Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland



Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beechie, James Robert Sr.  Abt 1942Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I11023
2 Freal, Mary E.  Abt 1889Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I10980
3 Grimes, Leona  21 May 1901Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I11095
4 McKenzie, Infant  6 Oct 1943Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I10801
5 McKenzie, Infant  28 Mar 1956Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I11006
6 McKenzie, Jeanetta Elizabeth  Abt 1918Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I08992
7 McKenzie, Jonas Evan  24 Jan 1920Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I02399
8 Payne, Violet P. (Martha)  18 Apr 1921Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I11148
9 Roberts, Elizabeth Boyn  31 Aug 1873Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I00720
10 Winner, Anna Elizabeth  26 Jul 1884Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I02213


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brown, Ralph Andrew  11 Dec 1957Frostburg, Garrett COunty, Maryland I09121
2 Caton, Sarah A.  30 Jul 1983Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I06658
3 Filer, Samuel  16 Mar 1961Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I11118
4 Freal, Mary E.  23 Mar 1971Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I10980
5 Garlitz, Sarah Ellen (Susan Ellen)  12 May 1964Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I01875
6 Hollada, Randall James  5 Jul 2004Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I06708
7 Machin, Lavina  22 Jan 1948Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I02279
8 McKenzie, Dora Emelia  29 Apr 1929Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I02206
9 McKenzie, Edward Joseph  29 Aug 1957Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I03020
10 McKenzie, George Amos  7 Mar 1947Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I02207
11 McKenzie, George Samuel  11 Jan 1946Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I03481
12 McKenzie, Infant  7 Oct 1943Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I10801
13 McKenzie, Infant  28 Mar 1956Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I11006
14 McKenzie, Isabella L.  29 Jan 1931Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I03062
15 McKenzie, John Simeon  11 Nov 1956Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I03013
16 McKenzie, Larry Ronald (Ronnie)  12 Mar 1939Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I02305
17 McKenzie, Luella A.  10 Feb 1935Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I10701
18 McKenzie, Noah Sylvester  29 May 1948Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I02203
19 McKenzie, Samuel Bernard  4 Aug 1939Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I08275
20 McKenzie, Samuel Gregory  Mar 1947Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I03012
21 McKenzie, William Grant  29 Aug 1952Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I10890
22 Payne, Violet P. (Martha)  22 Oct 2011Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I11148
23 Warner, Anna Mary  16 Jul 1953Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I06645


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 McKenzie, Robert E.  30 Sep 2000Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I07146
2 McKenzie, William H. (Butch)  21 Apr 1949Frostburg, Garrett County, Maryland I02287
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