Canoe, Escambia, Alabama



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Black, Estelle B.  May 1892Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30529
2 Black, Harry C.  Abt 1907Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30551
3 Black, Henry A.  14 Sep 1890Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30560
4 Black, James M.  Abt 1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30588
5 Black, John L.  Abt 1905Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30628
6 Black, Lila M.  Dec 1894Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30647
7 Black, Lillian  Feb 1897Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30654
8 Black, Lizzie  Abt 1903Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30662
9 Black, William P.  Mar 1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30763
10 Bozeman, Bessie L.  Abt 1903Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31641
11 Bozeman, Doskie  Abt 1905Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31666
12 Bozeman, James Richard  12 Apr 1906Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31683
13 Bozeman, Lottie W.  Abt 1919Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31693
14 Bozeman, Mae  Abt 1899Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31701
15 Bozeman, Magarete  Abt 1913Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31708
16 Bozeman, Nadine L.  Abt 1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31715
17 Bozeman, Nellie B.  Abt 1902Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31725
18 Bozeman, Ollie Ree  11 Jan 1909Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31735
19 Bozeman, Sidney Russel  8 Jun 1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31742
20 Bozeman, Verlie E.  Abt 1917Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31746
21 Brown, Mamie  25 Mar 1889Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I18340
22 Davison, Cecil Clark  16 Mar 1915Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24402
23 Davison, Charles Irvin  26 Jun 1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24413
24 Davison, Fonnie Wilbur  15 Feb 1918Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24445
25 Davison, Johnie M.  19 Jul 1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24478
26 Davison, Lula K.  29 Jan 1901Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24507
27 Davison, Richard Jackson  7 Sep 1912Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24539
28 Findley, Margie Lee  7 Jun 1908Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I26978
29 Fountain, Annie Beattie  25 Jul 1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27021
30 Fountain, Cleveland Leroy  7 Dec 1915Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27023
31 Fountain, Julius Everette  4 Jan 1913Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27039
32 Fountain, Laura Loucindy  25 Jun 1907Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27042
33 Fountain, Lillie May  1 Jun 1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27044
34 Fountain, Luther Verne  24 Mar 1928Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27045
35 Fountain, Mabel Louise  20 Sep 1925Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27047
36 Fountain, Mamie Ethel  1 Sep 1907Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27048
37 Fountain, Robert Wilson  1 Apr 1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27055
38 Fountain, William H.  11 Dec 1922Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27062
39 Hetherington, Nettie  Abt 1909Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27688
40 Jeter, Carl J.  9 Dec 1922Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27906
41 Jeter, James E.  31 Jul 1925Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27908
42 Jeter, Mary R.  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27911
43 Leatherwood, Beulah B.  12 Jun 1882Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I28278
44 Lnu, Inez  Abt 1894Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I28326
45 Skinner, Ida Lorena  26 Dec 1927Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I29994
46 Wiggins, Elvin M.  15 Mar 1923Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31011
47 Wiggins, Marvin Leamon  22 Apr 1917Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31363
48 Wiggins, Myra Bell  Nov 1909Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31424
49 Wiggins, Rufus Clayton  7 Feb 1915Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31499
50 Wiggins, Thomas  29 Apr 1921Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31557

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Laura Jeannette  18 Aug 1915Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I18203
2 Black, John Cicero  8 May 1909Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30620
3 Fountain, Mabel Louise  14 Oct 1926Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27047
4 McKinley, Lawrence Eugene  1 Feb 1941Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I19713
5 Rigby, Curtis Ulyssess  25 Nov 1989Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I18228
6 Turberville, Marion Clyde  25 Oct 1961Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I18382
7 Wiggins, Elsie Mae  25 Oct 1989Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I18227
8 Wiggins, Mary Frances  Feb 1933Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31384
9 Wiggins, Timothy Elijah  1 Oct 1916Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31574


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brown, Mamie  Mar 1983Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I18340
2 Fountain, Julius Stephen  Jan 1971Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27040
3 Fountain, Mabel Louise  Oct 1926Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I27047
4 Rigby, George Washington  Aug 1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I29734
5 Skinner, Ida Lorena  1942Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I29994


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Baker, Myrtle Elsie  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I21915
2 Baker, Myrtle Elsie  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I21915
3 Bell, Junie Etta  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I28406
4 Black, Estelle B.  8 Jun 1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30529
5 Black, Henry A.  8 Jun 1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30560
6 Black, John Cicero  8 Jun 1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30620
7 Black, Lila M.  8 Jun 1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30647
8 Black, Lillian  8 Jun 1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30654
9 Black, Lizzie Kat  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30669
10 Black, William P.  8 Jun 1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I30763
11 Bozeman, Bessie L.  1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31641
12 Bozeman, Bessie L.  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31641
13 Bozeman, Doskie  1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31666
14 Bozeman, Doskie  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31666
15 Bozeman, James E.  1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31675
16 Bozeman, James E.  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31675
17 Bozeman, James E.  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31675
18 Bozeman, James Richard  1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31683
19 Bozeman, James Richard  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31683
20 Bozeman, Lottie W.  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31693
21 Bozeman, Mae  1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31701
22 Bozeman, Magarete  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31708
23 Bozeman, Magarete  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31708
24 Bozeman, Nadine L.  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31715
25 Bozeman, Nellie B.  1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31725
26 Bozeman, Nellie B.  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31725
27 Bozeman, Ollie Ree  1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31735
28 Bozeman, Ollie Ree  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31735
29 Bozeman, Ollie Ree  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31735
30 Bozeman, Sidney Russel  1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31742
31 Bozeman, Verlie E.  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31746
32 Bozeman, Verlie E.  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I31746
33 Brown, Mamie  6 Jun 1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I18340
34 Burns, Lena Mildred  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I18776
35 Burns, William E.  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I18789
36 Burns, William Eddie  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I18780
37 Chaudron, Joseph Gonzales  1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I20026
38 Cooper, Addie Bell  Between 17 and 19 Jan 1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I21776
39 Cooper, Addie Bell  3 May 1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I21776
40 Davison, Cecil Clark  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24402
41 Davison, Cecil Clark  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24402
42 Davison, Charles Irvin  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24413
43 Davison, Fonnie Wilbur  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24445
44 Davison, Fonnie Wilbur  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24445
45 Davison, Johnie M.  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24478
46 Davison, Joseph Irvin  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24489
47 Davison, Joseph Irvin  1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24489
48 Davison, Joseph Irvin  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24489
49 Davison, Joseph Irvin  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24489
50 Davison, Joseph Leslie  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I24500

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Black / Lnu  Abt 1919Canoe, Escambia, Alabama F12091
2 Wiggins / Gates  24 Feb 1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama F07817
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