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151 (Medical):Born in 1885 to Gilbert and Exie Gentry in Bluff Springs, FL, Walter Gentry married Mamie McClammy in Bluff Springs; they moved to Pensacola then into the house into which they would live for 50 years in 1914. Walter was a partner in Gentry Bros located in downtown Pensacola. He and Mamie had five children, fourteen grandchildren, and numerous great-grandchildren. He died aged niney---and went hunting the day before he died. Gentry, Walter Henry (I27121)
152 (Medical):Cecil Biggs was the Only Son of Benjamin French Biggs and Mary Ann Rife. He Married Mary Nan Manning on 5 Feb 1942 in Teague Tx. Together they Had one son, Cecil William Biggs on 23 Dec 1942. He Loved flying and worked as a crop duster for his future father-in-law in Mexia Tx. He went to Texas Tech in 1939 to pursue a career as an electrical engineer. However that all changed after Pearl Harbor. Cecil desperatly wanted to join the Air Corps. Being the only son he had to have written permission from one of his parents. His father was very, very protective of him and would not sign for him. He finally convinced his mother to sign after many attempts. His father never forgave her for that. He Joined the Air Corps in 1942 and became aid to General Mark Clark. Cecil died near Arnheim Holland during Operation Market Garden on 21 Sep 1944 when the plane he was piloting was shot down. Small group remains of his and his four crew members where recoverd and eventually buried in Zachery Taylor National Cemetary in Louisville Kentucky in 1952. These remains where never identified because of the lack of technology in that day. Larger Individual remains where not recoverd until September of 1994 and later identified through DNA testing in Jan 2007. His long awaited interment in Salem Cemetary was on June 9, 2007 next to his father. All of his crew members were identified through DNA testing and one through process of elimination. They all where given military funerals. One was buried in Zachery Taylor and the other three in Arlington National Cemetery. Cecil was the only with imediate family and other family members that knew him. Biggs, Cecil Willard (I21446)
153 (Medical):daughter of John H. Bulger and his wife Harriet Marie (Herron) Bulger. Aphe (as her name was often spelled) and her sister, Ernestine, were adopted by their mother's second husband, Charles Ripley, and took his name. Ripley, Aphia (I25230)
154 (Medical):Hal worked in the family businesses during most of his life, first, and for many years, with his father in Lawrence, MA, and finally with his uncle in boston. He and his wife Aphe, raised their family in Newton Centre, MA. Wilder, Harold Bancroft (I25225)
155 (Medical):Henry Brown fought for the Confederacy during the American Civil War; he was a member of D Company, 16th Alabama Infantry. He died of injuries received in the Battle of Shiloh. Brown, C. Henry (I17848)
156 (Medical):In a biographical sketch written for Burke COUNTY HERITAGE I, Anne Abernethy Connelly (her daughter) recalls that Elizabeth's mother died when she was three months old. Her aunts Margaret Erwin and Elizabeth Craige McDowell took on the responsibility of rearing the little girl.

Her early education was at Miss Marbut's private school; at Claremont Academy; and at the University of Tennessee.

