Joshua McKenzie

Joshua McKenzie

Male 1764 - 1835  (70 years)

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  • Name Joshua McKenzie 
    Born 20 Mar 1764  Baltimore County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 1835  Ross County, Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Joshua McKenzie is buried in the Lower Twin Road Cemetery in Levin Township, Ross County, Ohio. He was a Revolutionary War veteran and served as a drummer in Lt. Col. Ludwig Weltner's German Battalion for approximately three years. He received a Federal Warrant for 100 acres of land on January 15, 1793 (that being Federal Warrant Number 11, 513) for his service in the Revolutionary War. Source: Revolutionary Records, Harry Wright Newman, Genealogical Publishing Company (1993)

      According to the Muster Rolls of Maryland Troops in the American Revolution (Baltimore Maryland Historical Society 1900), he was a new recruit on September 5, 1778 at White Plains. Another record shows the "date he was passed" that being April 28, 1778. All of the records also reflect that his brother, Moses McKenzie was also in the same battalion and also served as a drummer boy. The same Muster Rolls also show that Joshua was paid for his service for the months of July, August, September and October, 1779. The records further reflect that Joshua and Moses also served in Lt. Col. Weltner's battalion from 1 August 1780 until 15 November 1783. During that period of time the records reflect that they served as Privates.

      More information from Bobbie McKenzie, May 16, 2013:

      Joshua MCKENZIE

      Son of Moses 2 and Rachael ________

      b. 20 March 1764
      m. Mary Jones 22 Jan. 1784
      p.m. Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co.,PA
      d. 1835
      buried Lower Twin Rd, Ross Co OH.

      Mary Jones
      b. 20 Aug 1768 Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co PA
      sister Catherine married Joshua's brother Jesse

      Rev War: approved for substitutes list 28 April 1778 for three years. German Regiment. Served 1778-81 in Lt Col Ludwig Weltner's German Batl MD as a drummer. Brother Moses and Jesse in same unit.
      Received land grant lot 882 Allegany Co MD for service. Now near Yohganheny in Garrett Co.

      1803 Ross Co Oh tax list, bond for 100 a. in Virginia Military District. Ohio Lands South of Indian Boundry Line, Marie Clark, p 91,

      I. John
      b. 17 Oct. 1786
      p.b. Frederick Co MD
      m. Elizabeth Hare 19 Oct 1809 Ross Co OH
      d. 19 June 1866
      buried Plug Run, Ross Co OH

      Elizabeth, dau of Daniel and Martha
      b. 6 May 1789 Kentucky
      d. 12 April 1879 Ross Co Oh
      buried Plug Run

      Came to Ross Co 1807 taxlist
      Served War of 1812
      Shows tax list 1809 p 107, 1810 Twin Twp, Ross Co OH
      1830 Adams Co. Oh. Tiffin Twp. P. 15 John m 30-40, 1 f 20-30
      Does not show in census until 1840 (???)
      1850 Ross Co. Oh.#674 John and Elizabeth

      1. Joshua b. 1800-1810 ?
      1830 Adams Co. Oh Monroe Twp. p 19 1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30, 1 f 20-30

      2.) Mary
      b. March 1813
      p.b. Ohio
      m. Reuben Bristol 4 Nov 1830 Pike Co Oh
      d. 24 Feb 1907 age 93 years, 11 months
      buried Moore Cem. Twin Twp, Ross Co OH
      Reuben Bristol b 7 Dec. 1803 d. 8 Dec. 1876

      3) John
      b. 1815
      p.b. Bourneville, Ross Co OH
      m. Leah Guilford b. 1818 Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH
      d. 29 Dec. 1891
      buried Grove City ILL
      Lived Christian Co Ill 1850 census, p 158

      1. John A. b. 1840 lived Atlanta and McLean Co,IL
      2. Mariah b. 1847 OH
      3. Zachariah Wharton
      b. 3 March 1849 log cabin, Mt Auburn Twp Christian Co ILL
      m. Alice L. Shore 20 June 1876 Christian Co Ill
      4. James m. Louisa Ewing
      dau Leah m. M. L. Williams, dau Marion Alice

      4) Julia Ann
      b. 18 June 1816 Oho
      m. William Igo 18 Nov 1834 Ross Co Oh
      d. 3 May 1898
      buried Moore Cem, Ross Co OH

      William Igo, son of Lewis and Nancy Marsh
      b. 1 July 1810 Twin Twp Ross Co
      d. 5 March 1887, buried Moore Cem.
      1850 Ross Co. OH. #678 William 40, Julia 36, Elizabeth 11, Lewis 9, John 7, Mariah 5, Patience 3, May A. 1, Ann 80 b. MD.

