Mobile, Mobile, Alabama



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bayles, Carol Lambert  12 Mar 1932Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27387
2 Bayles, Carolyn Elizabeth  12 Mar 1932Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27393
3 Byrd, Emery A.  3 Jun 1925Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I18874
4 Chaudron, Joseph Gonzales  10 Feb 1856Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I20026
5 Fayard, Oliver Edward Augustine  5 Oct 1919Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26487
6 Fendley, Cecile  23 May 1912Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17863
7 Heubach, Mary Leona  31 May 1916Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26479
8 Johnston, Adelaide Isabelle  5 Oct 1892Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27949
9 Johnston, George Edward  11 Aug 1899Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27951
10 McKenzie, Baby Girl  17 Dec 1944Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I28717
11 McKenzie, James Franklin  3 May 1948Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I28786
12 Nelson, Joe F.  Abt 1923Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29161
13 Overstreet, O. Braxton  Abt 1916Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29333
14 Smith, Mary  24 Mar 1919Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26481
15 Vick, Willie Slade  23 Aug 1908Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I30657
16 Wiggins, Betty Louise  6 Mar 1945Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I19486
17 Wiggins, Glen Sylvan  11 Jun 1926Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I31087


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andress, James Charles  17 May 2006Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I30607
2 Bayles, Andrew Leslie  3 Dec 2008Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27747
3 Bayles, Carol Lambert  15 Mar 1932Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27387
4 Bayles, Robert Curtis  19 Jun 1999Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I24789
5 Biggs, Aubrey L.  Nov 1976Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I28942
6 Biggs, Charles Harold  6 Oct 1962Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I28985
7 Biggs, Claudia  7 Oct 1953Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29002
8 Biggs, Elbert Emanuel  3 Dec 1951Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29125
9 Biggs, James N.  Aug 1932Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29411
10 Biggs, James Travis  16 Apr 1916Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29419
11 Biggs, Leslie  22 Mar 1984Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26477
12 Biggs, Sarah Josephine  3 Nov 1945Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I30208
13 Boley, Walter Morris  May 1969Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I31185
14 Booker, Marguerite  8 Mar 2006Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I31356
15 Brown, Fred  23 Apr 1941Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I18039
16 Brown, Georgia Lee  17 Dec 1944Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I18078
17 Brown, Leona  15 Feb 2000Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17746
18 Brown, Peter Simpson  15 Mar 1967Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I18470
19 Brown, Robert Edgar  Aug 1982Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I18537
20 Byars, Alma Mae  1 Apr 1948Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I28364
21 Byrd, Harvey Edward  Jun 1978Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I18877
22 Chandler, Mary Irene  8 Aug 2006Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I19537
23 Chandler, Naomi Ruth  17 Jul 1996Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I19604
24 Chandler, William Jefferson  13 Jun 2003Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I19817
25 Cole, Stella P.  12 Jun 2008Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I21097
26 Corley, Verl Alfonzo  19 May 1967Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I21967
27 Creighton, Chapman Levy  21 Nov 1863Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I22537
28 Crum, Asa Lewis  31 Jul 1990Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I22979
29 Cumbie, Andrew Judson  26 Oct 1957Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I23315
30 Dean, James Alexander  12 Feb 1991Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17774
31 Dees, Bettie  Apr 1929Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I28275
32 Enzor, Jesse Audubon  May 1938Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26819
33 Enzor, Lawrence Edward  25 Jan 2000Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26825
34 Falkenberry, Hillary Eugene  15 Aug 1999Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26921
35 Falkenberry, Richard Clifton  Aug 1968Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I31892
36 Fendley, Cecile  23 May 1912Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17863
37 Fendley, Eliza Donia  10 Oct 1902Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17857
38 Gates, Sadie Bessie  9 Aug 1965Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27112
39 Goff, Frederick Alphonse Thomas  Feb 1980Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I24265
40 Golson, Georgia Elizabeth  11 Jul 1973Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I24230
41 Graham, Edna Gertrude  16 Apr 1940Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27171
42 Gray, Elbert  11 Feb 1940Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27181
43 Hammac, Mack  24 Jul 2001Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27276
44 Hammonds, Cammie  12 Dec 1959Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27300
45 Havard, Willie  19 Mar 1996Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I28429
46 Hawke, Asa Wilmer  8 May 1974Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27373
47 Helton, Annie Mae  Jan 1994Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27403
48 Helton, Benjamin F.  Aug 1933Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27409
49 Helton, Eugene M.  Nov 1981Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27445
50 Helton, Eugenia  8 Mar 1948Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27446

