Greenville, Butler, Alabama



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dunklin, Mary Lois  22 Oct 1877Greenville, Butler, Alabama I26460
2 Dyess, George Jasper  7 Feb 1884Greenville, Butler, Alabama I20935
3 Kilpatrick, William H.  12 Feb 1866Greenville, Butler, Alabama I17471
4 Kilpatrick, William H.  12 Feb 1866Greenville, Butler, Alabama I18033
5 Kornegay, Mary Etta  10 Jun 1893Greenville, Butler, Alabama I28150
6 Kornegay, Vera Beatrice  17 Jul 1891Greenville, Butler, Alabama I28155
7 Parmer, Edwin Martus  20 Jan 1850Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29359
8 Rogers, Asa Cleveland  21 Aug 1884Greenville, Butler, Alabama I26534
9 Skinner, Aris B.m.  Abt 1878Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29967
10 Skinner, Asa Hunter  11 Nov 1860Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29970
11 Skinner, Charles Grady  Abt 1892Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29974
12 Skinner, George Pearce  27 Dec 1858Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29984
13 Skinner, James Capeous  11 Oct 1860Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29995
14 Skinner, Laura Mable  17 Aug 1890Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30002
15 Skinner, Margaret Elizabeth  30 Jan 1872Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30007
16 Skinner, Martha E.  25 Jul 1875Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30009
17 Skinner, Marvin A.  12 May 1881Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30010
18 Skinner, Mary L.  Abt 1906Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30011
19 Skinner, Minnie  15 Feb 1877Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30014
20 Skinner, Robert Brown  10 Oct 1917Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30017
21 Skinner, Sarah  Abt 1918Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30020
22 Skinner, Sarah F.  Abt 1871Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30023
23 Skinner, William T.  1863Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30025
24 Wiggins, Sarah Matilda  1835Greenville, Butler, Alabama I31521
25 Williamson, Alta Jo  22 May 1897Greenville, Butler, Alabama I31707


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boggan, Estelle  9 Sep 1978Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30945
2 Boggan, Robert Lowery  30 Jun 1935Greenville, Butler, Alabama I26532
3 Butler, Mahala  20 Jun 1860Greenville, Butler, Alabama I20740
4 Cheatham, Beulah  10 Jul 1969Greenville, Butler, Alabama I20166
5 Everette, Jessie C.  Oct 1979Greenville, Butler, Alabama I26861
6 Hudson, Grady W.  8 May 1988Greenville, Butler, Alabama I27775
7 Reynolds, Kate Estelle  27 Jul 1961Greenville, Butler, Alabama I26533
8 Skinner, George Pearce  15 May 1927Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29984
9 Skinner, Hubert Arthell  20 Apr 2002Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29993
10 Skinner, Robert Brown  12 Jul 1978Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30017
11 Skinner, Zona Belle  30 Mar 1988Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30028
12 Spann, Aubrey  20 Aug 1991Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30082


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Boggan, Estelle  Sep 1978Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30945
2 Boggan, Robert Lowery  Jun 1935Greenville, Butler, Alabama I26532
3 Cheatham, Beulah  Jul 1969Greenville, Butler, Alabama I20166
4 Cheatham, Ida James  Sep 1922Greenville, Butler, Alabama I20177
5 Henderson, Mary Susan  Dec 1915Greenville, Butler, Alabama I26528
6 Reynolds, Kate Estelle  Jul 1961Greenville, Butler, Alabama I26533
7 Skinner, Ariss  Nov 1916Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29969
8 Skinner, Asa  Jul 1888Greenville, Butler, Alabama I19662
9 Skinner, Clyde Edward  Dec 1951Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29977
10 Skinner, George Pearce  May 1927Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29984
11 Skinner, James Clanton  Jul 1961Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29996
12 Skinner, Lillie Belle  Dec 1899Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30004
13 Skinner, Porter Brown  Jun 1980Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30016
14 Skinner, Robert Brown  Jul 1978Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30017
15 Williams, Mary Elizabeth  Jun 1974Greenville, Butler, Alabama I31692
16 Woodham, Rachel  Jan 1895Greenville, Butler, Alabama I19664


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Skinner, Clyde Edward  1920Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29977


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Baggett, Comer M  1910Greenville, Butler, Alabama I19133
2 Baggett, Eujene  1910Greenville, Butler, Alabama I19181
3 Baggett, Mollie  1910Greenville, Butler, Alabama I19203
4 Baggett, Sallie E.  1910Greenville, Butler, Alabama I19234
5 Baggett, Thomas J  1910Greenville, Butler, Alabama I19268
6 Baggett, William A.  1910Greenville, Butler, Alabama I19276
7 Cheatham, Ida James  7 Jun 1900Greenville, Butler, Alabama I20177
8 Cheatham, Ida James  15 Apr 1910Greenville, Butler, Alabama I20177
9 Cheatham, Ida James  18 Feb 1920Greenville, Butler, Alabama I20177
10 Fluellen, Sarah Jane  17 Jun 1880Greenville, Butler, Alabama I25910
11 Hammons, George W.  17 Jun 1880Greenville, Butler, Alabama I25909
12 Hammons, Henry T.  17 Jun 1880Greenville, Butler, Alabama I27303
13 Kilpatrick, William H.  1880Greenville, Butler, Alabama I17471
14 Skinner, Clyde Edward  7 Jun 1900Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29977
15 Skinner, Clyde Edward  15 Apr 1910Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29977
16 Skinner, George Pearce  7 Jun 1900Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29984
17 Skinner, George Pearce  15 Apr 1910Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29984
18 Skinner, George Pearce  18 Feb 1920Greenville, Butler, Alabama I29984
19 Skinner, Lillie Belle  7 Jun 1900Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30004
20 Skinner, Martha E.  1910Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30009
21 Skinner, Porter Brown  7 Jun 1900Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30016
22 Skinner, Porter Brown  15 Apr 1910Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30016
23 Wheeler, Allen Anson  1850Greenville, Butler, Alabama I30782


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Skinner / Boggan  23 Dec 1914Greenville, Butler, Alabama F12556
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