      IGOU, Lewis (Igou Cem, Ross Co.)
      In memory of Lewis Igou who died here 19 Jul 1844
      age 76y6m27d He settled here on 31 Mar 1798

      IGOU, Nancy w/o Lewis d 05 Apr 1856 in her 87th year

      1. Lewis M. b. 1836
      2. Elizabeth Hare b. 16 Aug 1839
      d. 23 Dec. 1860
      buried Igou Family Cem, Twin Twp, Ross Co OH
      3. John McKenzie b. 2 Dec. 1843
      d. 14 Jan 1861, buried Igou Cem.
      4. Maria G. b. 1847 m Frank Grimes
      Issue: Estelle, Anna, Albert m. Addie Core
      5. Mary A. b. 26 May 1849
      d. 13 Dec. 1860, buried Igou Cem.
      6. Margaret Alice 1852
      m. James G. Steel 15 Feb. 1872
      d. 11 Jan 1931
      1) Nell m. George Armstrong DAR 137688
      2) Ethel m. James Dwight Withgoth DAR 14588, no issue
      7. Patience
      b. 1854
      m. Wm S. Metcalfe
      Metcalf, Patience Igo 1847 1932 Twin Twshp, Ross Co.

      Issue: Lewis m. Rebecca Schlegel, Fred m. Anna Marie Wharton, Julie Alice m. Lloyd Reiterman, Maud m. Amos Fisher, MacKenzie m. Ozillah Stookey, Wilbur m. Mary Patrick (Lillian Harness McKenzie)

      5) Mariah
      b. 1817
      M. Zachariah Wharton 7 Sept 1837 Ross Co Oh
      1. John m. Josephine Holter: Issue Anna Marie , mother of Josephine Metcalfe, and Edna, unmarried
      2. Elizabeth 1841-1912 m. Joseph Heistand 1844-1896

      6) Daniel
      b. 1810-16
      m. Anna Sadler 12 May 1836 Ross Co Oh
      dead by 1850
      Issue: Elizabeth b. 1837

      7) Susan
      b. 1810-20
      m. Joseph Wharton 6 April 1843 Ross Co OH

      8) William
      b. 1827
      m. Martha N. Beard 26 March 1850 Ross Co Oh

      9) Eli
      b. 1829
      m. Elizabeth Honnold b. 1837 OH
      USA 94536
      a) Anna
      B.18 Sep 1857
      p.b. Grove City, Christian, IL
      d. 31 Dec 1946
      P.b. Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

      b) Emma B.1856
      c) Luella Ó B. 1863 Place:, IL
      d) May B. 1871 p.b. , IL

      III. Moses McKenzie
      b. Dec. 1789
      p.b. Maryland probably Frederick Co
      m. Mary Harrison 15 Jan. 1817
      p.m. West Union, Adams Co. OH.
      d. 27 Dec. 1852
      p.d. Ross Co. OH.

      served War of 1812 18 Jan to 5 Sept 1813, Hemphill's Regiment of Col. Robert Stewart's Reg. of 1st Reg 16th Dis Ohio Militia, discharged from Capt Hemphill's Co in Col. Johm McDonald's Reg at Sandusky, Ohio in 1814
      filed for pension in 1831

      Mary Harrison
      b. 10 May 1801
      p.b. Kentucky
      d. after 26 July 1882
      p.d. Corydon, Wayne Co., Iowa
      received 40 acres of bounty land in Ross Co. in 1853
      lived Linville, Jefferson Twp, Wayne Co. Oh in 1870
      received widow's pension 9 March 1878 in Wayne Co Iowa

      1820 Ross Co OH. Twin Twp p 297 Moses McKinny 1 m 10-16, 1 m 26-45, 2 females under 10, 1 female 10-16 1 f 16-26, 1 female 26-45, 1 female 45+

      1830 Ross Co Co. Twin Twp p 253
      1840 Ross Co Oh, Twin Twp
      Moses 1 m 50-60, 1 f 40-50, 1 m 15-20, 1 f 15-20, 1 m 10-15, 2 f 20-30, 1 f 10-15, 1 f 5-10, 1 m under 5, 1 f under 5

