Akron, Summit County, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dickey, Rodney Owen  30 May 1959Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13721
2 Gowin, James Martin  17 Mar 1931Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13710
3 Green, Raymond Allen  7 Aug 1947Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13718
4 Huff, Frederick Brick  3 Jul 1929Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13701
5 Isley, Patricia Ann  30 May 1945Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13612
6 Logsdon, Ruth Elizabeth  8 Jul 1919Akron, Summit County, Ohio I47715
7 McKenzie, Aloysious Harris  20 Jun 1929Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13513
8 McKenzie, Lenora Jean  2 Feb 1946Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13605
9 McKenzie, Leo Francis  21 Aug 1926Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13512
10 McKenzie, Rhoda Teresa  13 Sep 1942Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13514
11 Myers, Ruth Lucinda  30 Oct 1930Akron, Summit County, Ohio I12484


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Carpio, Lora Ann  2 Jun 1995Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13675
2 Crowe, Mary Elsie (Molly)  1 Sep 1961Akron, Summit County, Ohio I51638
3 Dickey, Rodney Owen  4 Oct 1994Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13721
4 Fresh, Grace  7 Sep 1964Akron, Summit County, Ohio I52092
5 Garlitz, Helen Matilda  1 Jul 1928Akron, Summit County, Ohio I02938
6 Gowin, James Martin  13 Feb 1987Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13710
7 Green, Raymond Allen  12 Jun 2002Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13718
8 Hawkins, Beatrice  22 Mar 1978Akron, Summit County, Ohio I51946
9 Hoffman, John R.  26 Feb 1978Akron, Summit County, Ohio I52086
10 Jenkins, Jane  28 Sep 1999Akron, Summit County, Ohio I48427
11 Logsdon, Sarah  14 Jan 1973Akron, Summit County, Ohio I45284
12 McKenzie, Lenora Jean  17 Jan 1993Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13605
13 Miller, Cora  10 Sep 1941Akron, Summit County, Ohio I51674
14 Miller, Laura Ellen  Feb 1963Akron, Summit County, Ohio I51670
15 Naylor, Jean Orene  20 May 2003Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13604
16 Pursley, Lafe Scott  7 Nov 1952Akron, Summit County, Ohio I06412
17 Ravenscroft, Edith Leona  8 Jun 1973Akron, Summit County, Ohio I06506
18 Roderick, William Armsrong  29 Sep 1960Akron, Summit County, Ohio I04558
19 Runyon, June Catherine  26 Sep 1999Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13676
20 Shroyer, John D.  1 Oct 1993Akron, Summit County, Ohio I48200
21 Simms, Jackie Page  15 Apr 2007Akron, Summit County, Ohio I53379
22 Something, Annabelle  25 Feb 2003Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13665
23 Steiss, Caroline Barbara  30 Jul 1972Akron, Summit County, Ohio I37712
24 Wilt, Andrew Wheeler  4 Mar 1971Akron, Summit County, Ohio I52193


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 McKenzie, Aloysious Harris  23 Nov 2003Akron, Summit County, Ohio I13513
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