Gabriel McKenzie

Gabriel McKenzie

Male 1794 - 1874  (80 years)

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  • Name Gabriel McKenzie 
    Born 30 Jun 1794  Allegany County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 27 Aug 1874  Wilkesville, Vinton County, Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Gabriel and Rachel were married in St. Patrick's Church, Cumberland, Maryland by the Rev. Nicholas D. Young, OSD.

      Gabriel Mckenzie
      United States Census, 1870
      Name:Gabriel Mckenzie
      Event Type:Census
      Event Year:1870
      Event Place:Ohio, United States
      Race (Original):W
      Birth Year (Estimated):1793-1794
      Page Number:23
      Eliza MckenzieF48Pennsylvania
      Lydia MckenzieF15Kentucky
      Joseph MckenzieM12Ohio
      Mary MckenzieF8Ohio
      Susan MckenzieF7Ohio
      Susan MckenzieF36Maryland
      Gabriel MckenzieM76Maryland
      Household ID: 171 , Line Number: 31 , Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) , Affiliate Publication Number: M593 , GS Film number: 000552775 , Digital Folder Number: 004278470 , Image Number: 00388
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      United States Census, 1870
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      Citing this Record
      "United States Census, 1870," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 15 April 2015), Gabriel Mckenzie in household of Eliza Mckenzie, Ohio, United States; citing p. 23, family 171, NARA microfilm publication M593 (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.); FHL microfilm 552,775.

      Gabriel Mckinzie
      United States Census, 1850
      Name:Gabriel Mckinzie
      Event Type:Census
      Event Year:1850
      Event Place:Wilksville, Vinton, Ohio, United States
      Birth Year (Estimated):1795
      House Number:161
      Gabriel MckinzieM55Maryland
      Rachel MckinzieF57Maryland
      Lydia MckinzieF1Pennsylvania
      Ambrose MckinzieM17Pennsylvania
      Susannah MckinzieF15Maryland
      Household ID: 1065 , Line Number: 4 , Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) , Affiliate Publication Number: M432 , Affiliate Film Number: 736 , GS Film Number: 444729 , Digital Folder Number: 004204705 , Image Number: 00587

      Gabril Mckenzie
      Ohio, County Death Records
      Name:Gabril Mckenzie
      Event Type:Death
      Event Date:27 Aug 1874
      Event Place:Wilkesville, Wilkesville Township, Vinton, Ohio, United States
      Residence Place:Wilkesville
      Marital Status:Widowed
      Race (Original):White
      Birth Year (Estimated):1794
      Reference ID: v 1 p 46 , GS Film Number: 311586 , Digital Folder Number: 004016281 , Image Number: 67
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      Ohio, County Death Records, 1840-2001
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      "Ohio, County Death Records, 1840-2001," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 15 April 2015), Gabril Mckenzie, 27 Aug 1874; citing Death, Wilkesville, Wilkesville Township, Vinton, Ohio, United States, source ID v 1 p 46, County courthouses, Ohio; FHL microfilm 311,586.

      Note from Michael A. McKenzie (October 2018). The following information is the transcript of father Homer Blubaugh's work on Gabriel McKenzie and rachel Blubaugh. This document was converted from a PDF file to a Word file but I have not taken the time to "clean-up" the formatting. For anyone interested in researching this line, this document is a must read.



      JAMES REDMOND McKENZIE (series "B"), p. 3
      AUGUSTUS STANISLAUS McKENZIE of Columbus, Ohio, p. 4
      SARAH MARGARET McKENZIE SIMMONS, of Marion, Ohio, p. 10 THOMAS RICHARD McKENZIE of Circleville, Ohio, p. 20
      P. JEREMIAH McKENZIE of Monessen, Pa., p. 22
      MARGARET RACHEL McKENZIE WARD of Delaware Co., Ohio, p. 32 MARGARET WARD THOMAS & FATHER LEO of Marion, Ohio, p. 39 SAMUEL McKENZIE (series HC") of Circleville, Ohio, p. 43
      FRANK CHARLES McKENZIE of Oregon, p. 52
      RACHEL EMILY McKENZIE STANTON (series "E") of Vinton Co., p. 60 AMBROSE McKENZIE (series MG") of Ohio and the west, p. 67
      APPENDIX I - IV, p. 70-W
      INDEX OF NAMES (to be compiled), p. 80^


      It is with great pleasure that the work of many McRenzie relation has preceded my recent attempt to put various sources together. Bernard Hilkens Sr. spent many years especially in retirement compiling his contribution. In 1966 I had tried to track down the descentants of Rachel Blubaugh as part of the large history of John Blubaugh I, which was published in 1977. Unfortun¬ ately it has taken many years for Rachel's family to reach publication.
      Regardless of which copy you receive, the revision date listed here is never
      complete. Updated sheets are always available for insertion.
      Other McKenzie histories have been printed of other branches, but no one has prepared an extensive history of Gabriel and Rachel's family. On August 8, 1992, I reopened my limited McKenzie files and since then have steadily collect¬ ed this information by personal interviews with my laptop, numerous phone calls, and countless letters from cooperative cousins throughout the USA.
      The process of compiling the remainder of Gabriel's descendants will con¬ tinue. I ask your help in providing missing information and correcting mistakes. Many copies of much smaller editions are in circulation. Often later information is inserted by adding alphabetical letters after the page number. This saves
      making a whole new set of master pages, yet keeps the history in proper sequence.
      Collecting genealogical information of relation is my hobby as a priest in a very large Catholic parish. Saint Paul, Westerville, Ohio. Seeing this history reach publication is an even greater joy. Several quotes of notable people have been added, as below. I hope you enjoy them and your heritage.


      "INTRODUCTION" by Bernard T. Wilkens, Sr.
      Several years ago our cousin, Bernard Wilkens, Sr., (1907-
      94) of Youngstown, Ohio, wrote six pages in longhand about his McKenzie ancestry. What follows is the result of many years of his historical research by traveling to Europe, visiting his relation with pen in hand and writing from hundreds of hours of correspondence. In many ways his detailed outlines have become the skeleton of various parts of the history that follows. His persistence of searching for relation was that of a college
      professor and engineer. Bernard's "bio" is on page 20. I have
      edited parts of Bernard's "The McKenzie Family In America". -H.B.
      "To the best of our knowledge, the McKenzie Family in
      America stems from a Scottish Clan in Scotland that resided in the area called Glencoe; some intermarried with Irish, German, Polish, Italian and other immigrants.
      Some McKenzies emigrated to the 'colonies' in the early part of the eighteenth century and early historican records of Mary¬ land confirm this. In that period few people could read or write and most historical records have been handed down by word of
      mouth and as with any data so transmitted, names are misspelled, since the person recording the data spells it as they hear it.
      The McKenzie name is found spelled some 13 or more ways in
      the same family. A few samples from the Cumberland area are: McKinsee, McKensy, McKinzie and even to the dropping of the Mc resulting in Kinsey, Kinzy, etc. Over 20 different names have
      actually been recorded from the same area!
      One reason was very few of the early settlers could either read or write since they were farmers. Schools were not avail¬ able in the areas where they resided and since the parents could not do so, how were they to teach their children?
      At the time the McKenzies came to the colonies, they settled in farming areas where they could make a living for their
      families and had very little money. Thus no schools were avail¬ able to allow them to send their children for education. Schools at that time were only for the rich people - they could not
      afford to send their children over long distances to the schools!
      With this in mind we have attempted to trace the McKenzie family history and other "clans" that have intermarried here in America. Sometime after 1620 Lord Baltimore was granted
      extensive areas in "the colonies" in an attempt to obtain good farmers and people willing to venture into these (at that time)
      relatively wild and unknown lands in the area now called Mary¬ land.
      King Charles I (of England) gave to his (Lord Baltimore's)
      son, Cecilius Calvert, the area of Maryland, as it is now known.
      To find people willing to forego their native country, Lord Baltimore went to the region of Glasgow, Scotland, where there were many farmers with excellent farms, seeking people willing to take a chance in a new country. There he was able to collect a large number of people who were almost entirely Catholic farmers.

      In this Glasgow area there lived four McKenzie brothers: John, Samuel, Moses and Duncan. About 1686 (?) Duncan accom¬
      panied Lord Baltimore to Maryland on one of his trips to his
      colony in America and decided to remain and try his luck there.
      In tracing the McKenzies in the early time of the "Maryland" area we have found the McKenzie name and been able to trace back to the father of Gabriel McKenzie - one Samuel McKenzie, who was
      born in Maryland. In fact several Samuels have sons named
      Gabriel, two of which are interconnected in this family.
      And in the area of Scotland from whence came the early
      colonial settlers of Maryland, they were all Catholics and thus Maryland was mainly a Catholic Colony - until the so-called
      British Reformation when the King of England (Henry the 8th)
      declared himself the "Head of the Church of England".
      After the end of the Colonial-British War, a number of
      German soldiers from the province of Hesse, Germany, who had been rented to the British king to fight for him in the "Revolutionary War", decided to stay in the colonies and try their chances as farmers in the new land.
      In the early days of the colonies intermarriage was very
      common with cousins marrying cousins in this family tree.
      As the early records of family history were kept mainly in the churches and the parents being unable to read or write, many a priest or other churchman being unable to properly interpret a Scotch or Irish brogue to say nothing of a German trying to speak English! So the early settlers intermarried to produce a true American race! In those early days newspapers were few and far between and with only a very few people able to read or write, who needed them.
      As you will notice in the families we are trying to trace
      - certain forenames have been repeated from family to family -
      even into the present day - both in the male and the female line
      (which makes it difficult to track our ancestors).
      To return to one Duncan McKenzie and the family that ensued we are indebted to early work by Albert McKinzie, of Gallia
      Street, Portsmouth, Ohio, who gave information to Henry (Bud)
      McKenzie of Monessen, Pennsylvania, now of Dayton, Ohio. Bud's lineage comes from Gabriel McKenzie's son, James Redmond. Barb McKenzie of Circleville has contributed much to our history.
      In those early colonial days there was considerable migra¬ tion - generally westward, but some also both north and south. Under such conditions it was very difficult to maintain written records of who resided where, who had paid their taxes, who was eligible to vote, who resided in Pennsylvania or in Maryland.
      Many other difficulties arise in tracing families in Mary¬ land due to a fire at the Annapolis Court of records which des¬ troyed most of the early records of the residents of the
      surrounding area in the early years of Maryland and no other records duplicated the original ones.
      I have tried to collect family history from a number of states in fairness to all. It's difficult to sift ashes to written data that may be readable. Occasionally a McKenzie relation is found who belongs within our family group."

