Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania



Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Caton, Simon Henry  20 Sep 1893Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I08812
2 Lint, Hattie T.  23 Feb 1867Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02379
3 Lint, Simon Sylvestor  19 Oct 1865Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02378
4 McKenzie, Anna Isabella  20 Feb 1880Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02496
5 McKenzie, Catherine  9 Mar 1865Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02288
6 McKenzie, Conrad  7 Sep 1865Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02293
7 McKenzie, Francis Patrick  24 Oct 1840Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02189
8 McKenzie, James Amos  25 Mar 1846Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02192
9 McKenzie, John L.  17 Jun 1842Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02190
10 McKenzie, Samuel Bernard  9 Mar 1867Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02289
11 Weimer, Edward Francis  2 Jul 1873Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02357
12 Weimer, Eliza Catherine  9 Jul 1851Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02346
13 Weimer, George Clarence  2 Jul 1891Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02368
14 Weimer, James Henry  Abt 1898Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02369
15 Weimer, Julia Catherine  15 Nov 1887Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02366
16 Weimer, Lawrence Ozias  23 Jan 1886Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02365
17 Weimer, Martha Ellen  28 Aug 1895Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02370
18 Weimer, Samuel K.  6 Sep 1824Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02342
19 Wilhelm, Helen F.  14 Nov 1928Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I05178
20 Wilhelm, Sylvia Marie  2 Aug 1925Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I05177


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Breig, Elizabeth Rose  4 Oct 1931Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02356
2 Clark, Amanda Ellen  14 Apr 1941Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I05145
3 Hutzel, Rachel Agnes  8 Aug 1922Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02490
4 McKenzie, Anna Isabella  3 Aug 1942Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02496
5 McKenzie, Catherine  4 May 1901Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02288
6 McKenzie, Elnora (Eleanor)  2 Jul 1970Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I05169
7 McKenzie, John  7 Dec 1944Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02290
8 McKenzie, William Herbert  27 Apr 1945Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I05150
9 Weimer, Bernard Sylvester  23 Aug 1919Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02367
10 Weimer, Lawrence Ozias  13 Aug 1967Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02365
11 Weimer, Lydia  19 Mar 1909Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02344
12 Weimer, Ozias  14 Jul 1941Greenville Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania I02343
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