Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, William Edgar  3 Apr 1896Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I06677
2 Hostetler, Irvin E.  16 Apr 1895Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I05372
3 Landis, Elmer  1895Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I05368
4 Loraditch, Ruth Monica  26 Oct 1908Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I06943
5 McKenzie, Albert J. (Chummy)  10 Oct 1921Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I06684
6 McKenzie, Albin Sylvestor  16 Apr 1877Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I08041
7 McKenzie, Charles Henry  13 Sep 1875Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I05149
8 McKenzie, Dallas Clay  10 Mar 1908Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I06642
9 McKenzie, Delbert Edison  4 Feb 1896Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I06639
10 McKenzie, Elsie E.  5 Jul 1896Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I05367
11 McKenzie, Elzie Lewis  14 Nov 1909Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I05578
12 McKenzie, Eugene  6 Apr 1916Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I05580
13 McKenzie, Francis (Frank) Leo  15 Feb 1870Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I03008
14 McKenzie, Frank William  20 Mar 1914Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I05579
15 McKenzie, George Henry  24 Oct 1868Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I05147
16 McKenzie, Henrietta Agnes  12 Mar 1877Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I05151
17 McKenzie, Hugh John  21 Jun 1901Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I06644
18 McKenzie, Jacob Patrick  5 Mar 1844Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I02191
19 McKenzie, James Allen  3 Oct 1907Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I09026
20 McKenzie, Leora Mae  4 Apr 1904Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I06641
21 McKenzie, Louis Henry  5 May 1885Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I05153
22 McKenzie, Lucinda  28 Feb 1856Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I02382
23 McKenzie, Mary Loretta (Laura)  1874Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I02495
24 McKenzie, Mary Verna  21 Nov 1908Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I06651
25 McKenzie, Moses H.  1 Apr 1866Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I01641
26 McKenzie, Pearl  15 Feb 1912Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I05581
27 McKenzie, Rebecca Ann  19 Jan 1848Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I02193
28 McKenzie, Samuel Joshua  29 Mar 1870Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I05148
29 McKenzie, William Herbert  14 Nov 1874Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I05150
30 McKenzie, William Homer  21 Jan 1907Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I03662
31 Meese, Alverta May  6 Aug 1916Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I07149
32 Wetmiller, Alice B.  1892Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I06902
33 Wetmiller, Grace  Abt 1889Greenville TWP, Somerset, Pennsylvania I06903
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