Christian County, Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Anna  Abt 1847Christian County, Illinois I12015
2 Adams, Elizabeth  Abt 1848Christian County, Illinois I12016
3 Adams, Ellington  Abt 1843Christian County, Illinois I12013
4 Adams, George Thomas Adama  14 Nov 1850Christian County, Illinois I12018
5 Adams, Julie Etta  10 Oct 1849Christian County, Illinois I12017
6 Adams, Nancy  Abt 1846Christian County, Illinois I12014
7 Barret, Ercell Floyd  5 Mar 1897Christian County, Illinois I37419
8 Barret, Glenna M.  Abt 1898Christian County, Illinois I37432
9 Barret, Hazel L.  Abt 1909Christian County, Illinois I37429
10 Barret, Lelah M.  Abt 1902Christian County, Illinois I37437
11 Barret, Merlin Jasper  30 Jan 1899Christian County, Illinois I37426
12 Barrett, Alberta  Oct 1895Christian County, Illinois I37416
13 Barrett, Edgar Lee  Abt 1877Christian County, Illinois I37430
14 Barrett, Edith  Jun 1880Christian County, Illinois I37438
15 Barrett, Ethel  Jun 1880Christian County, Illinois I37439
16 Barrett, George Arthur  25 Feb 1875Christian County, Illinois I37417
17 Barrett, John M.  Abt 1868Christian County, Illinois I37413
18 Barrett, Zachariah Wood  Nov 1871Christian County, Illinois I37414
19 Durbin, Ann  Jun 1842Christian County, Illinois I37145
20 Hanks, Caroline  15 Nov 1837Christian County, Illinois I11997
21 Kline, Wayne L.  9 Sep 1924Christian County, Illinois I42231
22 Lindsley, Laura Virginia  12 Feb 1845Christian County, Illinois I12607
23 McKenzie, Alice  Abt 1857Christian County, Illinois I37447
24 McKenzie, Charles M.  1872Christian County, Illinois I37451
25 McKenzie, Emma B.  Abt 1856Christian County, Illinois I16821
26 McKenzie, Hattie Maude  30 Aug 1869Christian County, Illinois I12608
27 McKenzie, Leah  Jun 1882Christian County, Illinois I37440
28 McKenzie, Lorena M.  Abt 1865Christian County, Illinois I37448
29 McKenzie, Maria E.  Abt 1848Christian County, Illinois I16806
30 McKenzie, Willie  1876Christian County, Illinois I37453
31 McKenzie, Zachariah Wharton  3 Mar 1849Christian County, Illinois I16807
32 McKinzie, Aaron  18 Feb 1835Christian County, Illinois I11849
33 McKinzie, Gabriel M.  3 Jun 1845Christian County, Illinois I26387
34 McKinzie, Mary L.  Jan 1850Christian County, Illinois I11914
35 Porter, George A.  Jan 1853Christian County, Illinois I12021
36 Porter, John S. or W.  Abt 1858Christian County, Illinois I12023
37 Porter, Mary Ellen  11 Oct 1864Christian County, Illinois I12026
38 Porter, Mary Isabelle  1 Jan 1844Christian County, Illinois I11987
39 Porter, Melinda Jane  22 Feb 1847Christian County, Illinois I11988
40 Porter, Peter  Abt 1860Christian County, Illinois I12024
41 Porter, Sarah A.  Abt 1855Christian County, Illinois I12022
42 Porter, William Henry  Abt 1862Christian County, Illinois I12025
43 Spillman, Guinavia  Abt 1919Christian County, Illinois I37434
44 Stevens, Dr. Edwin Luther  27 Feb 1869Christian County, Illinois I12609


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Zachariah Wood  1951Christian County, Illinois I37414
2 Beard, Martha Noble  1860Christian County, Illinois I37441
3 Deeren, Allie  1952Christian County, Illinois I37452
4 Durbin, Joseph P.  8 Oct 1875Christian County, Illinois I11915
5 Gray, Elizabeth  Bef 1850Christian County, Illinois I11839
6 Lindsley, Laura Virginia  5 Feb 1925Christian County, Illinois I12607
7 Logsdon, Nancy Elizabeth  8 Dec 1879Christian County, Illinois I11916
8 McKenzie, Lorena M.  1866Christian County, Illinois I37448
9 McKenzie, William  1909Christian County, Illinois I12606
10 McKenzie, William M.  Bef 1858Christian County, Illinois I37411
11 McKenzie, Willie  1877Christian County, Illinois I37453
12 Porter, Henry  1868Christian County, Illinois I11862


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barrett / Jones  27 Oct 1892Christian County, Illinois F14457
2 Barrett / McKenzie  29 Nov 1866Christian County, Illinois F07612
3 Barrett / Snyder  25 Feb 1896Christian County, Illinois F14458
4 Behymer / McKinzie  8 Mar 1853Christian County, Illinois F02448
5 Durbin / McKinzie  13 Oct 1849Christian County, Illinois F05658
6 McKenzie / Honnold  12 Apr 1855Christian County, Illinois F06011
7 McKenzie / Lindsley  29 Sep 1863Christian County, Illinois F06013
8 McKenzie / Lindsley  18 Oct 1876Christian County, Illinois F14464
9 McKenzie / Storer  20 Jun 1876Christian County, Illinois F07613
10 McKinzie / Barlier  11 Jun 1859Christian County, Illinois F05739
11 McKinzie / Davis  20 Dec 1849Christian County, Illinois F02388
12 McKinzie / Durbin  15 Jun 1851Christian County, Illinois F05740
13 McKinzie / Peters  27 Feb 1841Christian County, Illinois F11347
14 Porter / Hoskins  13 Sep 1847Christian County, Illinois F05722
15 Porter / McKenzie  1875Christian County, Illinois F14463
16 Stevens / McKenzie  18 Oct 1893Christian County, Illinois F06014
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