      -1-(Rev. March11,1995)
      ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of Sources for the 1995 Edition: Barbara
      McKenzie and Ruth McKenzie Thompson of Circleville; Henry (Bud)
      McKenzie of Dayton; Lois Lang of Columbus; Katie Ward of Dela¬ ware; Bernard Wilkens of Youngstown; Steve Reeves and Doug
      Stanton of Ohio. The five helping angels were the McKenzie
      sisters: Laura, Anna Mae Reich, Ida Crow, Margaret and Birdie.
      The following places were invaluable: Saint Joseph Church, Circleville, Ohio; Saint Luke Church, Danville, Ohio; Ohio Census Records 1850-80; the Family Bible kept by Margaret Dune, Marion, Ohio; Saint Patrick Church, Cumberland, Maryland; and many other unnamed McKenzie relation throughout the United States.

      "A people which takes no pride in the noble achieve¬ ments of remote ancestors will never achieve anything
      worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants."
      - Thomas B. Macauley (1800-1859) English historian, author

      Gabriel McKenzie was born June 30, 1794, in Maryland. His
      ancestors are traced back to Ross Shire, Scotland, where Colin/ /Collins/Malcolm McKenzie was born c. 1630. Colin's son, John
      Sr., was born c. 1659 in Saint Mary's Co., Maryland, and married
      Sarah Ellinor Anderson.
      John McKenzie Sr. is the father of John Jr., born c.1695
      in Saint Mary's Co., Maryland. John Jr. and Catherine(Gabriel)
      McKenzie are the parents of Gabriel, born c.1715.Catherine
      Gabriel was a native of Ireland. Gabriel McKenzie married Sarah
      Durbin in1742 in Frederick Co., Maryland. Their eldest child
      is Samuel Sr., born c.1750, died1837, age86.
      Samuel McKenzie Sr. and Rachel Durbin became the parents
      of our subject, Gabriel McKenzie. The Marriage License of this Gabriel and his bride-to-be, Rachel Blubaugh, are recorded in the Probate Court Records at Alleghany County, Maryland, on June
      2,1821.On July 30,1821, at Saint Patrick Church, Cumberland,
      Maryland, Gabriel married Rachel Blubaugh, born c.1791 in
      Maryland. The Dominican missionary priest, Father Nicholas
      Young, O.P., witnessed their marriage. Father Young traveled to Somerset and Danville, Ohio, in the 1820-30's.
      Rachel is the daughter of John Blubaugh I and Jememiah
      Logsdon. She and Gabriel were very likely cousins. John is the son of Jacob Blubaugh I, who died in 1788 in Frederick Co., Mary¬
      land and is mentioned in Jacob's Will. John Blubaugh I died in 1819 and Jememiah in 1832, both in Somerset Co., Pennsylvania.
      See "Appendix I -III" about our early Logsdons and McKenzies.
      By August 25,1842, Gabriel McKenzie is living in the Quinn
      Settlement, Gallia Co., Ohio, where he remains into1845.On
      August27,1874, he died at Minerton, Wilkesville Township, in
      Vinton, Ohio, at the age of80 years,1 month and28 days.

      Rachel and Gabriel are the parents of eight children, the first seven were baptized at Cumberland 1822-32. So maybe the
      family moved after Susannah's birth in May 1834 as her baptism
      is not recorded in Cumberland. Rachel's death is
      The McKenzie children are Elizabeth Garrity/McKenzie (A),
      James Redmond(B), Samuel(C), John(D), Rachel Emily Stanton
      (E)Lidia(F), Ambrose(G) and Susanna(H).
      A/2Garrity/Garety, Elizabeth(McKenzie/McKinzie), born May15,
      1822, was baptized May18,1822, at Saint Patrick Church,
      Cumberland, Maryland. Her godparents were Uncle Ben and
      Aunt Mary Blubaugh. The 1870 and 1880 Census list her birth
      in Pennsylvania, not Maryland. Cumberland was most likely the closest church.
      Eliza's first marriage was to Thomas Garrity(Garlitz)
      on Nov.22,1840, at Saint Luke Church, Danville, by Father
      John Lamy. The issue of children and Mr. Garrity's death is
      unknown at this time.
      A/2McKenzie, Elizabeth(McKenzie/Garrity), second marriage to
      William H. McKenzie on November3,1853, at Saint Mary Ch.,
      Covington, Kentucky. Eliza died December19,1893, a widow
      of30 years with burial at Saint Joseph Cem., Circleville.
      William H., born March25,1830, in Ohio, but his
      parents and place of birth is not known,He lived less than
      ten years after his marriage to ElizabethIn the1860
      Census of Wilkesville Township, Bill is afarmer, whose real
      and personal estate is valued at$375.
      "The Roster of Ohio Soldiers,1861-66War of the Re-
      bellion," concerning114th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment,
      Company F, vol.8,states that "William H. McKenzie, Private;
      age32; date of entering service, Aug.16,1862; period of
      service,3 years; remarks, died Jan.13,1863, at Arkansas
      Post, Arkansas(of diarrhea and camp measles)." Burial is
      at Saint Joseph Cemetery.
      Elizabeth and William's six children were Lydia Ann,
      Edward, Joseph G., Rachel E., Mary M. and Anna Susanna
      (born 3 months after Bill entered the service). All these children were born in Ohio, except for Lydia.
      A/3McKenzie, Lydia Ann, born July29,1854, in Covington,
      Kentucky, baptized Sept.3,1854.She died Aug.17,1928,
      with burial at Saint Joseph Cem.,single.
      A/3McKenzie, Edward A., born Feb.221857, and died August
      1857, with burial at Saint Joseph Cem.
      A/3McKenzie, Joseph G., born May13,1858.
      A/3McKenzie, Rachel E., born Sept.15,1860, died March14,
      1861, with burial at Saint Joseph Cem.
      A/3McKenzie, Mary M., born Feb.15,1861, died Sept.23,
      1881, and is buried at Saint Joseph Cem., single.
      A/3McKenzie, Anna Suzanna, born Nov.26,1862, died Dec.19,
      1925, and is buried at Saint Joseph Cem., single. Her
      tombstone states, "sister of Eliza (Elizabeth) McKenzie."

      B/2McKenzie, James Redmond, born Sept.7,1823, named after
      the priest, Father James Redmond, of Cumberland. He was "baptized on September 19, 1823, at Saint Patrick Catholic
      Church, Cumberland, Maryland, by Father T. Ryan, with Catherine McKensey as godmother".
      James married Sarah Ellen McKenzie on Nov.3,1846, in
      Ross Co. Sarah's parents were Caleb and Margaret(Magers/
      Majors) McKenzie. Born October8,1831, on March11,1833,
      she was baptized in Knox Co., Ohio, probably at Saint Luke,
      Danville, where her father is listed on March26,1831.
      It should be noted that two brothers married sisters.
      James' younger brother, Samuel, married in February1846 to
      Margaret, sister of Sarah McKenzie. Caleb McKenzie died
      after Sarah's birth. His widow married Joseph Sapp in1837
      at Saint Luke Church, Danville.
      In the1850 Census Margaret Sapp is living in Ross Co.
      with Samuel and Margaret McKenzie.
      The family of James McKenzie according to the1850,1860
      and1870 Census records are living in Vinton Co. as farmers.
      This J. R. McKenzie family moved to Jackson Township,
      Pickaway Co. in1876.Inhe moved his family to
      Franklin Co., where they bought a farm and set up a family milk delivery business. The horse-drawn milkwagon was
      painted black with the lettering of J. R. McKenzie painted on the side. Milk was carried in a large container in the wagon and people came to the wagon to receive their milk.
      About 1893 the McKenzie diary barn burned to the ground. Unfortunately the fire was deliberatly set by one of the
      children who "was refused a horse to ride into town". This was a tragic setback for the family and J. R. was never the same after this terrible financial reversal. The milk cows, horses and milkwagon were saved.
      Jim and Sarah were blessed with thirteen children. James
      died on August1,1905, at Shepherds, Ohio, with burial at
      Mt. Calvary Cem., Columbus, in the Cathedral Section D, Lot
      112, Graves2-3, beside his wife.
      Sarah was an invalid for two years before her death of
      "paralysis on July24,1899.She lived in Marion Township,
      Delaware County. Her funeral was at Saint Peter's,
      The Ward Family Bible provided full names and birthdates of the McKenzie offspring: Joseph, Thomas, Francis, John, Agnes Welsh, James, Margaret Ward, Edward, Sarah (Sister
      Mary Alonso CSC), Samuel, Ignatius, Caleb and Mary Stecher.
      B/3McKenzie, Joseph Gabriel, born April17,1848, farmer and
      living at home in June1880.He married Lucy/Laura Alice
      Mathes on Nov.18,1880, in Ross Co., maybe at Minerton.
      Laura was born July7,1857, the daughter of