      1850 Ross Co Oh Twin Twp Moses 60 b MD, Mary 51, b OH, Addy 25, Eli 22, Susan 17, Moses 13, Catherine 10, all born Ohio

      1 March 1866 all but Susan were in Wayne Co., Iowa.

      Ross Co Oh Land Records:
      21 Nov. 1823 #12193, 12194 53 acres from Sylvanus Bourne Vol 24, p 26. Land next to #6527 of Joshua McFarland, presented before Justice of Peace Scioto Twp 15 Jan. 1824, recorded 21 Dec. 1829
      8 Sept 1829 #4108 30 a next to Joshua McFarland from Christian Kellogg Vol 23, p 447
      13 Sept 1839 #8860 70 a lower side of Upper Twin Creek, branch of Paint Creek, Jacob Myers' house from Ed Kivan Vol 37 p 237, 10 acres
      20 Nov. 1839 #6528 Paint Creek (land from Bourne) 80 a t ßo Samuel Killough Vol 37, p 406
      (resurvey of 12193 and 94)
      1 March 1866 #8860 70 a from Mary Hampshire to Moses Jr.
      from Catherine Adams
      from Mary McKenzie
      11 Feb 1867 #8860 70a to Alex Pricer
      1835 Moses pd taxes on 1 horse, 2 cows
      1850, 1855, 1860, 1865 pd taxes
      1866, 1866 pd taxes Moses Jr.

      1.) Mary
      b. 1816-20
      m. Henry Hampshire 9 Feb. 1842
      p.m. Ross Co. OH.
      d. after 1863

      2. ) Elizabeth
      b. 1820
      never married
      d. after 1 March 1866
      1870 MCKENZIE ADA Wayne CountyIA289CorydonFederal Population ScheduleIA 1870 Federal Census IndexIA018243956
      1870 MCKENZIE MARY Wayne CountyIA289CorydonFederal Population ScheduleIA
      1870 Federal Census IndexIA018243979
      1870 MCKENZIE MOSES Wayne CountyIA289CorydonFederal Population Schedule
      1870 Federal Census IndexIA018243981

      3. )John
      b. 14 Aug. 1819
      p.b. Ross Co. OH
      m. Nancy Myers Howry 1 Jan 1846
      p.m. Ross Co. OH
      d. 4 Dec. 1885
      p.d. Oberlin, Decatur Co/,KS.
      buried Traer , Decatur Co.
      1850 Ross Co OH, Twin Tp, hh 708 John 27 born Oh, Elizabeth 30 b. Oh,
      (sister) Nancy 22,(wife) Riley 4, Mary A. 2, Druzilla 9/12, all born OH.
      lived Ross Co Co. 1819-1858, Howard Co. Ind. 1858-71?, York Co., NE. 1871-73, Decatur Co, KS. 1873-85
      1880 Decatur Co KS. Beaver Twp. John 60, Nancy 55, Eli 20 all born Ohio, Dephne 8 born Iowa.

      Nancy Myers
      b. 1825
      m 1) John Howery 16 May 1841 Ross Co Oh
      d. 17 Nov 1908
      buried Traer, Decatur Co Kan.
      1) Rolla b. 1846 m. Jemina
      1880 Adams Co NE, Ayr Jemima, son Oscar
      Applied for homestead 6-5-1885, granted 2-14-1889 Sections 30 & 31 Beaver Twshp, Decatur Co. Ks

      2) Mary Caroline “Callie”
      b. 1848
      p.b. Ross Co. Oh.
      m 1) C. Fred Hemper 6 Nov. 1866
      p.m. Kokomo, Howard Co., Ind.
      D. 1878
      m 2) Henry Rathbun 13 June 1880
      p.m. Decatur Co. Ks
      d. 18 Oct 1909
      p.b. Traer, Decatur Co Ks.
      1870 Howard Co Ind. Kokomo p. 27, lines 5-9, 22 June 1870 Frederick Hemper 28, Mary C. 28, both born Ohio; William 8, Florence B. 2, Lewis J. born April, 1870, all Ind. (William son from Hemper’s first marriage)
      Issue: m 1)
      1. Florence
      2. Lewis J.
      3. Nancy Caroline (Callie)
      4. Richard Park
      Hemper was killed by Indians in the last Indian raid in Kansas, near Ludell in 1878. His son Frederick was born the following May.
      5. Frederick H. b. May 1879
      Mary married Henry Rathbun who had fought beside her first husband at Ludell. Rathbun laid badly wounded in a buffalo wallow all day and kept the Indians at a distance with his Winchester rifle and large Colt revolver. As he lay dying, Hemper asked Rathbun to take care of his wife and children.
      Issue m 2)
      6. Harry
      b. 31 Jan 1881
      7. Ed
      b. Sept 1887
      8. Goldie
      b. Dec. 1889

