Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Lottie Mae  10 Apr 1911Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I18336
2 Coleman, Emma Ann  30 Apr 1874Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I21118
3 Coleman, Flora E.  Sep 1880Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I21129
4 Coleman, John D.  Mar 1886Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I21172
5 Coleman, Kenard Seldon  Abt 1876Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I21183
6 Coleman, Rachel  Abt 1873Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I21217
7 Coleman, Thomas  Abt 1878Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I21228
8 Galloway, Emer H.  Abt 1870Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I27090
9 Galloway, Harmon C.  Abt 1879Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I27091
10 Galloway, John R.  Abt 1877Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I27092
11 Galloway, William I.  Abt 1875Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I27096
12 Johnson, Joseph Norman  28 Aug 1899Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I27939
13 Presley, Carlous Rudolph  21 Apr 1908Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29527
14 Presley, Carrie B.  25 Dec 1883Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29530
15 Presley, Claudie M.  16 Aug 1892Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29531
16 Presley, Daniel Terrell  1 Sep 1856Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29536
17 Presley, Ethel Mae  18 Feb 1887Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29546
18 Presley, Fletcher  Abt 1902Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29547
19 Presley, Herman Augustus  23 Nov 1895Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29552
20 Presley, Ina Angeline  31 Jan 1932Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29553
21 Presley, James Oliver  2 Oct 1858Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29555
22 Presley, Jessie Ola  7 May 1901Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29558
23 Presley, Johnnie  Abt 1887Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29561
24 Presley, Levi Terrell  13 Oct 1889Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29567
25 Presley, Margaret Anne  Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29575
26 Presley, Melissa  Abt 1847Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29578
27 Presley, Minnie P.  17 May 1885Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29580
28 Presley, Nancy  Abt 1842Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29581
29 Presley, Pierce I.  27 Apr 1886Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29585
30 Presley, Ransom Leander  25 Jul 1861Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29586
31 Presley, Ransom Leroy  25 Feb 1895Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29588
32 Presley, Rosella J.  25 Sep 1880Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29589
33 Presley, Roxie Bell  16 Oct 1890Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29590
34 Presley, Ruby Lee  3 Feb 1904Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29591
35 Presley, Sarah Jane  Abt 1854Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29593
36 Presley, Spencer  Abt 1850Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29595
37 Presley, Susan M.  Abt 1844Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29597
38 Presley, Verna Irene  23 Jun 1897Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29600
39 Presley, Victoria P.  Abt 1863Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29601
40 Presley, Will  Abt 1893Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29604
41 Presley, William Hardy  14 May 1899Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29606
42 Presley, William P.  Abt 1846Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29608
43 Presley, Zell  11 Aug 1906Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29613
44 Wiggins, Audie  Abt 1906Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I30860
45 Wiggins, David W.  Abt 1908Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I30949
46 Wiggins, Flora  Apr 1877Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I31045


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Coleman, Mary E.  1880Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I21195
2 Coleman, Philip Seldon  Abt 1925Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I21206
3 Howell, Judy  1900Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I27771
4 Presley, Carrie B.  11 Dec 1901Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29530
5 Presley, Johnnie  Bef 1900Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29561
6 Presley, Minnie P.  6 Nov 1901Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29580
7 Presley, Zell  16 Jan 1907Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29613


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brown, Lottie Mae  1920Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I18336
2 Brown, Robert E. Lee  1900Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I18523
3 Brown, Robert E. Lee  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I18523
4 Brown, Robert E. Lee  1920Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I18523
5 Brown, Wilma Ree  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I18650
6 Brown, Wilma Ree  1920Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I18650
7 Johnson, Earl  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I27926
8 Johnson, John Levi  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I27935
9 Johnson, John William  1880Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I27938
10 Johnson, John William  1900Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I27938
11 Johnson, John William  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I27938
12 Johnson, Joseph Norman  1900Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I27939
13 Johnson, Joseph Norman  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I27939
14 Johnson, Opal H.  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I27946
15 Johnson, William Vernon  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I27948
16 Mosley, Missouri  1930Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29142
17 Musselwhite, Georgia Anne  1880Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29147
18 Musselwhite, Georgia Anne  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29147
19 Philyaw, Alma  1920Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29426
20 Philyaw, John J.  1920Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29430
21 Presley, Bertha L.  1920Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29525
22 Presley, Bessie Belle  1900Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29526
23 Presley, Bessie Belle  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29526
24 Presley, Carlous Rudolph  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29527
25 Presley, Carlous Rudolph  1920Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29527
26 Presley, Carlous Rudolph  1930Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29527
27 Presley, Carrie B.  1900Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29530
28 Presley, Claudie M.  1900Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29531
29 Presley, Daniel Oliver  1900Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29533
30 Presley, Daniel Terrell  1860Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29536
31 Presley, Daniel Terrell  1880Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29536
32 Presley, Daniel Walter  1900Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29538
33 Presley, Daniel Walter  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29538
34 Presley, Daniel Walter  1920Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29538
35 Presley, Daniel Walter  1920Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29537
36 Presley, Ethel Mae  1900Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29546
37 Presley, Ethel Mae  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29546
38 Presley, Ethel Mae  1920Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29546
39 Presley, Fletcher  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29547
40 Presley, Grace  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29550
41 Presley, Herman Augustus  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29552
42 Presley, James Oliver  1860Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29555
43 Presley, James Oliver  1880Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29555
44 Presley, Jessie Ola  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29558
45 Presley, John David  1860Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29559
46 Presley, John David  1880Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29559
47 Presley, Julia Mae  1920Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29564
48 Presley, Levi Terrell  1910Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29567
49 Presley, Melissa  1860Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29578
50 Presley, Minnie P.  1900Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama I29580

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Wiggins / Howell  1881Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama F10947
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