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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Birdzell, Annie  Abt 1863Champaign Co. IL I34532
2 Birdzell, Cecil Blanche  26 Aug 1885Champaign Co. IL I34595
3 Birdzell, Charles Allen  11 Jan 1878Champaign Co. IL I34586
4 Birdzell, Daniel E.  21 Aug 1857Champaign Co. IL I34529
5 Birdzell, Edward  Abt 1861Champaign Co. IL I34531
6 Birdzell, Emma  Abt 1861Champaign Co. IL I34567
7 Birdzell, Ethan Allen  Abt 1855Champaign Co. IL I34528
8 Birdzell, Eva Ellen  Abt 1855Champaign Co. IL I34565
9 Birdzell, Fred Paul  17 Oct 1883Champaign Co. IL I34594
10 Birdzell, George  Abt 1865Champaign Co. IL I34569
11 Birdzell, J. Carlos  15 Oct 1892Champaign Co. IL I34556
12 Birdzell, Kathryn (Kate)  Apr 1890Champaign Co. IL I34596
13 Birdzell, Laura  Abt 1859Champaign Co. IL I34530
14 Birdzell, Lorin Grover  17 Aug 1885Champaign Co. IL I34584
15 Birdzell, Lucretia Pearl  19 Aug 1881Champaign Co. IL I34593
16 Birdzell, Luther E.  Dec 1881Champaign Co. IL I34583
17 Birdzell, Mary Ruth  Abt 1897Champaign Co. IL I34597
18 Birdzell, Nancy Isabel  Abt 1858Champaign Co. IL I34566
19 Birdzell, Perry Lewis  7 Jan 1864Champaign Co. IL I34568
20 Birdzell, Walter M.  Jul 1879Champaign Co. IL I34582
21 Birdzell, Wesley  Abt 1865Champaign Co. IL I34533
22 Burtt, Charles A.  Jul 1870Champaign Co. IL I34687
23 Burtt, Clara A.  Abt 1872Champaign Co. IL I34688
24 Callahan, Jeremiah  14 Sep 1861Champaign Co. IL I34620
25 Detamore, Clara Ellen Francis  19 May 1860Champaign Co. IL I34502
26 Fulton, William Leroy  31 Mar 1891Champaign Co. IL I34518
27 Herbert, John A.  27 May 1907Champaign Co. IL I34624
28 Hudson, Albert  3 Nov 1860Champaign Co. IL I34720
29 Hudson, Carrie  Abt 1877Champaign Co. IL I34544
30 Hudson, Charles H.  May 1870Champaign Co. IL I34581
31 Hudson, Clifton Arondo  Abt 1867Champaign Co. IL I34543
32 Hudson, Clinton  Aug 1865Champaign Co. IL I34722
33 Hudson, Dorothy M.  Oct 1919Champaign Co. IL I34648
34 Hudson, Edward  Abt 1869Champaign Co. IL I34724
35 Hudson, Effie M.  29 Jun 1876Champaign Co. IL I34695
36 Hudson, Elizabeth C.  1909Champaign Co. IL I34623
37 Hudson, Elizabeth E.  6 Sep 1902Champaign Co. IL I34649
38 Hudson, Elsie I.  Abt 1884Champaign Co. IL I34728
39 Hudson, Frank  Aug 1874Champaign Co. IL I34725
40 Hudson, Frederick M.  15 Oct 1882Champaign Co. IL I34541
41 Hudson, Frederick W.  12 Apr 1916Champaign Co. IL I34633
42 Hudson, Glenn A.  1904Champaign Co. IL I34629
43 Hudson, Harold Bernard  15 Mar 1906Champaign Co. IL I34630
44 Hudson, Helen M.  Abt 1897Champaign Co. IL I34672
45 Hudson, Howard J.  Abt 1903Champaign Co. IL I34673
46 Hudson, James Robert  Abt 1889Champaign Co. IL I34732
47 Hudson, Jessie Clarence  1 Sep 1892Champaign Co. IL I34733
48 Hudson, John Millard  14 Nov 1872Champaign Co. IL I34545
49 Hudson, John Polk  12 Nov 1885Champaign Co. IL I34729