      3) Drusilla
      b. 1849
      p.b. Ross Co Oh
      m. James P. Addis 28 April 1867
      p.m. Kokomo, Howard Co Ind.
      1880 Decatur Co Ks. Beaver Twp James 35, born Michigan; Druzilla 30 bon Ohio; Alonzo 12, Ben 10, Minnie 8, all born Ind.; Oliver 7 born Nebraska, Ardella born Jan, 1880 Ks.

      James Addis found in:
      U.S. Western and Prairie States - Census Index (1880)
      State: Kansas
      County: Decatur
      Township: Beaver
      Relationship to Head: Self
      Age: 35
      Gender: Male
      Race: White
      Marital Status: Married
      Occupation: Farmer
      Birthplace: Michigan
      Birth Year: <1845>
      Mother Birthplace: ENG
      Father Birthplace: IRE
      Roll: T9_379
      Page: 304A
      ED: 59

      4) Julia B.
      b. 1855
      p.b. Ross Co Oh.
      m. Clarence Dimmick 23 April 1873
      p.m. Traer, Decatur Co, Ks. (first marriage in county)

      5) Moses
      b. 2 April 1857
      m. Armintha Castor 12 Sept 1892
      p.m. Decatur County, Ks
      d. 20 June 1932
      buried Oberlin

      6) Eli
      b. May, 1861 OH
      m. Annie 1885 (marriage not found in Decatur Co) Knobs per Dorothy Swanson
      1880 Decatur Co, Ks. census
      1900 Araphoe Co. Co. census Idalia Precint
      1910 Yuma, CO

      7) Marelda Anna
      b. Feb. 1862
      p.b. Ohio or Ind?
      D. 1927
      p.d. Umatilla, Oregon
      Issue: father unknown
      1. Daphne Pearl (Used name Pearl D.)
      b. 1876 Corydon, Wayne Co. Iowa
      m. Dr. Charles E. Spring Lake Co, Ind.
      d. 22 Sept 1916 Chicago, Cook Co., Ill.
      1900 Ward 12, Cook Co, Ill.
      1910 Ward 7 Cook Co
      Pearl was raised by her grandparents John and Nancy while her mother went to Oregon. The family always thought that she was their daughter until we found Pearl’s death certificate.
      m 1) ______Bell, place and date unknown
      2. Nannie C. (went by name Means before her marriage to a Means, but think she must have been Bell’s child per her birthdate and a wedding picture of Marelda and T.J. Means inscribed “to Mother and Pearlie” taken in an Oregon studio in 1887.
      b. 1879
      m. James R. Means 21 May 1907
      p.m. Umatilla Co., Or.
      D. 1957 Multnomeh, Oregon

      m 2) Thomas J. Means 6 July 1887
      p.m. Umatilla Co. OR.
      1900 Umatella Co OR census Pendleton, Cosbie St.
      d. 1917
      m 3) Thomas Asberry Robinson 17 Dec. 1918
      p.m. Umatilla Co OR.
      d. 1927
      buried Portland, Oregon

      1930 Chicago, Cook Co.Ill. N. Sawyer Ave 2631-329 Anna M. Bell70, b. Ohio; Blanche 44 ( 1886), Ada L. b. 43 (1887)

      4. Addy
      b. 1825
      never married
      d. 8 Dec, 1890
      p.b. Traer, Decatur Co., KS.

      5. Eli
      b. 1828
      m. Martha Ann Adams 3 Jan 1861
      p.m. Ross Co., Oh.
      d.4Jan 1909 ?

      6. Julia Ann
      b 24 Jan 1829
      p.b. obituary says Howard, Ross Co Oh,; no such place, Howard Twp, Knox Co OH?
      m.1) Abner Adams 18 Feb. 1849
      p.m. Ross Co OH
      D. 23Nov 1889, age 60
      B. South Traer Cem. Finley Twp, Decatur Co
      M 2) M 2) John Crawford 3 March 1898
      P.m. Culbertson, Hitchcock Co., NE.
      d. 18 Dec. 1908
      buried Oberlin Cem., Oberlin, Decatur Co KS.