      In 1883 Gabe and Laura took their two firstborn, Gus
      and the baby, Sarah, to Kansas in a wagon train. The
      purpose was to link up with other McKenzie cousins already there, but not finding a good job, they returned the next year. Sarah was a frail child and rode on a pillow on the wagon bed.
      Gus, as a young boy, remembers the return trip with an¬ other wagon train a year later and sitting around the
      campfire watching the fire gleaming off the red eyes of wolves at night.
      Gabriel was struck by a car while crossing West Broad Street to visit his son, Alonzo. He lived several days
      and died June21,1927, at Mt. Carmel Hospital. Laura
      died Nov.9,1945, in Marion, and is buried beside Gabe
      in Saint Joseph Cemetery, Columbus, in the Saint Joseph Section.
      "Gabe" and Laura are the parents of eight: Gus, Sarah Simmons, James, Thomas, Anna and Mary (twins), John and
      B/4McKenzie, Augustus "Gus" Stanislaus, born May7,1881,
      on Feb.12,1907, married Margaret Maud Wright, daughter
      of George Washington Wright and Eliza Ellen Dopp.
      Father Wm. McDermott witnessed their marriage at Holy Family Rectory, Columbus. After Josephine's death
      Maggie took instructions and became Catholic.
      Maggie was born Apr. 20, 1887, at Ripley, W. Virginia.
      She was an 17 year old graduate of Clinton Township High School. Since she passed the standard "Boxwell Test" Maggie had plans to become a teacher. When she was offered a teaching position many, many miles away by horse and buggy, she turned it down, not wanting to lose her future husban
      The newlyweds were ambitious people and lived early
      in Franklin County, and in Worthington, where Laura and Anna were born. They raised their nine children on
      Rt. 310 after moving in 1926 from 3 acres on Tremont
      Road, just noth of Lane Avenue.
      Previously Gus worked for Sciote Country Club and took care of the golf course. In the winter he sprinkled the tennis courts to make ice rinks from 1918-20. He cut
      the golf course with a triplex pulled with his team of horses.
      Gus was a contractor - digging cellars and grading
      cellars in the Upper Arlington area. This was prior to 1926 when he also used slip scrapers for housing developments. He hired a number of men and teams of horses.
      Apparently successful, Gus developed ulcers, so
      decided to buy a 100 acre farm just south of Johnstown
      on State Route 310 in Licking County. The family hosted
      both McKenzie and Wright family reunions for many years.

      Maggie and Gus raised their family of ten children
      on their homestead: Josephine, Laura, Anna Reich, Ida
      Crow, George, Margaret, Grace Bowman, Winifred, Hugh and Thomas. Only Tom was born there.
      Being very education minded, the six youngest daugh¬ ters all graduated from Alexandria High School. Maggie taught Gus the remainder of his deprived education.
      She taught her children many songs and school cheers that she composed herself.
      Gus died Nov.2,1966, and Maggie, March20,1977,
      with burial at St. Joseph Cem., beside Josephine.
      B/5McKenzie, Josephine Augusta, born July26,1910, died
      Sept.24,1917, of typhoid fever. Gus bought six
      burial plots at St. Joseph Cem., Columbus, for his
      own family when Josephine died, but many of his family thought these plots were theirs.
      Josephine had just entered second grade when she
      and her mother both took sick and were taken to White Cross Hospital by ambulance. Maggie was in a coma
      when Josephine died. Gus paid all his doctor's and hospital bills by cash, long before insurance started.
      B/5McKenzie, Laura Ellen, born May5,1912, attended
      South Perry, Alexandria Junior and High Schools. She worked as a practical nurse in private duty for many years, until May 1977 when she retired from the
      Citizens Journal and Columbus Dispatch.
      Laura shares a home with her single sisters, Mar¬
      garet and Winifred, since October1962 at1449 Coburg
      Rd., Columbus, OH43227.The girls took care of their
      parents for many years at this residence until their deaths.
      B/5Reich, Anna Mae(McKenzie), born Aug.26,1914, was a
      "Rosy the Riveter" at Curtis-Wright airplane assembly during World war II. She later worked as an operator for the telephone company in Columbus and for many years for several families as a governess. Anna met her husband-to-be, Herman, while employed as a hand painter at the Capital Art Works Factory, Main St., Bexley.
      Herman, German born, had moved up from Florida,
      where he was a creative artist, and had mastered the Meisner Process. He made molds and unusual casts of delicate art carvings and even a Baptismal Font. His speciality was concrete in colors, ornamental stone and reproductions of high quality.
      Born Feb.22,1906, Herman is the son of Franz
      Josepf and Ida Catherine(Lemmle) Reich of Munich.
      Herman Josef Reich and Anna Mae were married by a
      judge on May 27,1948, in Columbus, and later their
      marriage was blessed on Oct.8,1983, at St. Juliana
      Church by Fathers Reinz and Magee, which placed them in "good standing" with their West Palm Beach parish.

      Anna Mae and Herman lived in Florida since1948.
      Their son is Joseph. Herman died Dec.27,1993.Anna
      Mae resides at621 Glenridge Dr., West Palm Beach, FL
      B/6Reich, H.(Herman) Joseph, born Jan.23,1951,
      served in the US Marines1971-73. He is a Struc¬
      tural Design Engineer. On Sept.27,1985, he mar¬
      ried Karol Sue Klotz/Brocions, born Aug.16,1953.
      The Reichs are marriage counsellors at their local
      parish in Tallahassee. They live with her daughter,
      Eryn Michelle Brocions, at1509 Pine St., Talla¬
      hassee, FL32303.
      B/5Crow, Ida Bell(McKenzie), born Dec.15,1915, on
      Sept.14,1940, married George McMillen Crow, born
      June,1906, and lived at Groveport, Ohio. George
      died Aug.22,1976.Their children are Delora,
      Georgia, and John.
      Ida lives with her daughter, Georgia Harris, at732
      Timberlake Dr., Westerville, OH43081.
      B/6Durbin, Delora Ann(Crow), born Aug.25,1941,
      married Richard E. Durbin, born,son of
      andTheir children are Yvonne and
      Vance. Dick and Dolly live at
      B/7Matz, Yvonne Leigh(Durbin), born July25,1962,
      married Richard Matz, born June __,1963, son of
      andThey are the parents
      of Kurt and Heather, and later divorced.
      B/8Matz, Kurtis McMillan, born,1982.
      B/8Matz, Heather Nicole, born,1985.
      B/7Adams, Yvonne(Durbin/Matz), remd. Russsell Adams,
      and have a child, Breton. They reside at
      with their children.
      B/8Adams, Breton Shey, born,1990, in
      B/7Durbin, Vance Lee, born Oct.22,1966, married
      Paula, born,daughter of
      They live with their children,
      Katie and Shelly, at, TX.
      B/8Durbin, Kathryn Ashley, born,1990.
      B/8Durbin, Shelly, born,1992.
      B/6Harris, Georgia Mary,(Crow), born May13,1944, on
      ,1969, married James A. Harris, born,
      1941, son ofandThey
      adopted Janet and Gianna. Georgie, Jim and "Jonnie"
      reside at732 Timberlake Dr., Westerville, OH43081.

      B/7Courtney, Janet Lynn(Harris), born May10,1968,
      on,married Dennis Courtney, born,
      son ofandCourtney.
      Jan and Denny live at4500 Wrangall PI, Gahanna,
      OH 43230.
      B/7Harris, Gianna May, born,1977.
      B/6Crow, John Arthur, premature, born and died,
      B/5McKenzie, George Joseph, born Jan.1,1918, married
      Emma Parr on Sept.3,1953.Born Aug.26,1919, she
      is the daughter of Ivo and Ina(Redman) of Pleasant
      Valley. He and Emma have three sons, Karl, Kenneth
      and Kermit.
      George, a farmer, died Aug.23,1982, with burial at
      Mt. Olive United Methodist Cem., Hopewell. Emma lives
      on the old Parr Family Farm at2295 County Line Rd.,
      Hopewell, OH43746.
      B/6McKenzie, Karl Frederick, born Feb.10,1955,
      married Vickie Jean Carpenter, born Dec.18,1954,
      dau. of John and Elsie(Hiddle) Carpenter. Karl
      raises market hogs on the family farm. Their
      children are Chad, Scott, Shane and Jessica. They
      reside at1705 County Line Rd., Hopewell, OH43746.
      B/7McKenzie, Chad Allen, born Nov.16,1973
      B/7McKenzie, Scott Aaron, born Aug.22,1975
      B/7McKenzie, Shane Adam, born May29,1979
      B/7McKenzie, Jessica Marie, born Feb.5,1987
      B/6McKenzie, Kenneth Parr, born June21,1956, on Aug.
      13,1977, married Linda Page, born May11,1956,
      dau. of Richard and Norma Page.
      Ken operates "McKenzie Brothers Dairy Farm" with his brother, Kermit. Linda and Ken live with their sons, Andy, Adam and Keith at 1865 County Line Rd.,
      Hopewell, OH 43746.
      B/7McKenzie, Andrew,born Nov.5,1979
      B/7McKenzie, Adam Douglas, born July2,1981
      B/7McKenzie, Keith Allen, born Feb.1,1985
      B/6McKenzie, Kermit Eugene, born March2,1958, on Oct.
      11,1980, married Judy Mary Sorg, born May9,1960,
      dau. of Virgil and Mary Sorg. Kermit milks over
      100 Holstein cows in partnership. His family, with
      Kayla, Eric and Greg, reside at1845 County Line
      Rd., Hopewell, OH43746.
      B/7McKenzie, Kayla Ann, born Nov.7,1982
      B/7McKenzie, Eric Joseph, born Sept.9,1984
      B/7McKenzie, Greg Eugene, born July11,1987

