Franklin, Monroe, Alabama



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Samuel Avery  22 Mar 1852Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I26862
2 Bayles, Alvin O.  23 Mar 1930Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27307
3 Bayles, Andrew Leslie  5 Nov 1893Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27326
4 Bayles, Annie B.  29 May 1897Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27346
5 Bayles, Basil Edward  31 Mar 1890Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27490
6 Bayles, Ervin C.  Abt 1907Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I24787
7 Bayles, Frank Mason  5 Feb 1894Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27546
8 Bayles, John Bradford  18 Oct 1895Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27709
9 Bayles, John Lee  14 Jan 1891Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27733
10 Bayles, Minnie Clara  5 Aug 1914Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I18364
11 Bayles, Moses E.  Abt 1902Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27890
12 Bayles, Robert Earl  Aug 1898Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27982
13 Bayles, Robert Howard  11 Jan 1898Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27998
14 Bayles, William Irving  2 Sep 1906Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28168
15 Bayles, Willie Preston  1902Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28196
16 Black, Callie Ann  20 Feb 1870Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30499
17 Black, Florence  May 1884Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30540
18 Black, Henry Mose  9 Apr 1881Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30580
19 Black, Henry Mose  27 Jul 1917Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30571
20 Black, James Robert  23 May 1876Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30613
21 Black, Lewlia Dee  4 Sep 1878Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20909
22 Black, Parthenia Bell  15 Apr 1868Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30711
23 Black, Robert Lewis  1 May 1864Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30732
24 Black, William T.  14 Apr 1866Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30778
25 Bohannon, Zillie  24 May 1900Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28337
26 Brown, Mary Belle  3 Apr 1894Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I18351
27 Cobb, Frankie Estelle  22 Jan 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20855
28 Griffin, Timothy Lafayette  Apr 1855Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27219
29 Ladd, Henrietta M.  9 Mar 1861Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I19566
30 Massey, Drewry Alexander  25 Jun 1854Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28501
31 Massey, Gilmore  2 Sep 1896Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28505
32 Maxwell, Helen Corry  23 Nov 1893Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28539
33 McKenzie, John M.  7 Feb 1940Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28801
34 McKinley, Ambrose  6 Jun 1900Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17403
35 McKinley, Americus Ann  22 Mar 1873Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17395
36 McKinley, Howard Claude  23 Sep 1927Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17414
37 McKinley, Jefferson Davis  28 Dec 1861Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28923
38 McKinley, Lawrence Eugene  27 Mar 1853Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I19713
39 McKinley, Marion  20 Jun 1850Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20823
40 McKinley, Marion Alander  7 Oct 1873Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I19487
41 McKinley, Mary Frances  9 Aug 1846Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28930
42 McKinley, Matt  28 Aug 1904Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28931
43 McKinley, Roy Merle  31 Oct 1938Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28937
44 McKinley, William Madison  3 Feb 1871Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20829
45 McKinley, Willie Harold  7 May 1935Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28943
46 Norwood, Mattie  5 Jan 1875Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20830
47 Rowell, Lila R.  10 Oct 1900Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I29824
48 Stabler, Charlie M.  Abt 1908Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30110
49 Stabler, Ida May  Abt 1906Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30122
50 Stabler, Jacob Samuel  8 Mar 1875Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30123

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ballard, Malisia Ann  29 Nov 1902Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20970
2 Bayles, James Ferdinand  5 Jan 1933Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27656
3 Bayles, John Bradford  17 Nov 1941Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27709
4 Bayles, John Elijah  28 Nov 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27720
5 Bayles, Robert Howard  5 Mar 1965Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27998
6 Bayles, Willie Preston  Dec 1923Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28196
7 Black, Henry Mose  21 Nov 2005Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30571
8 Cobb, Frankie Estelle  15 Dec 1992Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20855
9 Courtney, Willie Mae  20 Jan 2006Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17744
10 Cumbie, Lillie Angeline  23 Aug 1926Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I23326
11 Everette, Lillie O.  30 Aug 1943Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28355
12 Everette, Lonnie L.  17 Feb 1981Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I26869
13 Griffin, Lizzie Jolene  12 Dec 1982Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I24652
14 Griffin, Timothy Lafayette  23 May 1925Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27219
15 Griffin, Virginia Jeffalone  1928Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20848
16 Ladd, Henrietta M.  22 Oct 1926Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I19566
17 Lnu, Cornelia E.  17 Feb 1994Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28291
18 McKenzie, Charles Bryant  19 Mar 1981Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28735
19 McKenzie, Ethel Mae  19 Apr 2007Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28764
20 McKenzie, Jennie V.  7 Aug 2001Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28792
21 McKenzie, John M.  27 Oct 1994Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28801
22 McKenzie, Joseph Samuel  26 Apr 2005Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28804
23 McKenzie, Luman Smith  27 Dec 2004Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28830
24 McKinley, Ambrose  17 Aug 1991Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17403
25 McKinley, Clarence Gaines  8 Apr 1969Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17401
26 McKinley, Emmett Oneil  15 Jun 1996Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28914
27 McKinley, James Ambrose  Jun 1981Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17399
28 McKinley, Marion  9 Mar 1947Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20823
29 McKinley, Mary Frances  Mar 1926Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28930
30 McKinley, Roy Merle  16 Jul 1940Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28937
31 McKinley, Virgie Nola  4 Apr 1963Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17410
32 McKinley, William Cass  1940Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20847
33 McKinley, William Madison  23 Jun 1959Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20829
34 Norwood, Mattie  2 Jan 1937Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20830
35 Norwood, Rebecca Jane  20 Oct 1935Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I29313
36 Rachels, Minnie J.  26 Sep 1972Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17430
37 Rickard, Ella Jane  17 Aug 1951Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I29726
38 Rowell, Clinton G.  4 Dec 1996Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I29789
39 Rowell, Cora Gertrude  7 Jul 1986Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I29790
40 Rowell, Lila R.  3 Mar 1964Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I29824
41 Rowell, Marvin Jeams  13 Aug 1981Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I29832
42 Stabler, Allie L.  May 1973Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30104
43 Stabler, Jacob Samuel  3 Jun 1936Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30123
44 Stabler, John Wesley  27 Jul 1983Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30130
45 Stabler, Mary A.  20 Jan 1888Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I19715
46 Thompson, Susan Tabitha  23 Oct 1916Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30300
47 Turberville, Andrew Archie  11 Nov 1969Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17397
48 Turberville, Arthur Lee  13 Sep 1953Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I18377
49 Turberville, Betty Viola  31 Aug 1989Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17398
50 Turberville, Dan  26 Apr 1987Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17422

