Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama



Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Biggs, Baby  Dec 1899Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I28958
2 Biggs, Margarett J.  Mar 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29858
3 Brown, Frances Susan  28 Mar 1852Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I18038
4 Brown, George  Abt 1856Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I18043
5 Brown, Samuel  Abt 1853Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I18570
6 Brown, Virginia  Abt 1855Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I18630
7 English, Leila May  13 Sep 1893Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I26815
8 Helton, Annie M.  Abt 1919Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27402
9 Helton, Benjamin F.  Oct 1853Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27409
10 Helton, Elizabeth  Abt 1856Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27435
11 Helton, Ella  Abt 1859Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27439
12 Helton, Florence  17 Jul 1914Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27457
13 Helton, Isaac Moore  22 Nov 1831Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27489
14 Helton, James Monroe  22 Jan 1837Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27500
15 Helton, Jeremiah F.  11 Sep 1834Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27508
16 Helton, Joe Leslie  25 Mar 1917Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27510
17 Helton, John Alexander  10 May 1839Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27511
18 Helton, Joseph White  Apr 1848Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27527
19 Helton, Martha M.  15 Jan 1841Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27567
20 Helton, Mary Callie  30 Jan 1858Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27570
21 Helton, Mary M.  5 Aug 1824Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27575
22 Helton, Rebecca  Abt 1826Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27605
23 Helton, Roberta  Abt 1826Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27612
24 Helton, Sarah J.  Jun 1842Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27622
25 Helton, Thomas J.  Jun 1842Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27633
26 Helton, William Joseph  6 Jan 1829Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27650
27 Maxwell, Isaac G.  19 Apr 1832Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I28540
28 McClammy, Nancy Ann  22 May 1849Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I28643
29 Moore, Elizabeth  31 Mar 1808Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29079
30 Northcutt, Charles Lee  12 Jun 1889Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29251
31 Northcutt, Clarence E  15 May 1895Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29255
32 Northcutt, Daniel Robin  27 Aug 1886Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29258
33 Northcutt, James Elmore  21 Oct 1897Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29272
34 Northcutt, James Nelson  6 Sep 1856Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29275
35 Northcutt, Jean Helton  1 Aug 1906Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29278
36 Northcutt, Lena Mae  6 Nov 1903Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29281
37 Northcutt, Martha Ellen  22 Apr 1869Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29290
38 Northcutt, Mary Elizabeth  7 Feb 1862Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29291
39 Northcutt, Robert Malvin  20 Mar 1892Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29296
40 Northcutt, Susan Catherine  17 Nov 1864Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29297
41 Northcutt, Virginia Eugenia  23 Apr 1859Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29300
42 Perry, Martha Edna  5 May 1853Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29414
43 Scoggins, Martha Ann  22 Apr 1824Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I23515
44 Simpson, Elbert Emanuel  17 Oct 1846Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I23643
45 Thornton, Luman S.  Abt 1879Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I30304
46 Wiggins, James Monroe  19 Mar 1858Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I31161


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hestle, William Monroe  22 May 1929Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I17988
2 Salter, Nancy Elizabeth  18 Feb 1936Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I23169


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 McClammy, John Mark  6 Jan 1886Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I23514
2 Scoggins, Martha Ann  22 Jun 1904Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I23515


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Biggs, Daniel Archibald  9 Oct 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29024
2 Biggs, Randal  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I31394
3 Wiggins, Mary Jane  8 Jun 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I31390
4 Wilder, Elizabeth  20 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I31661


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  21 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I22129
2 Barnes, Mary Ann  1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I26778
3 Barnes, Rutha  8 Jun 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I26845
4 Biggs, Alice J.  1 Jun 1900Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I28836
5 Biggs, Ann Eliza  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I28915
6 Biggs, Caroline  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I28979
7 Biggs, Caroline Elizabeth  9 Oct 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I28980
8 Biggs, Charles Harold  15 Apr 1910Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I28985
9 Biggs, Charles M.  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I28986
10 Biggs, Charles Ransom  1 Jun 1900Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I28987
11 Biggs, Charles Ransom  15 Apr 1910Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I28987
12 Biggs, Effie Sarah Ann  9 Oct 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29116
13 Biggs, Elizabeth  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29132
14 Biggs, George Miles  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29273
15 Biggs, Howard H.  15 Apr 1910Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I17809
16 Biggs, Isabella Charity Ann  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29385
17 Biggs, James Travis  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29419
18 Biggs, John Monroe  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29609
19 Biggs, John Winfrey  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29636
20 Biggs, Leonard Stanton  1 Jun 1900Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29706
21 Biggs, Leonard Stanton  15 Apr 1910Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29706
22 Biggs, Leslie B.  15 Apr 1910Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29718
23 Biggs, Luman  15 Apr 1910Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I17808
24 Biggs, Mahalie Mary  8 Jun 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29872
25 Biggs, Margaret  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29829
26 Biggs, Margarett J.  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29858
27 Biggs, Martha  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29866
28 Biggs, Mary J.  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29892
29 Biggs, Missouri Susomi  7 Jun 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I31420
30 Biggs, Missouri Susomi  1910Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I31420
31 Biggs, Nancy V.  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29997
32 Biggs, Richard Henry  1 Jun 1900Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I30098
33 Biggs, Sarah J.  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I30202
34 Biggs, Tully James  9 Oct 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I30295
35 Biggs, William Franklin  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I30332
36 Biggs, William James  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I30348
37 Biggs, William James  1 Jun 1900Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I30348
38 Biggs, William James  15 Apr 1910Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I30348
39 Biggs, William Joseph  1 Jun 1900Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29653
40 Biggs, William Joseph  15 Apr 1910Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29653
41 Black, Mary  16 Jul 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I30680
42 Bohannon, Mahalah L.  1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I31077
43 Brown, Ella Lee  6 Sep 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I18005
44 Brown, Frances Susan  6 Sep 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I18038
45 Brown, George  7 Sep 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I18043
46 Brown, James P.  6 Sep 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I18258
47 Brown, John Marion  7 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I18328
48 Brown, Mary E.  6 Sep 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I18362
49 Brown, Robert  7 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I18512
50 Brown, Samuel  7 Sep 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I18570

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Value of Personal Estate

Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Value of Personal Estate    Person ID 
1 Brown, John Marion  7 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I18328
2 Davis, William Wiley  24 Sep 1960Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I24380
3 Helton, William Joseph  20 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27649
4 Northcutt, James Abraham Nelson  17 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I29274
5 Smith, John D.  21 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I22128
6 Wiggins, Joseph Madison  26 Sep 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I31231

Value of Real Estate

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Value of Real Estate    Person ID 
1 Davis, William Wiley  24 Sep 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I24380
2 Helton, William Joseph  20 Aug 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I27649
3 Wiggins, Joseph Madison  26 Sep 1860Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama I31231


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davis / McKenzie  6 Jan 1857Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama F10452
2 Northcutt / Hudson  25 Feb 1908Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama F11910
3 Thornton / Northcutt  Abt 1902Burnt Corn, Monroe, Alabama F12441
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