50 Hudson, John R. (Jack)  24 Dec 1914Champaign Co. IL I34632

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Albaugh, Addie A.  31 Jul 1900Champaign Co. IL I34555
2 Birdzell, Daniel E.  15 Aug 1914Champaign Co. IL I34529
3 Birdzell, Ethan Allen  1928Champaign Co. IL I34528
4 Birdzell, J. Carlos  29 Feb 1912Champaign Co. IL I34556
5 Birdzell, John  15 Mar 1880Champaign Co. IL I34527
6 Callahan, Jeremiah  19 Feb 1937Champaign Co. IL I34620
7 Cole, Mary Lois  4 Oct 2012Champaign Co. IL I34661
8 Conerty, Anastasia  1939Champaign Co. IL I34622
9 Deere, Mary L.  29 Apr 1894Champaign Co. IL I34727
10 Detamore, Clara Ellen Francis  26 May 1910Champaign Co. IL I34502
11 Fulton, William Leroy  9 Mar 1963Champaign Co. IL I34518
12 Houser, Eliza Ellen  13 Dec 1917Champaign Co. IL I34537
13 Hudson, Albert  9 Jan 1942Champaign Co. IL I34720
14 Hudson, Catherine Lucinda  6 Oct 1891Champaign Co. IL I34526
15 Hudson, Charles H.  1947Champaign Co. IL I34581
16 Hudson, Elizabeth C.  1980Champaign Co. IL I34623
17 Hudson, Elizabeth E.  13 Jun 1993Champaign Co. IL I34649
18 Hudson, Frederick M.  17 Oct 1975Champaign Co. IL I34541
19 Hudson, Glenn A.  1970Champaign Co. IL I34629
20 Hudson, Harold Bernard  18 Jun 1932Champaign Co. IL I34630
21 Hudson, James Robert  1911Champaign Co. IL I34732
22 Hudson, John Howard  7 Mar 1916Champaign Co. IL I34536
23 Hudson, John P.  7 Aug 1925Champaign Co. IL I34683
24 Hudson, John R. (Jack)  14 Sep 2000Champaign Co. IL I34632
25 Hudson, Kenneth F.  28 Feb 1980Champaign Co. IL I34631
26 Hudson, Lettie L.  29 Sep 1919Champaign Co. IL I34542
27 Hudson, Perry Albert  1935Champaign Co. IL I34540
28 Hudson, Robert Wilbur  30 Jun 2001Champaign Co. IL I34662
29 Hudson, Russell J.  15 May 1981Champaign Co. IL I34634
30 Hudson, Sophia A.  20 Dec 1947Champaign Co. IL I34730
31 John, James Milton  25 Oct 1935Champaign Co. IL I34426
32 McKenzie, Rebecca  Aft 1880Champaign Co. IL I00627
33 McWethy, Christopher Columbus  20 Jul 1947Champaign Co. IL I34434
34 McWethy, Lydia Jane  4 Sep 1946Champaign Co. IL I34425
35 McWethy, Sarah Amanda  25 May 1984Champaign Co. IL I34515
36 Rogers, Howard M.  22 Sep 1942Champaign Co. IL I34731
37 Root, Cora May  27 Nov 1967Champaign Co. IL I34628
38 Stephens, Laura Ellen  Nov 1969Champaign Co. IL I34794
39 unknown, Frances L.  16 Jun 1990Champaign Co. IL I34670
40 unknown, Myrtle A.  1986Champaign Co. IL I34747


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burtt / Hudson  7 Oct 1869Champaign Co. IL F13588
2 Herbert / Hudson  17 May 1930Champaign Co. IL F13572
3 Hudson / Argo  2 Jun 1860Champaign Co. IL F13589
4 Hudson / Cole  2 Jan 1938Champaign Co. IL F13577
5 Hudson / Deere  27 Sep 1883Champaign Co. IL F13602
6 Hudson / Houser  23 Sep 1863Champaign Co. IL F13543
7 McWethy / Winters  Abt 1904Champaign Co. IL F13510
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