      B/5McKenzie, Margaret Lillian, born April5,1920, took
      training for obstretics and infant nursing care at
      St. Ann's Nursing School, graduated Jan.1,1944.
      Margaret worked in infant nursery care at Children's
      Hospital, then for private physicians for47 years,
      until she retired in1988.She lives with her sisters
      at1449 Coburg, Columbus, OH43227.
      B/5Bowman, Grace Louise(McKenzie), born Dec.14,1921,
      on June10,1943, married Ernest Edward Bowman, b.
      Dec.13,1916, in Washington Courthouse, Ohio, son of
      Leroy C. Bowman and Minnie Olive Buckley. Their two
      sons are Ralph and Richard.
      Ernest died Feb.21,1993.He and his son, Richard,
      are buried at Greenhill Cemetery, Johnstown, Ohio.
      Grace lives with Ralph at Winter Springs, Florida.
      B/6Bowman, Ralph Edward, born Jan 8,1945, in Newark,
      Ohio, on Nov.12,1966, at Minster, Ohio, married
      Kathleen Mary Enive King, born March15,1947, in
      Piqua, Ohio, eldest daughter of Clem and Zita (Evers) Enneking.
      Ralph is employed by the General Mills restau¬
      rants, the Olive Garden and Red Lobster. He re¬
      cently received an honored trophy, "The President's Award for Excellence" for getting his restaurants operational after Hurricane Andrew.
      The three Bowman daughters are Sandra, Michelle
      and Deborah. Ralph, Kathy, and mother, Grace, live
      at400 Hayes Rd., Winter Springs, FL32708.
      B/7Buffomonte, Sandra Ann(Bowman), born Nov.10,
      1967, on June1,1991, at St. Stephen's Catholic
      Church, married John Anthony Buffomonte, born Jan.
      17,1968, son of Joel A. Buffomonte and Magovero.
      John is a UPS driver and Sandra works for The
      Chicago Title Company. They live at
      Ovieda, FL, with children, Megan and Tyler.
      B/8Buffomonte, Megan Ann, born Nov.2,1986.
      B/8Buffomonte, Tyler Anthony, born June7,1992.
      B/7Bowman, Michelle Lee, born Sept.29,1969, lives
      at538 New England Ct.,#203, Altamonte Springs,
      FL32714, and is engaged to Patrick Scott
      Wetnight. Their marriage will be Nov.11,1993,
      or Sept.
      B/7Bowman, Deborah Ann, born Oct.11,1976, attends
      Seminole Community College High School, Sanford.
      B/6Bowman, Richard Hugh, born Sept.19,1947, died of
      instant crib death at eight weeks on Nov.13,1947.

      B/5McKenzie, Winifred Jane, born Sept.20,1923, named
      after a girl in Ida's class. Known as "Birdie," she stayed on the farm for 13 years after graduation,
      then went to Buckeye Union Insurance Co., where she was a clerical worker for 31 years, retiring in
      January1988.Birdie resides with her sisters, Laura
      and Margaret.
      B/5McKenzie, Hugh Augustus, born Aug.25,1925, on Feb.
      2,1929, married Mildred Sidle, born April11,1924,
      the daughter of David Vernon Sidle and Velva Victor.
      Hugh served in the US Army from Oct.1944 to Aug.
      1946.He and Midge are the parents of Tom and Vivian.
      Hugh died Oct.20,1976.Midge lives at340 Eastern
      Ave.#225, Newark, OH43055.
      B/6McKenzie, Thomas Robert, born Aug.10,1950, married
      Sharon McColley, born Feb.16,1973, dau. of Rita
      Hoffman and Kenneth McColley. Bob served in the
      US Marines1970-72. He and Sharon reside at7703
      Pacific Ave., Ft. Pierce, FL34950, with their three
      sons, Brian, Bradley and Brett.
      B/7McKenzie, Brian Thomas, born May5,1974.
      B/7McKenzie, Bradley Wayne, born Feb.15,1976.
      B/7McKenzie, Brett Allen, born Jan.19,1978.
      B/6McCorkle, Vivian Anne(McKenzie), born Aug.19,
      1953, married George McCorkle III, born Sept.29,
      The McCorkles live in the house of the Hugh and
      Mildred McKenzie Farm at12026 Bluejay Rd. SE,
      Newark, OH 43055, with their children, Matt and
      B/7McCorkle, Matthew Allen, born Dec.31,1985.
      B/7McCorkle, Christa Suzanne, born Feb.28,1988.
      B/5McKenzie, Thomas Grant, born May19,1932, first wife
      is Melba Robinson. Their two sons are Tom and Mike.
      They divorced and each remarry.
      B/6McKenzie, Thomas Grant II, born Apr.27,1958, on
      Sept.20,1986, married Marie Kennedy, born March
      22,1960, dau. of Edward and Betty(Fickell)
      Tom is employed at Roush Hardware, Westerville.
      They live at122 North St., Gahanna, OH43230.
      B/6McKenzie, Michael David, born July31,1961, on Aug.
      31,1987, married Janet Loefke, born,dau.
      ofandMike is with Delta Air-
      ines, Atlanta. They reside with their sons, Justin
      and Bryan, at40 Priscilla Way, Newman, GA 30265.
      B/7McKenzie, Justin Thomas, born March,17,1989
      B/7McKenzie, Bryan Michael, born Feb.25,1992


      B/5McKenzie, Thomas Grant, on Dec.8,1973, was married
      to Rhens Lalere Davis Israel by a Church of Christ minister. She has a son, Marc, born Aug. 1, 1972.
      The family lives a mile south of Johnstown on the
      Gus McKenzie Homestead, now known as "Cloven Acres" at 2613 Hazelton-Etna Rd., Pataskala, OH 43062, where the
      family held reunions many years ago.
      B/4Simmons, Sarah Margaret(McKenzie), born April2,1882,
      married John Simmons on,1900, in Vinton County,
      where Sarah attended school. John Patrick Simmons,
      born Aug.1,1874, son of Andrew and Harriet Simmons.
      Andrew was born in Ireland.
      Sarah and John lived in Vinton, then at Worthington, Ohio, where John worked at Jeffrey Manufacturing. The Simmons family moved to Marion in 1922, when John took
      sick and died July,1923, of cancer.
      Fifteen children are born: John, William, Laura Dunn, Edward, James, Francis, Lawrence, Catherine Ison, Mary Quick, Charles, Clarence, Bernard, and Thomas (the only
      child born in Marion, whose dad died when he was 9 mo.)
      Sarah died,1968, and is buried beside John in
      St. Mary Cem., Marion.(The write-up of Sarah's daugh¬
      ter, Eleanor, follows that of Thomas Simmons.)
      B/5Simmons, John, born June4,1901.
      B/5Simmons, William, born Aug.3,1902.
      B/5Dunn, Laura(Simmons), born June20,1904, married Ed
      Dunn Sr. She died,and Ed,
      Three of their children are Mary, Ed Jr., and Dorothy.
      B/6Coffey, Mary Margaret(Dunn), born
      collects family history and lives at31 Stonemill
      Rd., Dayton, OH45409.
      B/6Dunn, Ed Dunn Jr., born,resides at331
      Eisenhower Ave., Marion, OH43302.
      B/6Krause, Dorothy(Dunn), born,
      married Raymond Krause who became a doctor in Cin¬
      cinnati and had a large family. Dorothy died
      and Raymond remarried, living at
      B/5Simmons, Edward, born Nov.2,1905,
      B/5Simmons, James, May30,1907, married Katie Cloud.
      B/5Simmons, Francis Rome, born March9,1909, married
      Freda Ruth Wintringham. Freda, born Dec.6,1911, is
      the daughter ofWintringham and
      They have two children, Suzanne Williams and Ted.
      Francis died Dec.19,1952, and Freda, March28,1988.
      B/6Williams, Suzanne(Simmons), born May16,1932,
      married Lloyd Williams. Their children are Wendi
      Kirsch, Jay, and Amy Fulton. Lloyd and Suzanne
      live at501 Lewis Dr., Fairborn, OH45324.

