Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beeman, Gilbert  9 Apr 1913Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01248
2 Broadwater, George Elwood  29 Jul 1907Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01687
3 Broadwater, Mamie  14 Mar 1889Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I06809
4 Broadwater, Naomi  4 Feb 1909Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I43345
5 Cheney, Marguerite Eva  29 Jan 1920Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I05713
6 Colmer, Agatha Mary  19 May 1916Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I09142
7 Crowe, Ernest Floyd  8 Jul 1857Avilton, garrett County, maryland I08025
8 Crowe, Nellie Marie (Marie Elizabeth)  21 Apr 1897Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I15368
9 Dishong, Herman R.  5 Mar 1902Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I08788
10 Dishong, Nola Bernice  3 Jan 1917Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01686
11 Dishong, Olive Eileen  Abt 1931Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I15392
12 Durst, Lula  Abt 1901Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I16131
13 Durst, Russell C.  12 Jun 1912Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I15201
14 Fike, Ray Thomas  13 Feb 1922Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I43290
15 Garlitz, Albert Freeman  30 Jun 1933Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I09655
16 Garlitz, Emma Anna  8 Jun 1887Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I14631
17 Garlitz, Ethel Frances  28 Jun 1897Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01860
18 Garlitz, Freda May  2 May 1929Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I15065
19 Garlitz, Freeman Francis (Freem)  25 Jan 1884Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01911
20 Garlitz, Harry William  8 Apr 1915Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03088
21 Garlitz, Herbert L.  26 Dec 1921Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03091
22 Garlitz, Ira A.  9 Mar 1931Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03094
23 Garlitz, Julius H.  21 Mar 1913Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03087
24 Garlitz, Lemuel Aloysius  5 Feb 1909Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02634
25 Garlitz, Mae Theresa  15 Nov 1893Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01882
26 Garlitz, Matha Ellen  29 Jul 1911Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02635
27 Garlitz, Norris Joseph  Abt 1914Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03668
28 Garlitz, Orville V.  Abt 1887Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I08783
29 Garlitz, Patrick F.  2 Jun 1926Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03092
30 Garlitz, Pauline  6 Jun 1915Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02636
31 Garlitz, Sarah Ellen (Susan Ellen)  11 Jul 1887Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01875
32 Garlitz, Sarah Elmedia  29 Mar 1879Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I08208
33 Garlitz, Shirley Helena  6 Oct 1934Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I15066
34 Garlitz, Veronica May (Vernie)  7 Nov 1890Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01864
35 Garlitz, Wilfred Leonard  2 May 1892Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01919
36 Garlitz, William Burton  21 Nov 1889Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03085
37 Grove, Violet Mildred  1914Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01675
38 Hawn, Helen Dorothy  Abt 1927Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I13631
39 Layman, Genevieve  15 May 1910Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02512
40 McKenzie, Angus A.  20 May 1888Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03113
41 McKenzie, Anna Gertrude  Abt 1898Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03630
42 McKenzie, Austin Joseph "Tip"  7 Nov 1917Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03139
43 McKenzie, Bernard Andrew  8 Mar 1913Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01669
44 McKenzie, Bernard O.  15 Jun 1942Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I08718
45 McKenzie, Bernard R.  4 Apr 1904Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I14764
46 McKenzie, Betty Teresa  30 Jun 1928Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02526
47 McKenzie, Cecilia Catherine  23 Mar 1908Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03136
48 McKenzie, Clarence Alvin (Todd)  5 Nov 1907Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03705
49 McKenzie, Clarence Valentine  20 Oct 1883Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01660
50 McKenzie, Enoch Joseph  28 Feb 1898Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01892

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chaney, John Cephas  1 Feb 1914Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I14724
2 Chaney, Rhoda Anne  5 Sep 1956Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03108
3 Croft, Maude Mae  24 Feb 1936Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I15273
4 Crowe, Donald Owen  22 Apr 2018Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I06163
5 Dishong, Kathleen P.  21 Dec 1998Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I15390
6 Durst, Carrie Belle  24 Feb 1948Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02624
7 Durst, Margaret Anna  13 Sep 1944Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03075
8 Finzel, Rachel Elizabeth  28 Aug 1934Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03647
9 Garlitz, Ellen Margaret  5 Nov 1910Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01844
10 Garlitz, Henry  27 Feb 1903Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02931
11 Garlitz, Ida Regina  15 Dec 2001Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I08772
12 Garlitz, Isadore  23 Jun 1926Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01835
13 Garlitz, Miles Joseph  2 Aug 2010Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I06202
14 Garlitz, Wells  21 Sep 1893Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I06914
15 Garlitz, Wilfred Leonard  20 Sep 1958Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01919
16 Gray, Elizabeth Emma  10 Mar 1934Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03642
17 Humbertson, Margaret  26 Feb 1933Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I15076
18 McKenzie, Andrew George  7 Aug 1948Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I15272
19 McKenzie, Aza Alvin  1 Jul 1876Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I16586
20 McKenzie, Bernard R.  5 May 1904Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I14764
21 McKenzie, Clarence Valentine  12 Aug 1949Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01660
22 McKenzie, Elias Marcellus  5 Aug 1922Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01652
23 McKenzie, Francis Patrick  20 Nov 1932Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02521
24 McKenzie, George Washington  6 Oct 1927Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I13616
25 McKenzie, Gertrude Louise  21 Nov 1945Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01635
26 McKenzie, Henrietta Anna  19 Dec 1925Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03007
27 McKenzie, Isadore J.  13 Apr 1907Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03059
28 McKenzie, John Elias  5 Mar 1905Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03474
29 McKenzie, Julius Francis (John)  10 Jan 1912Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I06242
30 McKenzie, Loyola Ignatius (Olen)  1940Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02202
31 McKenzie, Martha Emma  11 Jun 1925Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01901
32 McKenzie, Mary Agnes  25 Sep 1944Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03082
33 McKenzie, Mary Catherine  30 Mar 1901Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02658
34 McKenzie, Matilda Elizabeth  27 Feb 1943Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01912
35 McKenzie, Moses Ignatius  5 Jul 1913Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02910
36 McKenzie, Rosella  31 Aug 1949Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02215
37 McKenzie, Sadres Simon  10 Feb 1932Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I01826
38 Minnick, Elmer Albert Sr.  20 Apr 2000Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I15503
39 Robeson, Luella Myrtle  20 Nov 1960Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I03134
40 Turner, Doris Frost  30 Oct 1997Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I02220
41 Warne, Amelia Jane  7 Feb 1933Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I16122
42 Warne, Daniel William  27 Dec 1921Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I15075
43 Warne, Ellen  1 Jan 1942Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I16116
44 Wiland, Lydia  4 Nov 1922Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland I06235


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Garlitz / McKenzie  26 Dec 1940Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland F01655
2 Loraditch / Broadwater  1917Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland F03510
3 McKenzie / Burdock  5 May 1931Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland F01277
4 McKenzie / McKenzie  4 Jul 1924Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland F01604
5 McKenzie / McKenzie  29 Sep 1928Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland F01989
6 Mills / McKenzie  29 Sep 1928Avilton, Garrett County, Maryland F04423
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