Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bittinger, Kermit Loraine (Butch)  28 Jun 1931Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I09353
2 Bolden, Rebecca  9 Aug 1865Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I01595
3 Dishong, Leroy A.  Abt 1921Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I15391
4 Durst, George Gideon  14 Mar 1917Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06817
5 Durst, Hazel M.  16 Jun 1936Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I11282
6 Durst, Kenneth Raymond  14 Aug 1940Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I42829
7 Durst, Paul Lewis  2 Apr 1921Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06818
8 Durst, Ruby Catherine  12 Jan 1919Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06814
9 Folk, Sarah Ellen  2 Oct 1866Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06884
10 Getty, Alvin F.  3 May 1857Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I39261
11 Getty, Charles Bernard  Dec 1868Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I39264
12 Getty, Ella Barbara  1864Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I39263
13 Getty, Fannie B.  5 Apr 1871Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I42899
14 Getty, James Clarence  1860Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I39259
15 Getty, John O.  1862Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I39262
16 Getty, Leonard E.  Jul 1881Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I39265
17 Getty, Oliver G.  1855Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I39260
18 Hetz, Edward Charles  12 Jun 1918Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I15193
19 Hollada, Harold K.  23 Jan 1930Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I15138
20 Hollada, Randall James  8 Jun 1920Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06708
21 Krause, Margeret Catherine  18 Oct 1932Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I08824
22 McKenzie, Arthur Melvin  7 Jan 1906Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06893
23 McKenzie, Atticus Joseph  22 Jun 2006Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06305
24 McKenzie, Betty Louise  19 May 1927Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I07926
25 McKenzie, Cecil Benedict  7 Apr 1915Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I02961
26 McKenzie, Clinton Joseph Sr.  18 Aug 1919Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06237
27 McKenzie, Dennis G.  14 Feb 1864Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06820
28 McKenzie, Dorothy Elizabeth  3 Jul 1925Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I11333
29 McKenzie, Edward Raymond  2 Aug 1923Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I03163
30 McKenzie, Elias Marcellus  2 Jun 1858Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I01652
31 McKenzie, Harley Jr.  Dec 1925Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I07923
32 McKenzie, Harley Sr.  12 May 1903Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06892
33 McKenzie, Henry Clay  31 Jan 1900Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06890
34 McKenzie, Hillary Thomas  14 Jan 1860Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I02198
35 McKenzie, Howard Webster  3 Oct 1912Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06895
36 McKenzie, James Kenneth (Mac)  20 Nov 1921Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I08999
37 McKenzie, Loretta  26 Oct 1867Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I01654
38 McKenzie, Lottie Elizabeth  8 Mar 1910Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06894
39 McKenzie, Mabel  4 Oct 1898Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06887
40 McKenzie, Martha (Mollie)  Abt 1852Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I02195
41 McKenzie, Myrtle  17 Jul 1897Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06889
42 McKenzie, Nellie Mae  26 Sep 1901Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06891
43 McKenzie, Patrick Robert  14 May 1896Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I02502
44 McKenzie, Paul C.  2 Jul 1936Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I11332
45 McKenzie, Roy Ellsworth  24 May 1896Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06888
46 McKenzie, Sadres Simon  23 May 1856Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I01826
47 McKenzie, Uleleh Catherine  10 Feb 1909Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I02959
48 Patton, Emma Luceal  Abt 1906Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I03675
49 Resh, Emerson  7 Sep 1930Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I09664
50 Schaefer, Mary Elizabeth  13 Oct 1921Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06270

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Sophia  3 Aug 1933Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I36897
2 Bittinger, Kermit Loraine (Butch)  28 Dec 2014Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I09353
3 Bittinger, Larry Dale  13 Dec 2013Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I09852
4 Bittinger, Roy Willard  18 Jan 2007Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I09847
5 Broadwater, Ethelene Elizabeth  8 May 2011Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I07720
6 Broadwater, Hubert Lee  13 Dec 2002Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I09175
7 Broadwater, William Edward (Will)  7 Feb 1919Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I39738
8 Devore, Dorothy C.  24 Jan 2012Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I45344
9 Dorsey, Anna  Apr 1931Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I42896
10 Durst, Gladys Leona  17 Sep 1998Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06808
11 Durst, Henry Francis  10 Oct 1963Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I02622
12 Durst, Joseph Delbert  27 Feb 2000Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I07676
13 Durst, Lawrence Albert  14 Jun 1971Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I03118
14 Durst, Raymond C.  29 Jun 1982Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I03117
15 Finzel, Robert Patrick  9 Jan 1972Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I07667
16 Frazee, Izetta Blanche  5 Nov 1972Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06250
17 Garlitz, Cordella G.  18 Aug 1966Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I44297
18 Getty, James Clarence  21 May 1897Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I39259
19 Getty, John O.  1925Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I39262
20 Getty, William Reed  12 Sep 1902Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I39256
21 Hetz, William L.  1968Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I08773
22 Keister, Steven Michael  13 Oct 1991Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I13776
23 Krause, Mae Fern  24 Jul 1979Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I08823
24 Krause, Margeret Catherine  8 Oct 2009Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I08824
25 Layman, Mary Lou  11 Sep 1886Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I03472
26 Lease, Ora Frances  11 May 1999Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I07582
27 McKenzie, Agnes Viola  29 Jun 2009Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I03768
28 McKenzie, Anna Pearl  28 Jan 2005Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I03137
29 McKenzie, Arthur Melvin  20 Feb 1918Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06893
30 McKenzie, Atticus Joseph  22 Jun 2006Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06305
31 McKenzie, Betty Louise  18 Jan 2011Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I07926
32 McKenzie, Dayton Anthony  26 Aug 1992Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I02968
33 McKenzie, Dennis G.  28 Jan 1913Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06820
34 McKenzie, Harold Vincent  24 Jan 1992Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I05375
35 McKenzie, Henry Curtin  14 Oct 1886Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I33903
36 McKenzie, James E.  Dec 1996Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I39922
37 McKenzie, Joseph Edward  3 Mar 1956Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I05154
38 McKenzie, Leonard Aloysius  18 Jan 1959Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06243
39 McKenzie, Marshall James  12 Jan 1950Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I02395
40 McKenzie, Rebecca Lynn  12 Feb 1968Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I14390
41 McKenzie, Thomas Bernard  28 Apr 1960Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06822
42 Miller, Elizabeth  1970Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06802
43 Pfaff, Marie E.  11 Nov 1996Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I15049
44 Pope, Matthew  8 Feb 2009Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I08639
45 Robeson, Eva M.  5 Jun 1979Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I03524
46 Robeson, Joseph C.  24 Feb 1950Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I06707
47 Warne, Daniel G.  16 Aug 1984Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I15067
48 Weimer, Carolyn J.  30 May 1982Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I09182
49 Weimer, Wilbert E. (Archie)  29 Dec 1987Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I07029


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Warne, Charles Henry  10 May 1948Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland I07731


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Younkin / McKenzie  16 Oct 1904Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland F01644
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