      B/7Kirsch, Wendi Lynne(Williams), born Dec.19,
      1956, married Thomas Edward Kirsch, born June2,
      1956.They have two children, Matt and Katie.
      B/8Kirsch, Matthew David, born June10,1982.
      B/8Kirsch, Katherine Marie, born June11,1987.
      B/7Williams, Jay Bradley, born Feb.28,1958, married
      Julia Mary Dunlop. Their child is Josh.
      B/8Willliams, Joshua Bradley, born Dec.30,1983.
      B/7Fulton, Amy Elizabeth(Williams), born March16,
      1960, married Joseph Hugh Fulton. They are the
      parents of Jacob and Zack.
      B/8Fulton, Jacob Joseph, born Aug.1,1986.
      B/8Fulton, Zachary James, born March16,1988.
      B/6Simmons, Theodore Francis Sr., born April29,1936,
      married Anita Buckingham. Their children are Shelly
      Mehl, Terri Haines and Ted Jr. Later they divorced.
      Anita lives at
      B/7Mehl, Shelly Sue(Simmons), born Dec.15,1957,
      married Peter Mehl, with children Rachel and
      B/8Mehl, Rachel,born
      B/7Haines, Terri Louise(Simmons), born July9,1960,
      married Raymond Haines. They are the parents of
      Jacob and Tyler.
      B/8Haines, Jacob,born
      B/8Haines, Tyler,born
      B/7Simmons, Theodore Francis Jr., born Nov.21,1963.
      B/6Simmons, Theodore Francis Sr., remarried Phyllis
      Albers Teiken. Ted's stepchildren are Tammy, Tina
      and Tim Teiken. He died Nov.21,1990, of cancer,
      and is buried at
      B/5Simmons, Lawrence, born Feb.24,1911,
      B/5Isom, Catherine(Simmons), born Aug.21913, married
      Howard Isom and live at,Marion.
      B/5Quick, Mary(Simmons), born Aug.9,1915, resides at
      508 Catherine Ave., Marion, OH43302.
      B/5Simmons, Charles, born March25,1917,
      B/5Simmons, Clarence, born Nov.7,1918,
      B/5Simmons, Bernard, born Feb.19,1921, lives at482 Mt.
      Vernon Ave., Marion, OH43302.His granddaughter,
      Theresa Trout, researches the Simmons family history
      living at94 E. Torrence Rd., Columbus, OH43214.
      B/5Simmons, Thomas, born Nov.8,1922, lives at454
      Normandy, Marion, OH43302.

      B/4Painter, Sarah(McKenzie/Simmons), remd. Eugene Painter
      onand they have a daughter, Eleanor. They
      B/5Franklin, Eleanor(Painter), born,married
      Glenn Franklin, living at9245 N. Bass Rd., Leaf
      River, IL61047-9639.
      B/4McKenzie, James Samuel, born June,1885, md. Mary
      Sweeney. He lived on the hilltop and was a Columbus
      streetcar motorman, then moved to Galena, but had no
      family. Mary died June14,1937, and James, Nov.1,
      1968, with burial atCem.
      B/4McKenzie, Thomas Edward, born May1,1888, married
      Florence Beatrice Terrell. Their only child is Arthur
      and they divorced in1938.Thomas' write-up continues
      after the listing of Arthur's family.
      Florence, born,is the daughter of
      and,died,with burial at
      B/5McKenzie, Arthur Andrew, born May19,1919, on Feb.
      10, 1945, at Saint Augustine, married Veronica Marie Hunsinger. They formerly lived at 735 Lockwin Avenue,
      before moving to 1861 Case Rd., Columbus, OH 43224.
      Art is a grad of Central High School and completed two years of commercial art at OSU. He served in the US Navy for two years in the Atlantic, Sicily and in the Mediterranean.
      Vera, born Oct.21,1920, daughter of George Edwin
      and Freda Louise(Knapp) Hunsinger, is a North High
      School grad and attended business college for11/2
      years. She and Art are the parents of Terry, Tim,
      Mike, Mark, Laureen Adams, Kevin, Patrick and Sean.
      B/6McKenzie, Arthur Terrence "Terry", born July20,
      1946, a1965 grad of Brookhaven High School, served
      in the US Air Force in Ohio, England and Viet Nam,
      as a crew chief on a C-130 aircraft.
      Terry's first marriage, Sept.13,1967, at the
      Lockbourne AFB Chapel, was to Gloria Jean Collier,
      born Dec.6,1947, daughter of Earl and Selma
      (Nuber) Collier. Their two children are Michelle
      Bailey and Brian. The McKenzies divorced in1980.
      B/7Bailey, Michelle Dawn(McKenzie), born April2,
      1968, married Scott Bailey and lives at
      B/7McKenzie, Brian James, born Aug.18,1971, married
      ,and resides at
      B/6McKenzie, Terry, second marriage on Dec.22,1983,
      to Mary Christine Moran, born Dec.24,1950, in
      Cleveland, daughter of William Lawrence and Teresa
      Marie(Koryta) Moran.

      Chris was previously married to Robert Darrell
      Freeman, born Aug.20,1948, son of Robert J. and
      Ida G.(McLaughlin) Freeman. Their children are
      Bryan Scott, born Sept.3,1969, Shawn Ryan, born
      Feb.22,1972, Brendan William, born July9,1976.
      Terry and Chris' only child is Christopher. Terry
      is employed at OSU Hospital as attestation coordin¬
      ator. His hobbies are chess, bass guitar and model
      railroading. They live with Brendan at513 Chase
      Rd., Columbus, OH43214.
      B/6McKenzie, Timothy George, born June2,1951, is a
      grad of Saint Matthias School, serves in the US Air
      Force Reserve, with hobbies of computer and karate.
      On Dec.4,1981, at Saint Matthias Church, Tim
      married Karen Fay Barnett, born Aug.8,1956.
      Karen, born Aug.16,1956, is the daughter
      of Stanley Ledford and Thelma Lee(Sparks) Barnett.
      She is a grad of Brookhaven High School and Bliss
      College, with hobbies of bowling and reading.
      Tim adopted two children, Danielle and Charles.
      He is employed at Select Sires, Plain City, and
      Karen, at Big Bear. They reside with their children
      at2475 Parkwood Ave., Columbus, OH43211.
      B/7McKenzie, Danielle Lee, born Feb.17,1975.
      B/7McKenzie, Charles Michael, born Aug.5,1976.
      B/6McKenzie, Michael Tyrone, born June3,1953, a1973
      grad of Brookhaven High School, enjoys Softball, football and weightlifting, in which he won two straight city titles, 1983-84.
      Mike's first marriage is to Christine Ann Heich-
      man, born May 20,1974, daughter of Jerry and Mary
      (Kuhn) Heischman. Their child is TyAnn.
      B/7McKenzie, TyAnn Michelle, born Nov.7,1974.
      B/6McKenzie, Mike, on July7,1979, married Charlotte/
      Cindy Ann Bailey, born June2,1959, daughter of
      Kelly and Carol(Fortner) Bailey.
      Mike adopted Cindy's son, Chad, and is employed at
      Honda of Marysville. They live at3398 Parlin Dr.,
      Grove City, OH 43123.
      B/7McKenzie, Chad Alan, born April11,1976.
      B/6McKenzie, Mark Thomas, born July9,1955, is a1975
      grad of Brookhaven High School and enjoys hobbies of
      art, sports, cooking and religion.
      Mark's first married Kimberly Emrick, born May30,
      1959, daughter of Chuck and June(Roach) Emrich.
      Their two children are Jason and Ryan. They later
      B/7McKenzie, Jason A, born Jan.5,1977.
      B/7McKenzie, Ryan P,April27,1981.

      B/6McKenzie, Mark married Suzanne Carson, born Oct.,
      1962, daughter of John and Carolyn Baughman) Carson, at the Church of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal. They have two children, Amber, and Logan, and their mar¬ riage is dissolved.
      Mark has worked for years at Nutrition Service of Riverside Hospital. He resides at 1861 Case Rd.,
      Columbus, OH43224.
      B/7McKenzie, Amber,born Oct.25,1988.
      B/7McKenzie, Logan,May26,1990.
      B/6Adams, Laureen Louise(McKenzie), born Aug.12,
      1956, on May14,1983, at Saint Mathias Church,
      Columbus, married Craig Allen Adams, born June7,
      1956, son of Gene E. and Mone Lee(Mullins) Adams.
      A graduate of DeSales High School, Laurie did her undergrad work 1980-83 at Franklin University. She
      is a quality control specialist with Chemical Mort¬ gage Co., Worthington.
      Laurie enjoys nostalgia of the1940's, drama and
      softball.She and Craig live with their daughters,
      Jackie and Stephanie, at3029 Howey Rd., Columbus,
      OH 43224.
      B/7Adams, Jacqueline McKenzie, born Nov.3,1988.
      B/7Adams, Stephanie Shawn, born July,25,1993.
      B/6McKenzie, Kevin John, born Aug.27,1958, grad of
      Brookhaven High School, has hobbies as a DJ, enjoys
      softball and Martial arts.
      On July20,1985, at Indianola Church of Christ,
      Kevin married Beverly Ann Chaffin, with Deacon Tom
      Johnson of the Catholic Church present for this
      Bev, born March2,1964, is the daughter of
      Charles and Patricia(Radel) Chaffin.She graduated
      from Franklin Heights High School and Bowling Green State University. Her hobby is softball.
      Kevin is employed by Columbus Distributing Co. and Bev, Borden Inc. They reside with their children, Jordan and Halie, at 5743 Vestry Ct., Galloway, OH
      B/7McKenzie, Jordan T,born April25,1990.
      B/7McKenzie, Halie A,born Aug.20,1991.
      B/6McKenzie, Patrick Andrew, born Dec.9,1959,1980
      grad of Brookhaven, enjoys all sports. Pat works
      for Coca Cola as a merchandiser and lives at1861
      Case Rd., Columbus, OH43224.
      B/6McKenzie, Sean Raphael, born July2,1961, graduate
      of Brookhaven in1980, is the general manager of
      Drug Emporium, Reynoldsburg. He loves all sports
      and resides at1861 Case Rd., Columbus, OH43224.