In 1912, she married Edgar Lafayette Abernethy, son of Alilce Shuford and Adolphus Abernethy of Hickory, NC. They had three daughters, Ruth, Margaret, and Anne. 
McDowell, Elizabeth Milne (I23908)
157 (Medical):John and Martha seperated in 1884. Martha and Thad moved to Alabama to her sister Helen's home. John W. George died with Typhoid fever. His mother raised Claudia and Dora. Magnolia was born in Alabama. Lawson, Martha Ann (I23603)
158 (Medical):John M. Brown fought for the Confederacy during the American CivilWar; he was a member of D Company, 16th Alabama Infantry. He died of disease during the war. Brown, John Matthew (I18215)
159 (Medical):Lowell was a good baseball player and played for his high school team as well as that of MIT, from which he graduated as a mining engineer. His work took him to the State of Utah mining country. Unfortunately, his life was cut short when he was killed by lightning as he stood in the doorway of his cabin in Minersville, UT. Wilder, Lowell Bosworth (I25227)
160 (Medical):Luke Cooper
Residence: Sampson County, North Carolina
Enlistment Date: 10 Jun 1861 Enlistment
Place: Sampson County, North Carolina
Side Served: Confederacy
State Served: North Carolina
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 10 June 1861 at the age of 18.
Enlisted in uCompany I, 20th Infantry Regiment North Carolina/u on 10 Jun 1861.
Killed uCompany I, 20th Infantry Regiment North Carolina /u on 1 Jul 1862 at Malvern Hill, VA.
Sources: 16 
Cooper, Luke (I20427)
161 (Medical):Mamie McClammy Gentry was born in Evergreen, Alabama, and moved to Bluff Springs, Florida when she was about nine. She married Walter H. Gentry of Bluff Springs on December 10, 1909. She and Walt had five children. Both lived long lives after moving to Pensacola in about 1914. Mamie kept an immaculate house, was a superb cook, and an irreplacable grandmother. McClammy, Mamie Gilard (I28637)
162 (Medical):Marcia had a lovely voice although she did not sing professionally after her marriage. She spent much of her youth at the home of her uncle, Congressman William Russell, who was a founder of the International Paper Co. and whose estate became the original campus of the Brooks School in Andover, MA. Marcia and her husband Will Wilder lived in Newton Centre, MA, and had a summer home in Surry, ME. Sawyer, Marcia Russell (I25242)
163 (Medical):Margaret's mother died before she was a year old. Her name appears in 1900 census records in the household of her grandmother, Sarah Erwin (Mrs. John Calhoun) McDowell. Newland, Margaret McDowell (I23927)
164 (Medical):Marvin Truman Bayles was born on December 12, 1930 and departed this life on August 6, 2010. He was 79 years old. He was born to Samuel and Alma Bayles in Grove Hill, AL. He had 6 siblings. Curtis Bayles, Willard Bayles, Alfred Bayles, Jimmy Bayles, Mary Bayles Skipper, and Bernice Bayles Hicks.
He was a lifelong resident of Eight Mile, AL with his loving wife of 56 years Bobbie Louise Johns Bayles. He had three daughters Marilyn Lorraine Bayles who departed this life on November 18, 1993, Betty Sue Bayles Floyes, and Tonya Donnette Bayles. One Grandson Eric Truman Floyes and one granddaughter Amber Louise Floyes Taphorn. And 6 Great grandchildren Sommer Elise Floyes, Parker Truman Floyes, Landun Tyler Taphorn, Kayly Taylor Taphorn, who departed this life on January 24, 2007, Preston Riley Taphorn, and Kaylyn McKenzie Taphorn. He was a loving husband and a devoted father, and a doting grandfather and great grandfather. There was never anything more important to him that the health and happiness of his family. There are no words to describe the love and devotion that he gave to his family. He was a truck driver for for 25 plus years. He last drove for Carolina Motor Freight and retired in 1991.The world has truly lost one of the greatest men that has ever lived. 
Bayles, Marvin Thurman (I24650)
165 (Medical):Minnie Lee was a daughter of Simmy Hawsey and Carlie Skinner. She was a descendant of both uWiley Skinner /u and uCatherine (Skinner) Hawsey /u who were siblings. Hawsey, Minnie Lee (I23520)
166 (Medical):Only daughter to Benjamin French Biggs and Mary Ann Rife. Mother to Mary-Susan Cox (McAlpine). Married James Bruce Cox on Feb 2 1957 and divorced just a few months later. Sister to 1st Cecil Willard Biggs WWII MIA. Worked as an operator for South Western Bell in Fort Worth Tx for many years. Once placed a call for actor Mickey Rooney and said "he was one of the rudest callers I have ever dealt with." She later moved back to her roots and inhereted the place her ggrandparents, James Buckner Kilborn and Jane Cotney Hasty bought when they came to Texas in 1863. She lived there until her death. Biggs, Jimmie Bee (I22106)
167 (Medical):Philip was a student at MIT for 2 years before he transferred to Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME, from which he graduated. He was an administrator at Bowdoin College from 1926 to 1973, when he became an overseer of the college. He was on leave from the college for four years during World War II as a special services officer in the Army Air Corps, retiring as Lieutenant Colonel. Wilder, Philip Sawyer (I25245)
168 (Medical):Private D Company, 1st DC Volunteer Infantry 13 May to 20 Nov 1898, participating in the campaign into Santiago de Cuba. Enlisted in the Regular Army 18 Feb 1899 at Washington DC. Corporal in 1900 with Company K, 7th Infantry Regiment at Nome Barracks AK; later Sergeant. Commissioned 2 Lieutenant 28th Infantry in Aug 1901. Stationed at Fort Snelling MN in June 1905, with participation in the Spanish-American War recorded. Foote, Morris Cooper (I22594)
169 (Medical):Rose graduated from Maine Wesleyan Seminary at Kent's Hill, ME, in 1859. After her marriage, she and her husband lived in Lawrence or Lowell, MA, either or both, before moving to Newton Highlands, MA. Family tradition mentions that Rose had a good disposition, was easy going, moved slowly with no regard for time, and was a splendid cook with pise her specialty.
Her husband, Salmon Willoughby Wilder, owned and operated the Merrimac Paper Mill in Lawrence, Ma. 
True, Rose Eaton (I25221)
170 (Medical):See attached sources. Bennett, David Mark (I22245)
171 (Medical):See attached sources. Biggs, Lucille E. (I24046)
172 (Medical):See attached sources. Garth, James (I26349)
173 (Medical):Served in the American Expeditionary Forces (A.E.F.) in WWI.