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Avery, Ruth  Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I21002
2 Ballard, Malisia Ann  Nov 1902Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20970
3 Barnes, Calvin Daniel  Aug 1892Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I19565
4 Barnes, David Curtis  1904Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I25824
5 Barnes, Eugenia H.  Apr 1904Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I26133
6 Barnes, Mary Elizabeth  1860Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I26795
7 Barnes, Mary Elizabeth  Aug 1945Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17815
8 Barnes, Nathaniel Sam  Aug 1902Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I26811
9 Barnes, Obediah  1885Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20903
10 Barnes, Samuel Avery  Apr 1934Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I26862
11 Barnes, Thomas V.  1937Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I26899
12 Bayles, Basil Edward  11 Jan 1936Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27490
13 Bayles, Daniel Collin  Nov 1898Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27458
14 Bayles, Elizabeth J.  1861Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20718
15 Bayles, Glen Haskew  Dec 1948Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27602
16 Bayles, Infant  1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17429
17 Bayles, Irene  May 2003Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17435
18 Bayles, James Ferdinand  6 Jan 1933Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27656
19 Bayles, Jeremiah  1909Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27690
20 Bayles, Joe H.  Jan 1912Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27697
21 Bayles, John Bradford  18 Nov 1941Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27709
22 Bayles, John Elijah  Nov 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27720
23 Bayles, John Harrison  1912Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27727
24 Bayles, John Lee  Aug 1993Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27733
25 Bayles, John T.  Dec 1884Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27737
26 Bayles, Leslie Leo  Oct 1918Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20817
27 Bayles, Martha Matilda  1878Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27843
28 Bayles, Minnie Clara  Nov 1982Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I18364
29 Bayles, Minnie Mae  Nov 1979Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27876
30 Bayles, Priscilla J.  Mar 1901Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27950
31 Bayles, Robert Howard  Mar 1965Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27998
32 Bayles, Robert Lee  Dec 1928Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28008
33 Bayles, Thomas  1857Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28088
34 Bayles, Travis Polk  Jan 1903Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28109
35 Bayles, Willie Preston  5 Dec 1923Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28196
36 Black, Catherine Jane  Feb 1951Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20906
37 Black, Lewlia Dee  Mar 1962Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20909
38 Black, William Robert  Nov 1913Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30770
39 Brown, Baby  Aug 1945Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17775
40 Brown, James Timothy  Jan 1997Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I18621
41 Brown, Peter Simpson  Mar 1967Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I18470
42 Brown, William Richard  Dec 1974Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I18640
43 Carter, Dollie D.  Between Apr and May 1963Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I19285
44 Cobb, Marie  26 Jul 1984Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I20826
45 Courtney, Willie Mae  23 Jan 2006Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17744
46 Duke, Sarah Elmira  Nov 1943Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28279
47 Eubanks, Mary Ellen  25 Feb 1992Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I18349
48 Gaines, Ethel Grey  Feb 2008Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27085
49 Garrett, Betty Sue  Aug 1976Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I30622
50 Griffin, Andrew Jackson  Aug 1987Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I18418

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Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 McKenzie, William Arthur  15 Jun 1900Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28896
2 Turberville, Ira Leslie  28 Apr 1898Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17396


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Daisy  18 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28900
2 Barnes, Newell Martin  18 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I26820
3 Barnes, Samuel Avery  Between 30 Apr and 2 May 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I26862
4 Barnes, Samuel Avery  6 Jan 1920Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I26862
5 Ladd, Henrietta M.  Between 30 Apr and 2 May 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I19566
6 Ladd, Henrietta M.  6 Jan 1920Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I19566
7 Wiggins, Mary Jane  21 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I31390