      B/4McKenzie, Thomas, remarried Virginia Abrams. She was
      born Jan.15,1905.Tom diedand is buried
      atCem. ,Virginia
      B/4McKenzie, Anna, born Oct.15,1890, twin, died at age15
      days, Oct.30,1890.
      B/4McKenzie, Mary, born Oct.15,1890, twin, died at age11
      days on Oct.26,1890.
      B/4McKenzie, John Joseph, born Jan.31,1894, married
      Bessie Johnson, born Jan.11,1896.Their four children
      are Francis, Helen, Agnes and Charles. They adopted their grandson, Donald Rockenbaugh, giving him their family name and raising him in their household.
      The family lived at Waldo, Ohio. John died March 13,
      1968, and Bessie, Jan.30,1978.They are buried at
      Saint Joseph Cem., Columbus.
      B/5McKenzie, Francis Edward, born Apr.27,1916, on June
      5,1941, married Mary Margaret Grove, born Feb.26,
      1918, daughter of Elmer and Blanche(Nelson) Grove.
      Mary is a 16 year old grad of Sacred Heart High
      School, Columbus, in 1934. She worked for the WPA and
      the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Since her family was
      unable to pay her senior tuition, Mary paid it out of her earned money with her early employment.
      Francis was employed at Timkin Roller Bearing Co. as a screw machine operator (automatic) tending four
      machines used in the process of making cones and cups used in the aviation industry.
      On Dec. 12, 1942, Frank was inducted in the US Army
      and served in the Infantry as a rifleman performing various duties in assaulting and holding enemy posi¬ tions in the North African and Italian Campaigns.
      During Francis' two year tour of duty in WW II he was never able to be home on leave. Mary and two
      lady boarders shared the rent of Mary's house. She worked for the Quartermaster at Fort Hayes, Columbus, and went to the downtown theatres to sell war bonds to patriotic citizens coming to the movies.
      Frank's separation date is Nov.9,1944.He was
      awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, the Bronze Star
      and the Purple Heart. After his discharge he worked as a car inspector for Penn Central RR, later Conrail. Mary retired from Westinghouse after working for 31
      They have five children: Bruce, Stephen, Grace,
      John and Julia. In retirement they live in the home
      they built in1967 at1460 South Western Rd., Grove
      City, OH43123.
      B/6McKenzie, Bruce, born premature, died1945.

      B/6McKenzie, Stephen Edward, born Oct.24,1948, is a
      1967 grad of Bishop Ready High School. He enlisted in the US Army during the Vietnam War and attained the rank of Staff Sergeant in the Engineer Corps.
      Steve is a computer engineer with Wang Computers and travels all over the state of Ohio.
      B/6McKenzie, Grace Joan/Joanne, born Sept.2,1950, is
      employed in the Division of Wildlife with the State
      of Ohio. She is graduate of Franklin Heights High
      B/6McKenzie, John, born premature, died Dec.6,1954.
      B/6McKenzie, Julia/Julie Kathryn, born Oct.17,1956,
      graduated from Franklin Heights High School. She works in the Intake Dept. of the Juvenile Court of Franklin County.
      B/5Rockenbaugh, Helen(McKenzie), Helen, born Oct.12,
      1917, is a graduate of Powell High School and quickly eloped to Kentucky in March 1934 to wed Lawrence Rock¬ enbaugh. They have a son, Donald, and later divorce. Don is born at his grandparent McKenzie's house. They, John and Bessie, adopt him through the Delaware Co. Court and give Don the McKenzie name.
      B/6McKenzie, Donald Eugene, born Dec.7,1934, is a
      grad of Waldo High School, served in the US Army,
      1957-59, in occupied Germany, with the4th Armored
      Don married Delores Statts in1962.Their one
      child is James. They later divorced and Don has
      custody of his son.
      B/7McKenzie, James, born June30,1967, married
      and they have a daughter,
      Jim and his family live at
      B/8McKenzie,,born April27,1992.
      B/6McKenzie, Donald, second marriage to Gale Webster,
      born,daughter ofWebster and
      Gale and Don are the parents of
      Anita. Gale worked for Sears Distribution and Don,
      the Ternstead Div. of General Motors. The family
      lives at6106 North Road, West Jefferson, OH 43162.
      B/7McKenzie, Anita, born July 2,1973.
      B/5Martin, Helen(McKenzie/Rockenbaugh), at Marion, Ohio,
      married Ewell Martin, born,son ofMartin
      andA daughter, Sharon, was born.
      Ewell died Jan.11,1989.
      B/6Stephen, Sharon(Martin), born Nov.13,1950, in
      1970 married William Stephen. They have two child¬
      ren, Jenny and Bill, and in1979 divorce.
      B/7Stephen, Jennifer,born July,1974.
      B/7Stephen, William,born Jan._,1978.

      B/6Dodridge, Sharon(Martin/Stephen), remarried Paul
      Dodridge and lives at
      B/5Severns, Agnes(McKenzie), born Aug.13,1919, married
      Walter Severns, and later divorced.
      B/5Trimmer, Agnes(McKenzie/Severns), remarried Gerald
      Trimmer, who died of cancer. He owned a blacktopping
      business. Agnes lives atSt. Agnes St.,
      Columbus, OH43204.
      B/5McKenzie, Charles, born Dec.25,1921, enlisted in the
      US Army in 1940. He married Caroline, born
      ,daughter ofand
      They are the parents of five: Carol, Jan, June, Doug
      andCharles died July1,1975.
      B/6Horshley, Carol Lee(McKenzie), born,
      marriedHorshley and live at,
      B/6Slane, Jan(McKenzie), born,married
      Slane and reside at
      B/6Brown, June(McKenzie), born,married
      Brown, and reside at
      B/6McKenzie, Douglas,born
      B/5McKenzie, Donald, born Donald Rockenbaugh, grandson,
      adopted by John and Bessie, becoming Don McKenzie.
      B/4McKenzie, Alonza/Alonzo Henry, born Oct.3,1900, in
      Vinton County. As a child he came to a farm on Route 315 north of Worthington at Mount Air. This farm was on both sides of the road just south of Delaware Co.
      Known as Mac, Alonzo worked all the farm chores. He was gifted in working with horses, which he did in road building. He used his team and wagon to haul luggage for the Columbus Transfer Company, especially from the railroad depot to local hotels, etc. Like his Uncle James, Mac also operated a Columbus streetcar.
      On a snowy Dec. 26, 1918, Mac arrived at Immaculate
      Conception Church, Columbus, in horse and buggy to wed
      Catherine Terwillinger, born Sept.23,1898.The family
      lived in Columbus, then moved out into the country near Pleasantville in Fairfield County. Here Mac worked on local farms, then returned to Columbus, where he was employed at the OSU farms for twenty years.
      In1970 Mac retired and died Dec.3,1976.His
      funeral was at Our Lady of Victory Church and the
      celebrant was Rev. Homer D. Blubaugh. Catherine died July 4, 1984, with burial beside Mac at Union Cemetery, Columbus.

      The McKenzie children are Ruth Ford, Anna Wahlenmairer, William, Joseph Edward, Joseph Alonzo, Paul and Catherine Cherry. Only Ruth and Anna graduated from high school at Pleasantville.
      B/5Ford, Ruth Louise(McKenzie), born Oct.,1920,
      married Howard Ford. He moved his family to Mt. Vernon
      when he became employed by Continental Can Co. Howard
      died Feb.,1993.Ruth lives at103 Miller Ave.,
      Mt. Vernon, OH43050.They adopted Richard and he
      lives at13739 Old Mansfield Rd., Mt. Vernon, OH
      B/6Ford, Richard,born
      B/5Wahlenmaier, Anna Marie(McKenzie), born Oct.18,
      1921, married George Wahlenmaier. He was a butcher and had a shop in New Albany.
      Their children are Georgie, Dick, Roy and Frannie. They live at 8543 Crouse-Willison Rd., Johnstown, OH
      B/6Wahlenmaier, George Allen, born,and his
      wife, Anne, live at1330 Buttermilk Ave., Worthing¬
      ton, OH43085.
      B/6Wahlenmaier, Richard, bornDick and his
      wife, Beth, live at7651 Scofield Ct., Dublin43017.
      B/6Wahlenmaier, Roy, born,and Kathy, his wife,
      live at8525 Wendy Hollow Rd., Johnstown, OH43031.
      B/6,Frances(Wahlenmaier), born,
      md.recently, residing at

      B/5McKenzie, William Henry, born June30,1923, bapt. on
      Nov.15,1925, at the old Saint Peter Church,.with
      the family residing at 449 Reynolds Ave., Columbus.
      Bill was drafted into the US Navy in World War II
      and served aboard Liberty/Cargo ships in the Atlantic. In one convoy all 13 ships were torpedoed, but only
      Bill's ship remained afloat and returned to port.
      Bill md. Eloise Jane Jordan, born March 13, 1920,
      at Saint Raphael Church, Springfield, Ohio. She is
      the daughter of William E. and Catherine Ann (Madden),
      while in the service. After discharge, Bill went to work for OSU where he became assistant farm manager for crops until retirement Jan. 1, 1980.
      With carpentry as a hobby, Bill made each of his
      four daughters their own distinct minature doll house. Their five children are Patricia, Marjorie, Donald,
      Catherine and Jane, all of whom are grads of North HS.
      Bill and Eloise live at 5347 Harvest St., Dublin, OH