Member of the U.S. Government Graves Registration Service in Europe after the war.

Apparently named for the man, the Hon. Richard Franchot, who organized the regiment with which his father fought during the Civil War (the 121st New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, commonly known as the "ONESTERS", recruited from Otsego and Herkimer counties).

Death notice in 24, 25 and 26 Nov 1939 Washington Post. 
Foote, Richard Franchot (I22595)
174 (Medical):Sterling owned two stores, a grocery store in Peterman, and a shoe store in Monroeville. During the depression he extended so much credit on food to his neighbors that he eventially lost the grocery store. After his murder, his brother got Minner to sign the shoe store over to him, leaving the family destitute. Brown, Sterling W. (I23506)
175 (Medical):Wiles was a son of Edith "Edy" Cook. His father's name was either James or William Cook. Wiles Cook's siblings were James R. Cook and Marranda Cook Etheridge.
According to his pension record, Samuel Wiles Cook volunteered about June 1, 1836 at Pine Orchard, Monroe County, Alabama as a Private in Capt. William Jones Company in the Creek Indian War of 1836. He also states that "we stood gard and hunted the indeans" in the course of his service and that he was discharged at Irvington (now Eufaula, Alabama) about August 1, 1836. When he was discharged, both he and his brother James were suffering from measles which was supposedly the source of later medical problems and thus were entitled to pensions. He was partially lame and bedridden in later years. The last affidavit found for Samuel W. Cook in his pension file, 1894, where he is 81 years old and asks for an increase in his pension to $12 per month. He states that "he is wholly disabled for manual labor by reason of old age and paralysis of the lower limbs rendering him totally helpless and that he is in such destitute circumstances that $8 per month is insufficient". He was still able to sign his name. His sister, Marranda Cook Etheridge, stated in her deposition that Samuel W. Cook also had diabetes. 
Cook, Samuel Wiles (I23518)
176 (Research):Accompanied by three of Thomas's children by his second wife, Thomas and Mary Jane crossed the Alabama and Mississippi Rivers by ferry and traveled by wagon to near Lawhorn to the home of a friend, Mr. Pratt. They settled in Bienville Parish and lived there the remainder of their lives. Todd, Thomas Copeland (I23411)
177 (Research): Wiggins, Joshua Marion (I31241)
178 (This is John Tolbert McKenzie, son of Augustus Joseph McKenzie and Gladys Chisolm. His dob is July 15, 1926, and he was the husband of Laila Rita Hansford)

GRANTSVILLE — John T. McKenzie, 86, of Grantsville, formerly of Meyersdale, Pa., died Monday. Services will be held privately at the convenience of the family. Arrangements are entrusted to the Scarpelli Funeral Home P.A., 108 Virginia Ave., Cumberland. Cumberland Times-News, May 7, 2013 
McKenzie, John Tolbert (Dood) (I01610)
179 -Emily Skinner was a daughter of Charles Worth Skinner and his wife, Mary Creecy. Emily Skinner's grandfather was Joshua Skinner who married Martha Ann Blount. See "The North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register," Volume II, No. 2 (1901), Edited by J. R. B. Hathaway at footnote on Page 168. Skinner, Emily Ann (I23875)
180 .
Name: George Alex Moore
Death Date: 4 Mar 1883
County: Grant
Volume: 01
Page #: 0075
Reel: 030
Image: 0065
ImageNum: 103651
Sequence #: 265244
Level Info: Wisconsin Vital Records Death Index.

