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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baseman, Alvin O.  11 Jul 1919Baltimore City, Maryland I37908
2 Baseman, Laura Pearl  28 Jan 1902Baltimore City, Maryland I14850
3 Baseman, Lena  Abt 1917Baltimore City, Maryland I37907
4 Boteler, George Alan  12 Sep 1889Baltimore City, Maryland I04595
5 Boteler, George Donald  3 Apr 1914Baltimore City, Maryland I04596
6 Bradley, Beadford Francis  22 May 1890Baltimore City, Maryland I37823
7 Coggeshall, Arnold Barton  16 Apr 1913Baltimore City, Maryland I37929
8 Collins, Audrey Mae  21 Apr 1929Baltimore City, Maryland I04787
9 Collins, Edna E.  22 Oct 1879Baltimore City, Maryland I04779
10 Collins, Ethel O.  17 May 1891Baltimore City, Maryland I04788
11 Collins, Heston Viola  26 Apr 1923Baltimore City, Maryland I04786
12 Collins, William H.  Feb 1885Baltimore City, Maryland I04784
13 Covell, Mildred  23 May 1911Baltimore City, Maryland I37855
14 Covell, William Henry  2 May 1891Baltimore City, Maryland I37821
15 Durbin, Benjamin  27 Mar 1748Baltimore City, Maryland I05540
16 Durbin, John  Abt 1734Baltimore City, Maryland I05533
17 Durbin, Samuel Jr.  29 Jan 1727Baltimore City, Maryland I05531
18 Durbin, Thomas  13 Jul 1732Baltimore City, Maryland I05532
19 Eney, Alan Ridgely  14 Aug 1930Baltimore City, Maryland I20545
20 Eney, Milton Alexander  7 Jan 1887Baltimore City, Maryland I25916
21 Gittings, Paul Linwood  23 Jan 1900Baltimore City, Maryland I37994
22 Gonnsen, Warren G.  5 Nov 1925Baltimore City, Maryland I37825
23 Keller, Beatrice R.  9 Apr 1909Baltimore City, Maryland I04802
24 Keller, Charles Howard Jr.  Abt 1905Baltimore City, Maryland I04801
25 Keller, Dorothy E.  Abt 1920Baltimore City, Maryland I37869
26 Keller, Edna M.  Abt 1908Baltimore City, Maryland I37859
27 Keller, Edward Pearl  30 Apr 1887Baltimore City, Maryland I04806
28 Keller, Elsie  Mar 1899Baltimore City, Maryland I04795
29 Keller, Eva  Abt 1901Baltimore City, Maryland I04796
30 Keller, Harry  15 May 1882Baltimore City, Maryland I04803
31 Keller, Mabel  Aug 1897Baltimore City, Maryland I04794
32 Keller, Mary Helen  Abt 1903Baltimore City, Maryland I04800
33 Keller, Ola (Oehler)  Feb 1892Baltimore City, Maryland I04807
34 Keller, Roland E.  Abt 1907Baltimore City, Maryland I04805
35 Keller, William Norman  Dec 1895Baltimore City, Maryland I04808
36 Keller, William Norman Jr.  23 Apr 1918Baltimore City, Maryland I04810
37 MacKenzie, Harry L.  12 Jul 1923Baltimore City, Maryland I04769
38 MacKenzie, William Louis  30 Aug 1931Baltimore City, Maryland I05322
39 Pate, Rev. Charles Louis  26 Apr 1862Baltimore City, Maryland I16936
40 Schotta, Sallie May  Mar 1885Baltimore City, Maryland I04918
41 Sibley, Charles E.  Abt 1901Baltimore City, Maryland I37849
42 Sibley, Mildred E.  May 1900Baltimore City, Maryland I37848
43 Sibley, Royal E.  Abt 1923Baltimore City, Maryland I37952
44 Sibley, William E.  Abt 1905Baltimore City, Maryland I37850
45 Tittsworth, Evelyn Mae  25 Jan 1903Baltimore City, Maryland I04679
46 Tittsworth, Mary Jane  25 Jan 1926Baltimore City, Maryland I04683
47 Tittsworth, William Buford Jr.  Jan 1929Baltimore City, Maryland I04684
48 Warfield, Carroll E.  Abt 1916Baltimore City, Maryland I37941
49 Warfield, Charles E.  Abt 1921Baltimore City, Maryland I37943
50 Warfield, Clarence E.  Abt 1917Baltimore City, Maryland I37942

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baseman, Alvin O.  5 Jul 1961Baltimore City, Maryland I37908