      B/6Burch, Patricia Ann(McKenzie), born Feb.26,1947,
      married Donald Robert Burch, born Nov.8,r_/ son
      ofBurch andDavid and Erin
      are their children and they live in Upper Arlington
      at2201 Farleigh Rd., Columbus OH43221.
      B/7Burch, David Michael, born
      B/7Burch, Erin Elizabeth, born
      B/6Bullett, Marjorie Ann,(McKenzie), born Nov.9,
      1948, married Steven Bullett. They are the parents
      of Jeff, Kimberly and Nicholas. Later they
      After Marjorie died of an aneurysm on Jan.28,
      1992, the younger children lived with their father
      B/7Bullett, Jeffrey Steven, born June14,1971.
      B/7Bullett, Kimberly Ann, born Feb.,1976.
      B/7Bullett, Nicholas William, born,1980.
      B/6McKenzie, Donald William, born Nov.20,1950, works
      as Stores and Supplies Supervisor at OSU. Don
      lives at2196 Nottingham Rd., Upper Arlington, OH
      B/6Myers, Catherine Louise(McKenzie), born July13,
      1953, married Daniel Myers, born Oct.3,1953, son
      of Orval and Elizabeth() Myers.
      Their children, Jane and Katey, live with them
      at5310 Eisenhower Rd., Columbus, OH43229.
      B/7Myers, Jane Elizabeth, born June27,1978.
      B/7Myers, Kathleen Louise, born,1979.
      B/6Freeman, Jane Ann(McKenzie), born May24,1956,
      married David Freeman for14 years and divorced.
      Wesley is their child. He and Jane live at5575
      5575 Millington Rd., Columbus, OH43220.
      Jane works in the office of the Franklin Co.
      Prosecutor, Michael Miller, where she uses her
      degree from OSU in Social Work as a counsellor.
      B/7Freeman, Wesley Jordan, born April23,1987.
      B/5McKenzie, Joseph Alonzo, born,died at
      birth minutes after baptism by his grandmother.
      B/5McKenzie, Joseph Edward, born Jan.16,1925, bapt.
      Oct.15,1925, at the old Saint Peter Church. Joseph
      died young at Oct.,1925, or later on
      B/5McKenzie, Paul Gregory, born April23,1926, served in
      the US Army, has been married and divorced three
      times, and has no children. Paul lives at120 East
      Fifth Ave., Apt.2, Columbus, OH43201.
      B/5Cherry, Catherine Elizabeth(McKenzie), born Aug.24,
      1929, married Stewart Cherry. Their daughters are
      Ruth Ann and Deborah Sue. Catherine lives at146
      East Stafford Ave., Worthington, OH43085.
      B/6McKenzie, Ruth Ann, born
      B/6McKenzie, Deborah Sue, born

      B/3McKenzie, Thomas Richard, born Dec.16,1849, at McArthur,
      Vinton Co., on April24,1878, married Johanna Jane Bro-
      phey, born June28,1856, in Zanesville. She, at "age23,
      lived in the James R. McKenzie household in June 1880,
      Wilkesville Township," according to the 1880 Census.
      The March 8, 1923, issue of The Circleville Union
      Herald lists the obituary of Tom, stating that "In early life Tom was a farmer, but later in life became an engi¬ neer, having served in that capacity for a number of years in this city and in Pennsylvania." A grandson says Tom never lived in Pennsylvania, but his son Jerry did.
      Tom was a stationary engineer who fired the steam
      boilers at the Strawboard Works in Circleville. He and Jane are the parents of ten: Mary Wilkens, Jerry, Hannah Frances, M. Agnes Adams, Cecilia Schneider, Thomas James, John, Julia Catherine (Sister Mary Teresina CSC) and Rose
      Tom died March5,1923, age73, and Hanna, five days
      later on March10,1923.Both are buried at Saint Joseph
      Cemetery, Circleville.
      B/4Adams, M. Agnes, researched McKenzie history with Bernie
      B/4Wilkens, Mary Ann(McKenzie), born Aug.18,1880, in a
      log cabin in Jackson Township, on May 14, 1906, married
      Johann Bernhard Wilkens Sr. at St. Joseph Ch., Circle¬
      ville, Ohio. He was a widower, whose wife and firstborn child both died in childbirth. Johann was born Nov. 11,
      1865, in Altenmarhorst, Province Hanover, Germany.
      The Wilkens family lived in Youngstown, Ohio. Their six children are Bernard Sr., John, Thomas, Cecilia Jackamo, Jane Young and Joseph. Johann died March 7,
      1938, and Mary, Nov.26,1957, with burial at Calvary
      Cem., Youngstown.
      B/5Wilkens, Bernard Thomas, Sr., born Feb.18,1907, on
      Nov.19,1930, at Assumption Church, Geneva, Ohio,
      married Evelyn Agnes Bartlett, born Feb.8,1907,
      daughter of August and Susanna(Schmitt) Bartlett of
      New York City.
      Mr. Wilkens' Dec. 14, 1994, obituary states that "He
      came to Youngstown in 1919 and was a 1924 South High
      School graduate. He attended Youngstown College where he taught in the electrical engineering department.
      "A graduate of Dodge Radio Institute of Valparaiso, he started in broadcasting in Columbus and worked in Akron before joining WKBN Broadcasting, when its
      studios where in the YMCA building downtown. He
      supervised installation of equipment there and at
      the studios on Sunset Boulevard. He was the chief
      engineer at WKBN for 44 years until his retirement in
      "He was also a veteran of the Naval Reserves and worked with Bell Laboratories during World War II.

      Bernard and Evelyn are the parents of Bernie Jr.,
      Joseph and Mary Ann German. He spoke German, travel¬ led to Europe and spent many productive years patient¬ ly researching our McKenzie History. Bernie resided at Ron-Joy Nursing Home, Boardman, Ohio, until his
      death, Dec.13,1994.Evelyn predeceased him Dec.28,
      1993.Both are buried at Calvary Cem., Youngstown.
      B/6Wilkens, Bernard Thomas Jr., born Aug.11,1933, on
      July21,1956, married Naomi Susanne Jones, born
      March15,1936.Sue and Bernie reside at5250
      Jeanneylynn St., Youngstown, OH44514.(216/757-9843)
      B/7Kerrigan, Stephanie Suzanne(Wilkens), born Dec.
      2,1957, on Aug.30,1980, married Thomas Eugene
      Kerrigan, Jr., born Jan.17,1957.Stephanie and
      Tom live with their children, Kathy and Mike at
      B/8Kerrigan, Katherine Claire, born Oct.26,1982,
      B/8Kerrigan, Michael Vincent, born Jan.19,1985,
      Columbus, Ohio.
      B/7Wilkens, Paul Bernard, born Sept.28,1960, on
      Apr.11,1987, married Denise Ann Barton, born
      June21,1964.They live at,
      B/7Wilkens, Pamela Ann "Mimi", born Dec.27,1962,
      B/7Wilkens, Allison Ann, born Dec.28,1964,
      B/6Wilkens, Joseph Anthony, born May7,1938, on Aug.
      27,1960, married Barbara Rae Conti, born July20,
      1938, in New York. They are the parents of Joseph,
      Gregory, Lorri, and Douglas. On Oct.27,1974,
      they divorced. Joe lives at,
      Fort Lauderdale, FL33335.
      B/7Wilkens, Joseph Raymond, born Aug.20,1961.
      B/7Wilkens, Gregory Anthony, born June16,1963.
      B/7Wilkens, Lorri Diane, born May31,1968.
      B/7Wilkens, Douglas Stephen, born May6,1969.
      B/6German, Mary Ann,(Wilkens), born May20,1944, a
      1965 grad of Cardinal Mooney HS, worked as a sign-
      maker at Strouss of Youngstown until she moved to
      Florida in1973.She is a printing press operator
      at Sir Speedy.
      On Aug.29,1985, Mary Ann married Gary L. German
      at Pompano Beach, Fla. Born March25,1951, in Wau-
      kegan,111., Gary is the son of Arthur Carl and
      Lillian(Saxton) German.
      Gary is a Florida driver for National Freight
      Trucking. They reside at6800 NW 39th Ave.#270,
      Coconut Creek, FL33073.