      7. Susan
      b. 1833
      m. David Denner 1 Jan 1852
      p.m. Ross Co. OH.
      died before settlement of father’s estate 1 March 1866, apparently no issue

      8. Moses
      b. 1837
      p.b. Ross Co. OH
      m. Melissa Stroud 24 Dec. 1855
      p.m. Clinton Co, OH.
      d. Nov. 1899
      Mary Melissa Stroud
      b. 1834 OH
      d. by March 11, 1899
      1850 Ross Co Oh, lived with father

      1860 Wayne Co Iowa, Corydon, Vol. 80, p 9 line 28: Moses 23 born Oh; Malissa 23 born Oh; Wm H 2, Abner A 6/12, both born Iowa.

      (Evidently Mary and daughter Ada came to Corydon after her husband died in 1866.)

      1870 Wayne Co Iowa, Benton Twp, Corydon, hh 94: Moses 36, Melissa 36, William 12, Abner A. 8, Archullus 6, Mary 75 born Kty; Ada 39 born Oh.

      Signed papers in Decatur Co KS with William Harrison McKenzie, Moses Achullus, Elizabeth McKenzie. Never shows in a census.

      1) William Harrison
      b. 22 May 1856
      p.b. Corydon, Wayne Co Iowa (obituary says Marion Co. Oh.)
      m. Mina Lash 29 Jan 1882
      d. 23 June 1922
      buried Oberlin Cem., Oberlin, Decatur Co, Ks.

      Mina Lash, dau of Jacob and Sarah
      b, 21 April 1856
      p.b. Clarion, Pittsburg, PA.
      d. 12 May 1931
      buried Oberlin, Decatur Co., Ks.

      2) Abner Adam
      b. 1869
      p.b. Corydon, Wayne Co., Iowa
      m. Emma

      Lived in LaBette Co KS in 1889-93 while selling land in Decatur Co to William Harrison and Mina McKinzie, John & Mary B. McKinzie Brown and Moses and Melissa McKinzie

      3) Moses Achillus
      b. 1864
      p.b. Corydon, Wayne Co. Iowa
      m. Elizabeth

      lived in Harrison Co. Oh in 1899

      4) John

      5) Mary B.
      b. 1867
      p.b. Corydon, Wayne Co. Iowa
      m. 30 Dec. 1885 John W. Brown
      Brown born 1863 Harrison Co, Oh, son of Jeremiah Brown and Anna Evans
      p.m. Oberlin, Decatur Co., Ks.

      9. Catherine
      b. 1840
      m. John Adams 6 Jan. 1859
      p.m. Ross Co. OH

      III. Eli

      b. 13 July 1793
      p.b. probably Frederick Co. MD
      m 1) Eleanor Pool 4 Dec. 1823
      p.m. Ross Co. OH
      d. 23 Jan 1874
      buried Moore Cem., Ross Co. OH
      Served War of 1812 in Capt Thomas Lloyd”s Co.
      Issue unknown, possibly:

      1) Rebecca
      b. 1832
      m. Joseph Davis 22 Feb. 1844
      p.m. Ross Co OH

      She was living in Eli”s household in 1850 census

      2) Bennett
      b. 1834
      m. Barberry
      Issue: Eli b. 1858; Moses b. 1860