Physical Description

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Physical Description    Person ID 
1 Bayles, Frank Mason  5 Jun 1917Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27546
2 Bayles, John Bradford  5 Jun 1917Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27709
3 Bayles, John Lee  5 Jun 1917Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27733
4 Henderson, Robert Benjamin  12 Sep 1918Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I18827
5 Rachels, Hiram Thomas  12 Sep 1918Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I29666
6 Turberville, Ira Leslie  12 Sep 1918Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17396


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Bayles, Jeremiah  1 Nov 1858Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27690
2 Bayles, Jeremiah  1 Aug 1860Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27690
3 Bayles, Jeremiah  1 Sep 1860Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27690
4 Bayles, John T.  1 Nov 1858Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27737
5 Bayles, John T.  1 Sep 1860Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27737
6 Bayles, William J.  1 Sep 1860Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28178
7 Bayles, William J.  1 May 1861Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I28178
8 Rachels, Hiram Thomas  21 Jun 1913Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I29666
9 Rachels, James Hiram  12 Nov 1917Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I29669
10 Rachels, James Hiram  4 Oct 1919Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I29669


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Mary E.  22 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I19654
2 Mary L.  15 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I22026
3 Atkins, Olive Emily  1920Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I18575
4 Barnes, Ernestine  Between 30 Apr and 2 May 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I26034
5 Barnes, Virga L.  Between 30 Apr and 2 May 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I26905
6 Bayles, Alvin O.  12 Apr 1930Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27307
7 Bayles, Andrew Leslie  23 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27326
8 Bayles, Andrew Leslie  12 Jan 1920Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27326
9 Bayles, Annie B.  23 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27346
10 Bayles, Annie E.  22 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27348
11 Bayles, Annie E.  5 Jan 1920Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27348
12 Bayles, Barbara Almira  1 Apr 1935Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27361
13 Bayles, Barbara Almira  3 Apr 1940Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27361
14 Bayles, Basil Edward  22 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27490
15 Bayles, Basil Edward  2 Jan 1920Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27490
16 Bayles, Bessie Mae  23 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27366
17 Bayles, Bessie Mae  12 Jan 1920Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27366
18 Bayles, Carl Harold  1 Apr 1935Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27372
19 Bayles, Carl Harold  3 Apr 1940Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27372
20 Bayles, Charles Wasson  21 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27421
21 Bayles, Dollie E.  22 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27483
22 Bayles, Dollie E.  5 Jan 1920Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27483
23 Bayles, Ervin C.  12 Jan 1920Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I24787
24 Bayles, Frances Carolyn  1 Apr 1935Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27540
25 Bayles, Frances Carolyn  3 Apr 1940Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27540
26 Bayles, Frank Mason  22 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27546
27 Bayles, Frank Mason  5 Jun 1917Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27546
28 Bayles, Glen Haskew  22 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27602
29 Bayles, Glen Haskew  5 Jan 1920Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27602
30 Bayles, Irene  1 Apr 1935Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17435
31 Bayles, Irene  3 Apr 1940Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I17435
32 Bayles, James Ferdinand  22 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27656
33 Bayles, James Ferdinand  5 Jan 1920Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27656
34 Bayles, James Ferdinand  5 Apr 1930Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27656
35 Bayles, James G.  22 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27659
36 Bayles, James G.  5 Jan 1920Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27659
37 Bayles, Joe H.  22 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27697
38 Bayles, John Bradford  22 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27709
39 Bayles, John Bradford  5 Jun 1917Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27709
40 Bayles, John Bradford  5 Jan 1920Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27709
41 Bayles, John Bradford  1 Apr 1935Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27709
42 Bayles, John Bradford  3 Apr 1940Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27709
43 Bayles, John Elijah  22 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27720
44 Bayles, John Harrison  5 Dec 1884Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27727
45 Bayles, John Lee  23 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27733
46 Bayles, John Lee  12 Apr 1930Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27733
47 Bayles, John Lee  1 Apr 1935Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27733
48 Bayles, Mammie E.  22 Apr 1910Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27818
49 Bayles, Mammie E.  5 Jan 1920Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I27818
50 Bayles, Minnie Clara  13 Jan 1920Franklin, Monroe, Alabama I18364

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gates / Powell  4 Nov 1886Franklin, Monroe, Alabama F10629
2 Griffin / Turberville  24 Aug 1873Franklin, Monroe, Alabama F10695
3 Massey / Watson  24 Oct 1900Franklin, Monroe, Alabama F11159
4 Turberville / McKinley  3 Mar 1897Franklin, Monroe, Alabama F06404
5 Ward / Rachels  24 Oct 1931Franklin, Monroe, Alabama F07121
6 Wiggins / Norwood  23 Mar 1870Franklin, Monroe, Alabama F06587
7 Wiggins / Turberville  20 Dec 1888Franklin, Monroe, Alabama F06459
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