      B/5Wilkens, John Aloysius, born June16,1908.
      B/5Wilkens, Thomas Anthony, born Aug.10,1909.
      B/5Jackamo, Johanna "Cecilia"(Wilkens), born Jan.12
      1911, on Nov.26,1930, married Charles Aloysius
      Jackamo, born Jan.16,1907.Charles died
      Cecilia lives at3704 Orchard SE, Hubbard, OH44425.
      B/5Young, Jane Magdalene(Wilkens), born Mar.12,1913,
      married Joseph Young. Joe diedJane
      lives with her daughter, Jeannie Veauthier, and family
      at361 W. Harvey St., Struthers, OH44471.(750-6162)
      B/5Wilkens, Joseph Anthony, born Dec.9,1916, died

      B/4McKenzie, P.(Pius) Jeremiah Samuel, born Oct.21,1881,
      at Stumpy Lane in the Circleville area. Jerry started the twelveth grade, worked for the Strawboard Works,
      then moved to Monessen, Pa., where he worked first for Page Steel and Wire, later with Pittsburgh Steel Co.
      Jerry married Elizabeth Betts, born Dec. 18, 1887, in
      Gallatin, Pa. He met Elizabeth at a shoe store, where she was a clerk. Before their marriage on April 17,
      1907, in St. Leonard Ch., Monessen, Jerry and Elizabeth both gave much of their wages to their parents for
      family support, which was the custom then.
      The four McKenzie children are Estelle Swade, James,
      John and Henry. Jerry died March5,1969, at Greens-
      burg, Pa., and Elizabeth, Mar.2,1960, with burial at
      St. Mary Cem., Monongahela, Pa.
      B/5Swade, Estelle Theresa(McKenzie), was born Sept.28,
      1908, a grad of Douglas Business College in Charleroi, Pa. She was an employee of Pittsburgh Steel Co. and lost her job in the Depression. Later she moved to Washington DC to be near her Marine fiance, in 1942.
      Stell married Paul Swade in Washington secretly,
      where they lived the rest of their lives. She worked in the Pentagon a clerk in army historical records and Paul, a security guard at the War College. Paul was
      48, on Good Friday,1953, when he died, and Stell, on
      Nov.30,1970.They are buried at Monongahela, Pa.
      B/5McKenzie, James Jerry, born Nov.9,1911, is a grad of
      Monessen High School and became a metallurgist by attending night school. He spent his entire work life, 1928-65, at Pittsburgh Steel Co.
      Jim married Catherine "Cassey" Finsinger on Thanks¬ giving Day, Nov. 24, 1938, in the midst of a heavy
      snow. They moved to Donora, near Pittsburgh, in 1948.
      Cassey is a grad of California State Teachers
      College, Pa., where she became a freshman math teacher for the Donora Public School System.
      Known as "Woody" due to his red hair, Jim, and his
      wife have nine children. James died April2,1980.
      Cassey, born Oct.23,1915, died on her birthday, age
      75, and was buried Oct.27,1990, in Donora, Pa.
      Their nine children are James, Lois Rossi, John,
      Catherine Cecere, Thomas, Joseph, Regis, Mary Grace
      Jandora and Regina Marie Fitzsimmons.
      B/6McKenzie, James Joseph, born Aug.30,1940, on
      June18,1966, married Elaine San Kwai Lau, born
      Feb.10,1928, Hilo, Hawaii. Her parents were born
      in China. Jim received his B. A. Degree from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, and his Ph. D. in English from Notre Dame.

      James and Elaine's two children are John and
      Catherine. Dr. McKenzie is a Professor of English
      at the University of North Dakota. The family's
      residence is607 S.5th St., Grand Forks, ND58202.
      B/7McKenzie, John King, born Dec.14,1968, married
      LisaMoran on July14,1991.They live at
      B/7McKenzie, Catherine Kateri, born Feb.16,1972,
      has a son, Matt, whose father is Kelly Driscoll.
      B/8McKenzie, Matthew,born Feb.14,1990.
      B/6Rossi, Lois Ann(McKenzie), born Feb.3,1942,
      on Aug.16,1971, married Carl Rossi. Their child
      is Allyson. They live at58 Plantation Dr., Union-
      town, PA15401.
      B/7Rossi, Alyson Renee, born Aug.21,1976.
      B/6McKenzie, John Francis, born Sept.28,1943, on May
      22,1972, married Margo Higgins. Their adopted
      Korean child is Jewel. The family resides at
      46 Yankee Hollow Rd., Milford, CT06460.
      B/7McKenzie, Jewel,born Feb.27,1978.
      B/6Cecere, Catherine Marie(McKenzie), born Sept.8,
      1947, on Oct.13,1973, married George Cecere, born
      Oct.31,1947.Their sons are Jonathan and
      Nicholas. The Ceceres live at1824 Brentwood Ave.,
      Pittsburgh, PA15227.
      B/7Cecere, Jonathan,born Dec.4,1976.
      B/7Cecere, Nicholas,born Aug.27,1979.
      B/6McKenzie, Thomas Damien, born June28,1949, on
      Sept.22,1990, married Pamela Kay Truelove, born
      Aug.25,1958.They live with their daughter,
      Catherine, at
      B/7McKenzie, Catherine Marjorie, born July6,1993.
      B/6McKenzie, Joseph Patrick, born March19,1951, on
      Sept.9,1972, married Katherine Brown. Their
      children are Matt and Mary Elizabeth. They reside
      at443 Ailing Farm Rd., Orange, CT 06477.
      B/7McKenzie, Matthew James, born Dec.6,1976.
      B/7McKenzie, Mary Elizabeth, born Sept.14,1978.
      B/6McKenzie, Regis Justin, born Feb.14,1953, on Dec.
      27,1978, married Barbara Rostow, born Sept.30,
      1951.They live with their sons, Sean and Ryan,
      at436 W. Mount Vernon St., Lansdale, PA19446.
      B/7McKenzie, Sean,born June20,1981.
      B/7McKenzie, Ryan Jay, born Mar.15,1986.

      B/6Jandora, Mary Grace(McKenzie), born May4,1954, on
      May 21,1976, married Thomas S. Jandora. Their
      children are Thomas Jr. and Colleen. The family
      lives at1658 Mill Rd., Duncansville, PA16635.
      B/7Jandora, Thomas S. Jr., born Oct.28,1976.
      B/7Jandora, Colleen, born Oct.23,1978.
      B/6Fitzsimmons, Regina Marie(McKenzie), born Nov.23,
      1956, on Aug.8,1981, married John W. Fitzsimmons,
      born July27,1956.They reside with their daugh¬
      ters, Jennifer and Juliette, at7385 Clyde Jones
      Rd., Owings, MD20736-3047.
      B/7Fitzsimmons, Jennifer, born Dec.6,1983.
      B/7Fitzsimmons, Juliette Marie, born Dec.27,1985.
      B/5McKenzie, John Joseph, born Sept.27,1917, is a grad
      of Monessen High School. He was a career worker at
      Pittsburgh Steel Co. on the inhouse railroad.
      John married Nelle Smyth on Nov.27,1941.They
      have a daughter, Marilyn. Known as "Herp," John died
      March27,1943, of Lobar pneumonia, at age26, when
      Marilyn was four months old. John was buried at Saint
      Mary Cem., Monongahela.
      Nell attended business school and on July 21, 1949,
      married Thomas Petrus, a World War II Veteran and son of Slovak immigrants. Their five daughters are Phara, Lucia, Sue Ellen, Mi
    Person ID I01367  McKenzie Genealogy
    Last Modified 22 Apr 2019 

    Father Samuel McKenzie,   b. 1751,   d. 1837, Allegany County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 86 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Mother Unknown,   d. UNKNOWN 
    Relationship natural 
    Family ID F00354  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Rachel Blubaugh,   b. Abt 1791, Frederick, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1864, Danville, Knox County, Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 74 years) 
    Married 2 Jun 1821  Cumberland, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Elizabeth "Eliza" McKenzie,   b. 15 May 1822, Allegany County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 19 Dec 1893, Pickaway Twp., Pickaway Co., Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 71 years)  [natural]
     2. James Redmond McKenzie,   b. 7 Sep 1823, Allegany County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1 Aug 1905, Shepherds, Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 81 years)  [natural]
     3. Samuel McKenzie,   b. 16 Feb 1825, Allegany County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 9 Jan 1896, Pickaway Twp., Pickaway County, Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 70 years)  [natural]
     4. John McKenzie,   b. 2 Jun 1826, Allegany County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Abt 1852  (Age 25 years)  [natural]
     5. Rachel Emily McKenzie,   b. 13 Jun 1826, Allegany County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1901, Vinton, Vinton, Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 74 years)  [natural]
     6. Emilia McKenzie,   b. Jan 1828, Allegany County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. UNKNOWN  [natural]
     7. Lydia A. McKenzie,   b. 27 Mar 1831, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. UNKNOWN  [natural]
     8. Ambrose G. McKenzie,   b. 11 Nov 1832, Allegany County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1922, Colfax, Whitman County, Washington Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 91 years)  [natural]
     9. Susanna McKenzie,   b. 22 May 1834,   d. 30 Jun 1880  (Age 46 years)  [natural]
    Last Modified 22 Apr 2019 
    Family ID F00735  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Documents
    Oath of Allegiance Anne Arundel County 1777-1781 Page 1
    Oath of Allegiance Anne Arundel County 1777-1781 Page 1
    MacKenzie names appear on page 2.
    Oath of Allegiance Anne Arundel County 1777-1781 Page 2
    Oath of Allegiance Anne Arundel County 1777-1781 Page 2
    Daniel MacKenzie (b. 1716/17); Michael McKenzie s/o John (b. 1687); Aaron McKenzie s/o Michael s/o John (b. 1687); Daniel McKenzie s/o Michael s/o John (b. 1687).
    Oath of Allegiance Anne Arundel County 1777-1781 Page 3
    Oath of Allegiance Anne Arundel County 1777-1781 Page 3
    Will of Ann Jemima Blubaugh (page 1)
    Will of Ann Jemima Blubaugh (page 1)
    This document was filed in Southhampton Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. It references Ann Jemima's daughter, Rachel and her husband, Gabriel McKinsey.
    Will of Ann Jemima Blubaugh (page 2)
    Will of Ann Jemima Blubaugh (page 2)
    This document was filed in Southhampton Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. It references Ann Jemima's daughter, Rachel and her husband, Gabriel McKinsey.
    Will of Ann Jemima Blubaugh (cover page)
    Will of Ann Jemima Blubaugh (cover page)
    This document was filed in Southhampton Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. It references Ann Jemima's daughter, Rachel and her husband, Gabriel McKinsey.

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