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Anne Mae  UNKNOWNMobile, Mobile, Alabama I26484
2 Biggs, Elbert Emanuel  Dec 1951Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29125
3 Biggs, Leander  Aug 1966Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29686
4 Biggs, Leslie  Mar 1984Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26477
5 Biggs, Malcom Travis  29 Mar 1940Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29802
6 Brown, Fred  25 Apr 1941Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I18039
7 Goff, Frederick Alphonse Thomas  Feb 1980Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I24265
8 Golson, Georgia Elizabeth  Jul 1973Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I24230
9 Graham, Edna Gertrude  Apr 1940Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27171
10 Havard, Willie  Mar 1996Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I28429
11 Little, Wallace Malachi  Mar 1983Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I20883
12 McClammy, Bessie L.  26 Aug 1989Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I28608
13 Smith, Benjamin Thiese  Sep 1953Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I23615
14 Strong, Esther  Dec 1999Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I18310
15 Turberville, Inez  May 1999Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I20882
16 Vetter, Walter Charlie  6 Jan 1971Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I30649
17 Wiggins, Frances Vermell  2001Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I24263
18 Wiggins, Glen Sylvan  Oct 1988Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I31087
19 Wiggins, Virgil Homer  Jun 1973Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I31589


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Fayard, Oliver Edward Augustine  6 Nov 1941Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26487

Physical Description

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Physical Description    Person ID 
1 Fayard, Oliver Edward Augustine  5 Jun 1917Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26485
2 Wiggins, Joseph Howard  5 Jun 1917Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17469


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Louise E.  4 Apr 1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I24268
2 Bayles, Frances Carolyn  1993Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27540
3 Biggs, James Travis  1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29419
4 Biggs, Leander  1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29686
5 Biggs, Malcom Travis  1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29802
6 Biggs, Nellie Hermie  1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29349
7 Biggs, Nellie Hermie  1912Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29349
8 Biggs, Nellie Hermie  1915Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29349
9 Biggs, Nellie Hermie  1916Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29349
10 Biggs, Nellie Hermie  1924Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29349
11 Biggs, Nellie Hermie  1926Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29349
12 Biggs, Nellie Hermie  1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29349
13 Biggs, Nellie Hermie  1 Apr 1935Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29349
14 Biggs, Nellie Hermie  1938Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29349
15 Biggs, Nellie Hermie  1939Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29349
16 Carpenter, Alice Buna  27 Apr 1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17850
17 Carpenter, Alva  27 Apr 1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17854
18 Carpenter, Alva Francis  27 Apr 1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17840
19 Carpenter, Ansel Jackson  27 Apr 1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17856
20 Carpenter, Clarence Calloway  27 Apr 1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17845
21 Carpenter, Felicia May  27 Apr 1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17847
22 Carpenter, Lula Fidella  27 Apr 1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17843
23 Carpenter, Mary Roxana  27 Apr 1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17841
24 Carpenter, Robert Clyde  27 Apr 1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17852
25 Chaudron, Joseph Gonzales  1860Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I20026
26 Falkenberry, Richard Clifton  1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I31892
27 Fayard, Oliver Edward Augustine  5 Jun 1917Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26485
28 Fayard, Oliver Edward Augustine  1924Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26485
29 Fayard, Oliver Edward Augustine  1926Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26485
30 Fayard, Oliver Edward Augustine  15 Apr 1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26487
31 Fayard, Oliver Edward Augustine  15 Apr 1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26485
32 Fayard, Oliver Edward Augustine  1 Apr 1935Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26487
33 Fayard, Oliver Edward Augustine  1 Apr 1935Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26485
34 Fayard, Oliver Edward Augustine  1938Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26485
35 Fayard, Oliver Edward Augustine  1939Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26485
36 Fayard, Oliver Edward Augustine  15 Apr 1940Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I26487
37 Goff, Frederick Alphonse Thomas  4 Apr 1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I24265
38 Goff, William Lawrence  4 Apr 1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I24267
39 Golson, Georgia Elizabeth  Between 12 and 13 Jan 1920Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I24230
40 Helton, Recy Cleo  1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27606
41 Jaye, Royden E.  1993Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I27881
42 Lnu, Frances  1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I31901
43 Moran, Wilson E.  5 Jun 1917Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17867
44 Payne, James Wellington  1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I29386
45 Salter, E. America Virginia  1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I28264
46 Wiggins, Emily Virginia  27 Apr 1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I31012
47 Wiggins, Frances Vermell  Between 12 and 13 Jan 1920Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I24263
48 Wiggins, Joseph Howard  Between 12 and 13 Jan 1920Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17469
49 Wiggins, Joseph Howard  5 Jun 1917Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I17469
50 Wiggins, Virgil Homer  Between 12 and 13 Jan 1920Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I31589


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andrews / Bass  3 Mar 1946Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F10381
2 Bayles / Unknown  Apr 1943Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F11829
3 Biggs / Heubach  1935Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F11374
4 Biggs / Smith  28 Sep 1957Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F11376
5 Brown / McClammy  Aft 1920Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F08162
6 McKenzie / Crow  15 Jul 1945Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F10161
7 Murray / Shofner  18 Jun 1924Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F12407
8 Northcutt / Johnston  10 Oct 1922Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F11973
9 Payne / Sterma  Abt 1929Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F12457
10 Payne / Walker  5 Jun 1921Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F12456
11 Stallworth / Helton  Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F11863
12 Stillings / Turberville  3 Nov 1945Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F12596
13 Vetter / McClammy  Aft 1944Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F12232
14 Waldron / Helton  8 May 1943Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F11802
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