2 Baseman, George O.  20 Nov 1946Baltimore City, Maryland I14844
3 Baseman, Laura Pearl  21 Nov 1975Baltimore City, Maryland I14850
4 Clark, Frank Elbridge  20 Dec 2001Baltimore City, Maryland I16146
5 Collins, Charles E.  Aft 1920Baltimore City, Maryland I04778
6 Collins, Edna E.  14 Dec 1957Baltimore City, Maryland I04779
7 Collins, Ethel O.  Apr 1971Baltimore City, Maryland I04788
8 Collins, Heston Viola  14 Dec 1993Baltimore City, Maryland I04786
9 Constance, Allan Howells  2 Sep 1985Baltimore City, Maryland I12575
10 Covell, Mildred  May 1979Baltimore City, Maryland I37855
11 Covell, William Henry  Aug 1965Baltimore City, Maryland I37821
12 Davis, John Marshall  29 Nov 1912Baltimore City, Maryland I05295
13 Disney, Albert Nelson  Aug 1976Baltimore City, Maryland I14851
14 Ebert, Nellie M.  Nov 1973Baltimore City, Maryland I04630
15 Eney, Alan Ridgely  20 Jul 1990Baltimore City, Maryland I20545
16 France, Evelyn M.  Jun 1981Baltimore City, Maryland I04616
17 Griest, Charles E.  10 Sep 1945Baltimore City, Maryland I39660
18 Grove, Austin R.  9 Aug 1973Baltimore City, Maryland I37537
19 Hagan, Washington C.  20 May 1897Baltimore City, Maryland I04635
20 Hannon, Sarah Margaret (Maggie)  23 Oct 1955Baltimore City, Maryland I04646
21 Hillsinger, Stephen H.  15 Jul 1974Baltimore City, Maryland I04663
22 Hood, Barbara E.  7 Aug 1943Baltimore City, Maryland I10957
23 Hoy, Rachel Nellie (Helen)  7 Jul 1971Baltimore City, Maryland I05029
24 Keller, James Edward  27 Feb 2011Baltimore City, Maryland I37860
25 Kolb, James M.  24 Aug 1893Baltimore City, Maryland I16208
26 Loeber, Lillian Rose  Jan 1995Baltimore City, Maryland I12574
27 MacKenzie, Grover Fretwell  2 Feb 1931Baltimore City, Maryland I05128
28 MacKenzie, Julia Ann  29 Oct 1931Baltimore City, Maryland I04777
29 MacKenzie, Rachael  13 Nov 1923Baltimore City, Maryland I15015
30 MacKenzie, Sarah E.  20 Jul 1926Baltimore City, Maryland I04916
31 MacKenzie, Sarah Ellen  1 Nov 1954Baltimore City, Maryland I04625
32 MacKenzie, Susan Rebecca  Bef 1921Baltimore City, Maryland I04790
33 MacKenzie, William Albert  5 Mar 1960Baltimore City, Maryland I04717
34 MacKenzie, William C.  May 1974Baltimore City, Maryland I04620
35 MacKenzie, William Louis  7 Dec 1961Baltimore City, Maryland I05322
36 MacKinzie, Sarah Jane  14 Sep 1941Baltimore City, Maryland I04602
37 McGinnis, Vera E.  30 Mar 2006Baltimore City, Maryland I04631
38 McKenzie, Charles Henry (Dutch)  27 Mar 1987Baltimore City, Maryland I17088
39 McKenzie, Elisha  7 Jul 1920Baltimore City, Maryland I04639
40 McKenzie, Elwood Milton  7 Sep 1920Baltimore City, Maryland I04641
41 McKenzie, Grace Irene  26 Jan 1910Baltimore City, Maryland I13224
42 McKenzie, Nona Eileen (Bubbles)  Jan 1993Baltimore City, Maryland I07043
43 McKenzie, Rachel  18 Nov 1923Baltimore City, Maryland I05131
44 McKenzie, Sarah Jane (Sadie)  21 Nov 1924Baltimore City, Maryland I20558
45 McKenzie, Susan B. (Suzie)  3 Mar 1926Baltimore City, Maryland I20515
46 McKenzie, Thomas Adrian  26 Jan 1937Baltimore City, Maryland I05286
47 Minnick, James Alfred  7 May 1995Baltimore City, Maryland I04617
48 Reinisch, Louise F.  2 Jul 1988Baltimore City, Maryland I04251
49 Robinson, John O. Jr.  12 Feb 1999Baltimore City, Maryland I04774
50 Schotta, William Lincoln  10 Apr 1938Baltimore City, Maryland I04917

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MacKenzie / Mulcahy  1922Baltimore City, Maryland F07721
2 Muhl / Stoefel  1849Baltimore City, Maryland F00500
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