      m 2) Mary Hemper 15 April 1845 Ross Co. OH.
      b. 23 Jan 1815
      d. 11 June 1852 Ross Co Oh.
      3) Mary J.
      b. 23 Jan 1847 Ross Co OH
      m. Gideon Coover 20 Nov. 1866 Ross Co OH
      1850 Ross Co OH HH 684 Adam Coover 40, Hannah 39,Wm 14, Maria 12, GIDEON 9, Ceclia Hemper 15 born VA
      D. 14 April 1898 ?
      4) Joshua M.
      b. 11 Dec. 1848 Ross Co OH
      m 1) Mary J. Coover 16 Dec, 1869 Ross Co Oh
      b. 1 Feb. 1848 Ross Co Oh
      d. 1 Jan 1876
      Daughter of William Coover and Cynthia Edminston
      This was sent to me in 1979 from "Biographical Sketches"--no author, publisher or copuright date.
      "JOSHUA M. MCKENZIE, another of the substantial farmers and highly respected men of Twin Twp, Ross County, Ohio, was born in this township Dec. 11,1848. H e is the son of ELI MCKENZIE, deceased, who was born in Maryland and grandson of J. Joshua McKenzie, a native of Scotland....
      (This is the Eli who was married to Mary Kemper, Mary J. Coover and Mattie Newman. This Eli was a brother of our Bennett and Moses (War of 1812). Info was sent to me by a descendant of Eli. He and several other Ohio researchers interpreted this as "Jonathan Joshua." No proof.

      1. Edith
      b. 21 Jan 1871
      d. 28 Nov 1877
      buried Moore Cem, Ross Co OH
      2. Infant son born and died 24 Aug 1872, buried Moore Cem
      3. Bertha
      b. 4 Nov 1874
      d. 7 Dec. 1877
      buried Moore Cem

      m 2) Martha Jane Newman 29 Aug 1882 Ross Co OH
      b. 1857, da of Howard Newman, Paxton Twp, Ross Co.

      4. Jesse (female)
      5. Wilbur Marcellus
      6. Ann Florence m Floyd Flectcher DAR 145816
      7. Edna
      8. James Glenn

      3) Adah Romaine
      b. 14 April 1852
      m. Allison Core
      b. 1 Jan. 1844
      d. 25 April 1926
      d. 9 June 1910 Ross Co OH
      1850 Ross Co OH. hh 686 David Core 42, Mary P. 24, Emma 15, Clarissa 14, Stanton 12, Adelia 11 , ALLISON 7, Henretta 4
      Core, Ada R Mckenzie
      15 Apr 1852
      09 Jun 1910 w/o Allison Core,

      01 Jan 1844 Tombstones in Ross Co.
      26 Apr 1926

      1. Julia b. 1875 m. Albert Grimes
      2. Ethel E. b 1876 m. August Schiller
      3. Forrest M. b 1880, died young
      4. Charles Allen b. 1882 d. 1954
      5. Mary Core remained single

      m 3) Julia Bradford 3 May 1853 Ross Co OH
      b. 18 June 1818 Decatur, Mich.
      d. 3 May 1898 Ross Co OH
      1) Roseantha
      b. 1854
      m. Allen Chaney 5 Aug. 1874 Ross Co OH

      V. Elita K. b. 1795 found in only one census, may be misreading of Eli above

      VI. Maria
      b. 1795-1798
      m. David Breedlove 16 July 1813
      p.m. Ross Co. OH
      d. 8 Dec. 1828
      buried Moore Cem., Ross Co. (buried next to Catherine McKenzie 25 June 1849--wife of Jesse?)
      (tombstone says died 1828 age 33 so born 1795, census says b. 1798)
      1) John McKenzie Breedlove b. 1820

      B. 1800-1812 Ross Co Oh
      M. Henry Ferneau 1827
      D. 1837
      Henry son of Henry b. 1795 Berkeley Springs, Bath Co Va d. 16 June 1868
      Issue: Joshua b. 3 Nov 1828 d. 24 Nov. 1886 Ross Co buried Bainbridge Cem
      M. Elizabeth McMecken 20 Dec. 1858
      Issue:Mary Ann, Eliza, Aaron, John M., Joshua, Henry P., Martha, Maria, Joseph

      VIII. Susan
      b. 1801
      m. Peter Igo 15 Sept 1818 Ross Co OH
      Peter, son of Lewis and Elizabeth Hare
      b. 11 Jan 1797 d. 11 Sept 1852 Middletown, OH.
      1) Silas m. Merdula Johnson d. 1877
      2) John m 1) Hannah J. Thomas m 2) Sarah Hefflebower
      3) Aaron b. 1852
      4) Mary Ann m 1) William Johnson m2) Eley Hallowell
      5) Elizabeth m. Abraham Evans
      Issue: Helena, Martha, Marietta, Effie
      6) Amanda m. William Jenkins
      7) Grace

