West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Russell S.  18 Nov 1914West Virginia I12520
2 Albaugh, Addie A.  5 Mar 1860West Virginia I34555
3 Bell, Samuel William  Jun 1865West Virginia I12688
4 Berger, Herbert  27 Feb 1903West Virginia I00194
5 Burdock, Louise May  Abt 1913West Virginia I35693
6 Burgess, Alice  Abt 1866West Virginia I14718
7 Burgess, Isa M.  25 Sep 1861West Virginia I41385
8 Cadwalader, Sarah A.  12 Aug 1843West Virginia I05157
9 Carskadon, Mary Bell  Abt 1858West Virginia I43044
10 Castle, Virginia Agnes  10 Apr 1916West Virginia I16863
11 Chilcott, Harmon (Scott)  Jul 1885West Virginia I12952
12 Cooper, Charles Carson  1879West Virginia I21932
13 Cooper, Minnie M.  May 1881West Virginia I21884
14 Cooper, Newton Abraham  21 Nov 1852West Virginia I20171
15 Custer, Martha Ellen  27 May 1850West Virginia I39522
16 Dixon, Charity Wiggins  1795West Virginia I25878
17 Dorsey, Margaret Ann  1896West Virginia I38792
18 Evans, Evan  Abt 1901West Virginia I43005
19 Flanagan, Edith Bessie  4 Mar 1914West Virginia I40987
20 Fleegle, Earl Brentwood  15 Mar 1883West Virginia I38789
21 Fleek, Margaret Ann  26 May 1865West Virginia I12366
22 Fortney, Ethel Linda  6 Feb 1913West Virginia I12374
23 Fortney, Raymond W.  29 Apr 1911West Virginia I12373
24 Gano, Lois L.  1 Mar 1927West Virginia I41784
25 Gump, Florence  24 Feb 1914West Virginia I37716
26 Harmison, Chilton  22 Apr 1907West Virginia I05265
27 Hartsell, Argyle  Abt 1909West Virginia I16868
28 Hartsell, Charles Ison  7 Jul 1887West Virginia I16854
29 Hartsell, Gancy\Gansa M.  Sep 1899West Virginia I16856
30 Hartsell, Henry Fay  12 Apr 1884West Virginia I16852
31 Hartsell, James Harley  7 Jul 1887West Virginia I16853
32 Hartsell, James William  May 1855West Virginia I16850
33 Hartsell, Mary A.  Abt 1913West Virginia I16867
34 Hartsell, Mary Gertrude  5 Nov 1891West Virginia I16855
35 Henry, Mary A.  21 Dec 1848West Virginia I16298
36 House, Andrew A.  Abt 1873West Virginia I34256
37 House, Annie V.  25 Aug 1865West Virginia I32608
38 House, Charles W.  Abt 1868West Virginia I34254
39 House, Elsie E.  Abt 1903West Virginia I32606
40 House, Ida M.  Apr 1889West Virginia I32600
41 House, James D.  Abt 1900West Virginia I32605
42 House, John L.  Abt 1871West Virginia I34255
43 House, John W.  Feb 1898West Virginia I32604
44 House, Nora L.  Dec 1891West Virginia I32601
45 House, Samuel A.  Jul 1895West Virginia I32603
46 House, Thomas  Abt 1891West Virginia I32602
47 House, Thomas E.  25 Mar 1862West Virginia I32596
48 House, Walter T.  Jun 1886West Virginia I32599
49 Houser, Forrest Olvin  Jul 1889West Virginia I16859
50 Jenkins, Mildred Estell  17 Nov 1877West Virginia I05110

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dickson, Millard Britton  9 Jan 1939West Virginia I03484
2 Fleming, Margaret  1967West Virginia I16958
3 Harper, Christena  1912West Virginia I39935
4 Haught, Gordon C.  Mar 1973West Virginia I14195
5 Helton, Farish Nettles  8 Oct 1978West Virginia I27455
6 Judy, Martin  1885West Virginia I39934
7 Judy, Noah Harper  1922West Virginia I15025
8 Kelley, Elizabeth  2 Feb 1855West Virginia I20168
9 McClure, Troy Leo  24 Dec 2011West Virginia I08830
10 McKenzie, Mary Ann  16 Apr 1924West Virginia I12749
11 Poland, Mae W.  1984West Virginia I21868
12 Poland, Paul H.  1961West Virginia I21867
13 Smith, James Albert Leo Jr.  15 Oct 1979West Virginia I12943
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