Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Biggs, Jasper  Abt 1907Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I29455
2 Biggs, Mable  4 Apr 1905Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I29774
3 Biggs, Mary Ruth  20 Oct 1907Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I29897
4 Biggs, Ruby  8 Jan 1903Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I30151
5 Chunn, Evelyn  Nov 1919Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20335
6 Cumbie, Andrew Judson  19 Jan 1880Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I23315
7 Cumbie, Lillie Angeline  28 Jan 1882Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I23326
8 Dunn, Teddy  11 Jul 1919Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I26681
9 Lambert, Andrew L.  Nov 1919Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I28175
10 Lambert, Charlie C.  17 Jan 1922Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I28180
11 Spears, Clemis Oline  8 Apr 1914Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I30084
12 Wiggins, Clarence Eugene  25 Nov 1907Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I30920
13 Wiggins, Ernest D.  26 Jun 1916Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I31021
14 Wiggins, Lillie Mae  27 May 1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I31289
15 Wiggins, Myrtis  Abt 1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I31426
16 Wiggins, Nancy Lee  Abt 1923Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I31435
17 Wiggins, Willie Odis  25 Apr 1913Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I31456


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Brown, Alvin Lee  2 May 1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I17660
2 Brown, Peter Simpson  7 May 1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I18470


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Biggs, John Steven  15 Apr 1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I29619


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bayles, Mackie  7 May 1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I27787
2 Biggs, Jasper  15 Apr 1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I29455
3 Brown, Dottie  2 May 1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I17997
4 Brown, Mary Belle  2 May 1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I18351
5 Brown, Matilda  2 May 1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I18643
6 Brown, Robert Edgar  2 May 1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I18537
7 Brown, William Monroe  2 May 1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I18639
8 Brown, William Richard  7 May 1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I18640
9 Byrd, John William  1900Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I18893
10 Chaudron, Felix Elijah  1900Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I19994
11 Chaudron, Isabella  1900Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I17324
12 Chaudron, Joseph Gonzales  1900Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20026
13 Chaudron, Luiza  1900Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I17323
14 Chaudron, Susan  1900Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20069
15 Chunn, Evelyn  1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20335
16 Chunn, Floyd  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20342
17 Chunn, Floyd  1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20342
18 Chunn, Floyd  1930Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20342
19 Chunn, Georgie Emma  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20351
20 Chunn, Georgie Emma  1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20351
21 Chunn, Georgie Emma  1930Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20351
22 Chunn, Harold  1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20363
23 Chunn, Hortense  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20385
24 Chunn, James Andrew  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20395
25 Chunn, James Andrew  1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20395
26 Chunn, Joel  1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20413
27 Chunn, Lawrence Willard  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20452
28 Chunn, Leonard L.  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20464
29 Chunn, Marlin Ander  1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20475
30 Chunn, Mary Elizabeth  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20495
31 Chunn, Mary Elizabeth  1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20495
32 Chunn, Mary Elizabeth  1930Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20495
33 Chunn, Moleana  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20517
34 Chunn, Moleana  1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20517
35 Chunn, Moleana  1930Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20517
36 Chunn, Monroe Alexander  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20528
37 Chunn, Monroe Alexander  1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20528
38 Chunn, Moses Evans  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20537
39 Chunn, Thompson Ann  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20610
40 Chunn, Thompson Ann  1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20610
41 Chunn, Viola Gladys  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20621
42 Chunn, Viola Gladys  1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20621
43 Chunn, William Rayford  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20643
44 Chunn, William Rayford  1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I20643
45 Curry, Mary Etta  1900Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I23505
46 Curry, Mary Etta  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I23505
47 Davis, Alex A.  1900Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I23876
48 Davis, Alex A.  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I23876
49 Davis, David D.  1900Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I23975
50 Davis, David D.  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I23975

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Turberville / Lambert  6 Jul 1912Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama F12074
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