jun 1880Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21737
5 Biggs, Kader  Oct 1876Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21708
6 Biggs, Kader  Jan 1884Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21692
7 Biggs, Louisa  1879Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21709
8 Biggs, Loula M.  May 1874Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21702
9 Biggs, Mary Delha  Apr 1879Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21739
10 Biggs, Mary Jane Cotten  Jul 1916Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21695
11 Biggs, Walter Joseph  Dec 1905Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21696
12 Biggs, William Asa  Jun 1939Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21738
13 Massenburg, Lucy M.  May 1933Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21736
14 Rawls, Virginia  Oct 1967Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21748
15 Wood, John Early  Dec 1919Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21711
16 Wood, Kader Biggs  Feb 1879Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I23161


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Martha Elizabeth  16 Jul 1870Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21707
2 Andrews, Martha Elizabeth  10 Jun 1880Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21707
3 Biggs, Anna Eugenia  16 Jul 1870Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21741
4 Biggs, Anna Eugenia  10 Jun 1880Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21741
5 Biggs, Asa T.  16 Jul 1870Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21690
6 Biggs, Asa Thomas  16 Jul 1870Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21734
7 Biggs, Asa Thomas  10 Jun 1880Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21734
8 Biggs, Bessie Massenburg  10 Jun 1880Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21737
9 Biggs, Chloe Frances  16 Jul 1870Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21732
10 Biggs, Chloe Frances  1 Jun 1900Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21732
11 Biggs, Kader  14 Jun 1860Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21692
12 Biggs, Kader  29 Jul 1870Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21692
13 Biggs, Kader  11 Jun 1880Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21692
14 Biggs, Loula M.  14 Jun 1860Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21702
15 Biggs, Loula M.  29 Jul 1870Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21702
16 Biggs, Mary Delha  16 Jul 1870Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21739
17 Biggs, Mary Jane Cotten  14 Jun 1860Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21695
18 Biggs, Mary Jane Cotten  29 Jul 1870Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21695
19 Biggs, Walter Joseph  14 Jun 1860Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21696
20 Biggs, Walter Joseph  29 Jul 1870Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21696
21 Biggs, Walter Joseph  11 Jun 1880Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21696
22 Cotten, Lucy Ann Lavinia  14 Jun 1860Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21694
23 Cotten, Lucy Ann Lavinia  29 Jul 1870Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21694
24 Cotten, Lucy Ann Lavinia  11 Jun 1880Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21694
25 Kellinger, Cornelius Whiting  Between 1882 and 1899Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I22865
26 Kellinger, Cornelius Whiting  1 Jun 1900Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I22865
27 Kellinger, Frank Whiting  1 Jun 1900Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I22867
28 Mackethan, Edwin Robeson  1986Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I23726
29 Massenburg, Lucy M.  Between 3 and 5 Jan 1920Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21736
30 Massenburg, Lucy M.  10 Jun 1880Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21736
31 Massenburg, Lucy M.  5 Apr 1930Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21736

Value of Personal Estate

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Value of Personal Estate    Person ID 
1 Biggs, Asa T.  16 Jul 1870Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21690
2 Biggs, Kader  14 Jun 1860Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21692
3 Biggs, Kader  29 Jul 1870Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21692

Value of Real Estate

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Value of Real Estate    Person ID 
1 Biggs, Asa T.  16 Jul 1870Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21690
2 Biggs, Kader  14 Jun 1860Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21692
3 Biggs, Kader  29 Jul 1870Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia I21692


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Sikes / Biggs  4 Sep 1674Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia F08402
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