Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blizzard, Ida Susan  Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I42720
2 Bothwell, Laura Thelma  10 Aug 1912Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I11060
3 Broadwater, Bernadine Mildred  Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I09682
4 Clark, Jesse Vernon  3 Oct 1888Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I16749
5 Clark, Shirley Ellen  18 Mar 1936Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I43872
6 Edwards, Leone  Abt 1919Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I38484
7 Footen, Thomas Allen  30 Aug 1926Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12513
8 Green, Roger U. (Pete)  Abt 1933Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I37731
9 Hartman, Emma Catherine  10 Jan 1921Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I11071
10 Jones, Marshall Dubois Sr.  21 Aug 1918Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12481
11 Kenney, Thomas David Sr.  13 Apr 1927Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I47587
12 Lambert, Naomi Alice  7 Mar 1913Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I38900
13 Lambert, Phyllis Regina  26 Jul 1928Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I44066
14 Martin, George  20 Jan 1884Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12371
15 McKenzie, Ada Catherine  23 Nov 1929Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12388
16 McKenzie, Adelia Alberta  1 May 1919Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12335
17 McKenzie, Bernice Irene  15 Sep 1919Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12475
18 McKenzie, Charles Russell Sr.  14 Jul 1923Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12386
19 McKenzie, Clifton Omer  28 Dec 1917Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12476
20 McKenzie, Donald Robert  22 Aug 1923Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I10948
21 McKenzie, Earl Frederick (Fred)  3 Sep 1919Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12383
22 McKenzie, Edward Maxwell  18 Sep 1915Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12378
23 McKenzie, Elton James (Hoot)  13 Mar 1927Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12483
24 McKenzie, Eugene Carl (Mursh)  23 Nov 1920Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I10947
25 McKenzie, Evelyn Marguerite  8 Dec 1926Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12390
26 McKenzie, Guy Troxell  17 Oct 1921Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12384
27 McKenzie, Hazel Virginia  23 Jun 1908Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I16591
28 McKenzie, Hilda Virginia  26 Jan 1922Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12477
29 McKenzie, Hillary  30 Jan 1916Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I33855
30 McKenzie, Jessie Bernadine  29 Jan 1927Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12334
31 McKenzie, Joanna Phyllis  17 Feb 1933Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12415
32 McKenzie, John Harmon  19 Jan 1908Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I10909
33 McKenzie, Joyce Louise  24 Dec 1923Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12480
34 McKenzie, Lawrence Ralph  27 Dec 1921Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12418
35 McKenzie, Marguerite Maxine  15 May 1930Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12478
36 McKenzie, Mary Catherine Martin  3 Aug 1913Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12369
37 McKenzie, Mary Louise (Bridgett)  6 Nov 1918Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I34084
38 McKenzie, Paul Edward (Champ)  26 Nov 1927Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I10949
39 McKenzie, Ralph Norman  13 Aug 1931Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I13315
40 McKenzie, Robert Eugene  13 Jul 1925Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12385
41 McKenzie, Theresa Lenora  29 Apr 1923Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I03096
42 McKenzie, William Henry  12 May 1932Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12387
43 McKenzie, William Joseph  15 Nov 1919Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I03102
44 Rollins, Regina Irene (Jeannie)  2 Jan 1922Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I11070
45 Schwartzer, Anna Mary  2 Jan 1883Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I03101
46 Shaffer, Patricia Ann (Patsy)  Abt 1943Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I44059
47 Shimer, Robert H.  10 Mar 1935Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I11045
48 Sutherland, William Lee  3 Sep 1944Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I14240
49 Wilson, Edna May  2 Aug 1936Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I16595
50 Wilson, Josephine  3 Mar 1933Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I16593

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Clark, Jesse Vernon  8 Jul 1970Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I16749
2 Coleman, Ella Mae  6 Apr 1969Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12411
3 Dancer, Vivian Beatrice  8 Sep 1993Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12392
4 Darr, William T.  4 Mar 1943Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I34230
5 Dawson, Margaret Ann  1 Jan 2018Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I40653
6 Everline, John Conrad  10 Aug 1964Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I32967
7 Fleek, Margaret Ann  2 Mar 1933Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12366
8 Friend, Ellis Benjamin  29 Dec 2007Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12514
9 Hanna, John William  30 Apr 1953Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I33143
10 Jones, Howard William  30 Dec 2014Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12389
11 Jones, Marshall Dubois Sr.  24 Jan 2004Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12481
12 Layman, Edna E.  26 Apr 1977Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I43189
13 Loar, Margaret Rebecca  4 Apr 1889Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12276
14 Lyons, Julia M.  27 Nov 1991Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I03631
15 Martin, George  19 Jul 1908Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12371
16 Martin, Jane  31 May 1932Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12368
17 McIntosh, Raymond A.  16 Dec 1941Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I41107
18 McKenzie, Bernard Allan  20 Jun 1914Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I10898
19 McKenzie, Charles Russell Sr.  17 Feb 2010Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12386
20 McKenzie, Charles Winfield  6 Jul 1918Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I01352
21 McKenzie, Earl Hayes  20 Oct 1918Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12367
22 McKenzie, Hilary Aloysius Jr.  3 Feb 1939Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I10899
23 McKenzie, Hilda Virginia  17 Aug 2005Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12477
24 McKenzie, Hillary  30 Jan 1916Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I33855
25 McKenzie, Hillary Thomas  3 Sep 1920Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I02198
26 McKenzie, John Burr  6 Jul 1955Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I01349
27 McKenzie, Marguerite Maxine  4 Sep 2005Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12478
28 McKenzie, Mary Catherine Martin  5 May 1914Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12369
29 McKenzie, Taylor Johnson  3 Jan 1944Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I01346
30 McKenzie, Viola Lee  10 Jul 1916Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I12463
31 Michaels, Belva Louise  18 Feb 2009Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I34088
32 Opel, Sarah Jane  UNKNOWNWesternport, Allegany County, Maryland I34203
33 Porter, Anne Cordelia  12 Dec 1913Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I46229
34 Schwartzer, Anna Mary  3 Jan 1930Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I03101
35 Spencer, Sarah Elizabeth  4 Jul 1935Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I01355
36 Taylor, Robert  13 Aug 2015Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I34095
37 Wilson, Raymond Ellsworth  20 Jul 1946Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland I16592


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McKenzie / Schwartzer  31 Oct 1916Westernport, Allegany County, Maryland F01663
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