Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mosley, Aaron Albert  1 Jan 1921Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I18186
2 Mosley, James L.  30 Dec 1930Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I29140
3 Mosley, Mary Magdalene  10 Feb 1922Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I18199
4 Wiggins, Ollie R.  24 Oct 1920Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I31450


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baas, Ola  26 Feb 1992Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I28409
2 Bayles, Andrew Leslie  Jun 1984Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I27326
3 Bayles, Annie B.  20 May 1983Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I27346
4 Bayles, Carlie Eugenia  16 Aug 1966Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I27378
5 Biggs, Fred A.  29 Jan 1988Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I29252
6 Bodiford, Annie Lou  29 Oct 1996Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I30927
7 Browning, Charlotte  7 Oct 1936Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I23605
8 Browning, Lottie Charlotte  7 Oct 1936Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I20928
9 James, George  3 Mar 1989Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I27872
10 Jay, George H.  Aug 1986Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I27879
11 Lambert, Samuel  Sep 1976Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I28194
12 Lnu, Mamie V.  Aug 1973Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I28367
13 McKinley, Myra  27 Aug 1982Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I28934
14 Rawls, Lois Maude  18 Feb 1995Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I29695
15 Simpson, John Earl  8 May 1974Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I23642
16 Turberville, Ira Leslie  29 Apr 1978Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I17396
17 Wiggins, Clayton Henery  12 Jul 2003Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I30925
18 Wiggins, Erma Ree  10 Apr 1998Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I31020
19 Wiggins, Howard Lewis  29 Apr 1993Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I19485
20 Wiggins, James Edward  20 Jul 1995Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I31153
21 Wiggins, John Jackson  8 Oct 1939Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I31194
22 Wiggins, Ollie R.  11 Jun 2005Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I31450
23 Wiggins, Robert Preston  19 Jun 1990Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I31491
24 Wiggins, William Palmer  12 Oct 1999Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I31630
25 Williams, Betty Helen  31 Jan 1992Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I31668


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Baas, Harry  May 1897Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I18946
2 Baas, Ola  Feb 1992Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I28409
3 Baas, William Geandreau  Jul 1941Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I19088
4 Biggs, Edna  Apr 2000Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I29093
5 Biggs, Ernest B.  Dec 1967Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I29063
6 Browning, Charlotte  Oct 1936Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I23605
7 Browning, Lottie Charlotte  Oct 1936Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I20928
8 Chandler, James William  Jul 2002Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I19492
9 Greene, Clyde Lamar  Jan 1957Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I20807
10 Mosley, James L.  Jun 2000Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I29140
11 Wiggins, Alice Louise  Oct 1949Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I30828
12 Wiggins, Howard Lewis  Apr 1993Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I19485
13 Wiggins, John Jackson  Oct 1939Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I31194
14 Wiggins, Martha Ann  Jan 1907Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I31349


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bertha  9 Apr 1930Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I24788
2 Bayles, Bessie Mae  9 Apr 1930Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I27366
3 Bayles, Ervin C.  9 Apr 1930Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I24787
4 Bayles, Minnie Clara  9 Apr 1930Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I18364
5 Bayles, Monnie  9 Apr 1930Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I18421
6 Mosley, James L.  9 Apr 1930Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I29140
7 Mosley, Levi G.  9 Apr 1930Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I29141
8 Norwood, Rebecca Jane  9 Apr 1930Frisco City, Monroe, Alabama I29313
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