      VIII. Bennett
      b. 1804
      m. Anna Pool 20 March 1830
      p.m. Ross Co OH
      Shows 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860 Ross Co. censuses
      Anna also appears as Nancy, a nickname
      (see Bennett file)
    Person ID I00112  McKenzie Genealogy
    Last Modified 8 Apr 2021 

    Father Moses Sr. McKenzie,   b. Abt 1720, Hopson's Choice, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Bef 1768  (Age ~ 47 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Mother Nancy Jane (Rachel) Porter,   b. 1725,   d. Aft 1767  (Age > 43 years) 
    Relationship natural 
    Family ID F00143  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Mary Jones,   b. 20 Aug 1768, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1835, Ross County, Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 66 years) 
    Married 22 Jan 1784  Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. John McKenzie,   b. 17 Oct 1786, Frederick County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 19 Jun 1866, Ross County, Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 79 years)  [natural]
     2. Moses McKenzie,   b. Dec 1789, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 27 Dec 1852, Ross County, Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 63 years)  [natural]
     3. Eli McKenzie,   b. 13 Jul 1793, Cumberland, Allegany County, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 23 Jul 1874, Ross County, Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 81 years)  [natural]
     4. Maria McKenzie,   b. Abt 1797,   d. 8 Dec 1828, Ross County, Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 31 years)  [natural]
     5. Joshua McKenzie,   b. Abt 1797,   d. 13 Jul 1845  (Age ~ 48 years)  [natural]
     6. Julia Ann McKenzie,   b. Abt 1800, Ross County, Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Abt 1837  (Age ~ 37 years)  [natural]
     7. Susan McKenzie,   b. Abt 1802,   d. UNKNOWN  [natural]
     8. Bennett McKenzie,   b. 8 Jul 1806, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 10 Jun 1890, Ross County, Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 83 years)  [natural]
     9. Adah H. McKenzie,   b. 12 May 1808, Maryland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 20 Jul 1876, Ross County, Ohio Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 68 years)  [natural]
    Last Modified 8 Apr 2021 
    Family ID F00142  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

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    The Official Roster - DAR of Ohio
    The Official Roster - DAR of Ohio
    Indenture of Joshua McKenzie to Philip Porter August 4, 1768
    Indenture of Joshua McKenzie to Philip Porter August 4, 1768
    1767 Anne Arundel Co., Md. Prerogative Court (Testamentary Papers) MSA Series S 541 Box 90 Folder 9 Location: 1/13/1/47.

    The document reads: “Joshua McKenzie orphan of Moses McKenzie being ten years of age the 10 day of next March is bound to Philip Porter until he attain the age of twenty one years – the said Porter agrees to learn him to read write cypher as far as the Rule of Three, when free to give him the usual allowance by law, also an ax two hoes, a sum of twenty shillings Price.

    1793 Allegany County Property Given to Soldiers Who Served in the RW
    1793 Allegany County Property Given to Soldiers Who Served in the RW
    This page is from "A list of Property in Allegany County 1793". It is page 71 of the pdf from which it was copied. It reflects the names of Joshua McKenzie, Moses McKenzie and Jesse McKinley (sic). It also reflects Roderick McKinsey, Thomas McKinsey and Patk McKinsey. None of these last three individuals have ever been connected to the McKenzies of Early Maryland, i.e. those individuals who descended from John MacKInzie/McKenzie (b. 1687)

    Gravestone of Joshua McKenzie (b. 1764)
    Gravestone of Joshua McKenzie (b. 1764)
    Located in Twin Township Cemetery, Bourneville, Ohio. Per Bobbie McKenzie, a very detailed serious McKenzie researcher, she advised in February, 2011 as follows: "I want to point out that the picture does not document his actual grave. There has been a debate over where Joshua is really buried for years. When I first visited Ross Co in 1976, info at the genealogy center was that he was buried on the family farm near Lower Twin Rd., Twin Twshp. Because other family members are buried in Moore's Cem, the Nathaniel Massie Chapter D.A.R. placed a bronze marker there for him in 1924. Moore Cemetery is located on the south side of U.S. Route 50, west of the intersection with Maple Grove Road and north of Cattail Run. In fact, I can't find a cemetery named Twin Twshp. I was last there in 1990 and the stone in the photo was not there. (??)If one visits Findagrave, you'll find it is a memorial stone not an actual grave marker. Still elusive after all these years! - Bobbie McKenzie

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