Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Austin, C. Lee  4 Oct 1889Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06865
2 Austin, Edward M. (E.M.)  22 Jul 1922Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07875
3 Austin, Ruth A.  3 Jun 1915Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06861
4 Austin, Thomas H.  6 Aug 1885Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06864
5 Baker, Floyd Raymond  Abt 1920Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I14688
6 Baker, James Frank  Abt 1911Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I14687
7 Baker, Zane Morris  13 Jan 1942Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I42713
8 Bolden, Richard O.  1924Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I09420
9 Boyer, Brett Eugene  27 Sep 1975Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I10381
10 Dickey, James L.  14 Sep 1918Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03205
11 Dickey, John Ralph Sr.  2 Mar 1922Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03206
12 Dickey, Joseph  16 Apr 1917Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03204
13 Durst, Sandra Sue  30 Apr 1952Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I08688
14 Early, Larry Vernon  26 Jan 1942Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I09070
15 Finzel, Charles Donald  18 Jan 1929Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07166
16 Hahn, Martha E.  3 Dec 1927Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I11200
17 Hostetler, Charles Kenneth  Abt 1916Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07031
18 Kimble, James H. Sr.  26 Jul 1922Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I09027
19 Knepp, Betty  5 Oct 1932Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07566
20 Knepp, George Ellis  1 Feb 1908Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06660
21 Lindeman, Walter  1894Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06650
22 Loraditch, Margaret Ann  16 Jun 1905Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06941
23 Martz, Randy J.  27 Jul 1957Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I10310
24 McKenzie, Alice  21 Oct 1873Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02702
25 Mckenzie, Alonzo Andrew  13 Apr 1870Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02030
26 McKenzie, Charles Edward  3 Nov 1867Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02028
27 Mckenzie, Clara Francis  26 Feb 1882Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02035
28 McKenzie, Donald Eugene  27 May 1947Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07010
29 McKenzie, Ernest Joseph (Blaine)  27 Jan 1927Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I37541
30 McKenzie, Evelyn T.  30 Dec 1908Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03663
31 McKenzie, George Daniel  20 May 1955Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07011
32 McKenzie, George Jr.  10 Jan 1872Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02031
33 McKenzie, George William  9 Oct 1950Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I16588
34 McKenzie, Harry B.  5 Mar 1917Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03666
35 McKenzie, James F.  6 Jun 1927Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I11220
36 McKenzie, John Aloysius Jr.  14 Apr 1923Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I08093
37 McKenzie, Leo G.  22 May 1897Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I04438
38 McKenzie, Linda Lou  8 Nov 1948Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I11176
39 McKenzie, Lloyd Thomas  11 Dec 1873Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02032
40 McKenzie, Marie Ruth  29 Jan 1899Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I05371
41 Mckenzie, Mary Regina (Mollie)  16 Jun 1884Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02036
42 McKenzie, Mary Velma  21 Oct 1905Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02610
43 McKenzie, Noah Anthony  31 Mar 1884Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02498
44 McKenzie, Orpha Francis  21 Nov 1895Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06717
45 McKenzie, Patrick Edward  1 Oct 1959Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I37611
46 McKenzie, Raymond C.  1 Sep 1916Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I05374
47 McKenzie, Raymond Maxwell  20 Jul 1914Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06682
48 Mckenzie, Rebecca Ann  10 Apr 1878Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02033
49 McKenzie, Richard Lee  10 Feb 1961Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I15278
50 Mckenzie, Robert Vincent  1 Jan 1880Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02034

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Austin, Ruth A.  12 Nov 2001Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06861
2 Austin, Thomas H.  29 Jul 1977Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06864
3 Baer, Dale Eugene  8 Mar 1999Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I09019
4 Barry, Loretta Catherine  4 Oct 1985Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03207
5 Bolden, Eleanor Marie  5 May 1975Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07170
6 Bolden, Roger E.  Jun 1978Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03664
7 Bowers, Ida  14 Nov 1981Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I39014
8 Bowman, Edward L. (Matt)  18 Jan 1982Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07989
9 Breig, Ambrosius  15 Jun 1885Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06857
10 Caton, Elmer U.  7 Jan 1966Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I11263
11 Caton, Kathleen Agnes (Deen)  18 Mar 2005Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I08048
12 Cochrane, Marshall Joseph  6 Jan 1993Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I38912
13 Crowe, Ira  16 Nov 1964Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I35442
14 Deal, Donald Wayne  5 Feb 2006Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07542
15 Dickey, James L.  29 Mar 1995Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03205
16 Dickey, Joel W.  4 Dec 1973Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03203
17 Dickey, Joseph  24 Aug 2004Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03204
18 Durst, Dailey Helena  5 Nov 1999Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06812
19 Durst, Hazel M.  1 Mar 2003Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I11282
20 Finzel, Howard William  May 1963Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06665
21 Garlitz, Edwin Francis  12 Sep 2015Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02269
22 Garlitz, Orville V.  24 Oct 1974Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I08783
23 Garlitz, Sarah Elmedia  4 Mar 1963Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I08208
24 Getty, Ella Barbara  1950Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I39263
25 Getty, Fannie B.  15 Nov 1931Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I42899
26 Getty, Oliver G.  1915Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I39260
27 Hare, Eulah  11 Dec 1977Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I07648
28 Harris, Margaret Elizabeth  20 May 2011Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03504
29 Hartle, Sarah Gertrude  9 Dec 1952Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I04431
30 Hochard, Carl (Jack)  14 Jul 1989Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I15117
31 Hochard, Carl (Jack)  14 Jul 1989Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I36774
32 Holt, Howard W.  12 Nov 1994Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I14685
33 Housel, Annie Naomi  30 Dec 1954Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03661
34 Hutzel, Minnie May  13 Feb 1960Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03159
35 Keller, Alice R.  24 Oct 1938Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I42894
36 Kimble, James H. Sr.  13 Dec 1984Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I09027
37 Knepp, George Ellis  14 Dec 1967Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06660
38 Krause, Paul Lewis  7 Feb 1994Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03641
39 Lancaster, Genevieve  7 Aug 1976Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03167
40 Lichty, Bruce  8 Mar 1941Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I42900
41 Lottig, Donald Wilson  6 Jun 1989Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I04822
42 Mankamyer, Dorothy Irene  Jan 1985Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I36517
43 Martz, Randy J.  25 Aug 1990Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I10310
44 McKenzie, Albert J. (Chummy)  15 Dec 1991Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06684
45 McKenzie, Beda Regina  18 Nov 1973Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I05373
46 McKenzie, Carlton John (Turp)  5 Dec 1996Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I06744
47 McKenzie, Emma Theresa  7 Dec 1961Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03014
48 McKenzie, Ernest Samuel  6 Jul 1976Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03156
49 McKenzie, Evelyn T.  3 Jan 2002Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I03663
50 McKenzie, Francis Wellington (Sockalo)  21 Oct 1985Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I02966

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 McKenzie, James Noah  27 Feb 1964Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania I08817


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McKenzie / Steinly  17 Dec 1905Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania F02836
2 Shockey / McKenzie  8 Oct 1938Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania F02128
3 Steinly / McKenzie  11 Jun 1933Meyersdale, Somerset County, Pennsylvania F02780
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