Source Information: Wisconsin Deaths, 1820-1907 [database on-line]. Provo, UT: Operations Inc, 2000.
Original data: Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services. Wisconsin Vital Record Index, pre-1907. Madison, WI: Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services Vital Records Division. 
Moore, George Alexander (I29084)
181 . "Josiah McKenzie" Passed away at his home in Custer, Mich., recently, death being due to a complication of diseases. He was born in Somerset County in 1846. In 1871 he was united in marriage to Mary Uphouse. In 1881 the family moved west. Mr. McKenzie was a good husband, father and neighbor and respected by a large concourse of friends. Three years ago he had a stroke of paralysis and later a second and since was unable to speak. His wife and four children survive. Meyersdale Commercial, May 6, 19 McKenzie, Josiah (I00156)
182 . "Josiah McKenzie" Passed away at his home in Custer, Mich., recently, death being due to a complication of diseases. He was born in Somerset County in 1846. In 1871 he was united in marriage to Mary Uphouse. In 1881 the family moved west. Mr. McKenzie was a good husband, father and neighbor and respected by a large concourse of friends. Three years ago he had a stroke of paralysis and later a second and since was unable to speak. His wife and four children survive. Meyersdale Commercial, May 6, 19 Weimer, Ozias (I02343)
183 . Albert Brown (Lucinda MCKENZIE-3, Ambrose G.-2, John M.-1) was born on 9 Nov 1884 in Garrett Co., Maryland. He died on 12 Nov 1976 in Somerset, Somerset Co., Pennsylvania. Albert S. Brown, 92, Friedens RD 2, died Nov. 12, 1976 in Somerset Community Hospital. Born Nov. 9, 1884 in Garrett County, Md., son of William and Lucinda (McKenzie) Brown. Survived by his wife, Eva Housel Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Brown had resided at the home of Paul Bateman, Friedens RD 2. Preceded in death by three children. Survived by these children: Mary Dickel, Mt. Savage, Md.; Grace Hostetler, Coatsville; Leona, wife of Harold Blough, Jerome; Alma, wife of Leroy Baker, Somerset RD 1; and Leonard, San Francisco, Calif. Also surviving are 34 grandchildren; 55 great-grandchildren; 9 great-great-grandchildren; one sister, Emma Haas, Philadelphia; and a half-sister, Edna Clark, Solomon, Md. He was a member of St. Peters Roman Catholic Church, Somerset. Friends will be received after 7 p.m. Saturday in the Robert H. Halverson Funeral Home where rosary will be recited at 8 p.m. Sunday. Funeral Mass Monday at 10 a.m. in St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church with the Rev. Father Samuel Tomaselli officiating. Interment, Mt. Savage Cemetery. Somerset Daily American, November 13, 1976  Brown, Albert Sylvester (I06924)
184 . Clara Doll FINZEL (Sarah Catherine MCKENZIE-2, John M.-1) was born on 11 Feb 1888 in Maryland. She died on 5 Apr 1964 in Frostburg, Allegany Co., Maryland. FROSTBURG - Mrs. Clara (Doll) Baer, 76, of Finzel, widow of Bertrand Baer, died yesterday at Miners Hospital where she was a patient 10 days. She was a daughter of the late Henry and Sarah (McKenzie) Finzel. She is survived by a son, Gerald (Sam) Baer, Finzel; three daughters, Mrs. Kathleen Layman, Mrs. Beulah Wolford, Finzel, and Mrs. Charles Minnick, Baltimore Pike; a sister, Mrs. Lou Hawkins, Baltimore Pike, and six grandchildren. The body is at the Durst Funeral Home where friends will be received today from 7 until 9 p. m. and tomorrow from 2 until 4 p. m. and 7 until 9 p. m. The rosary will be recited there tomorrow at 8.-3D p. m. Requiem mass will be celebrated Wednesday at 10 a. m. at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Pocahontas. Interment will be in Finzel Cemetery. The Cumberland Evening Times, April 6, 1964 Finzel, Clara Emma (Doll) (I06613)
185 . Dr. Arthur Hanson HAWKINS was born on 27 Dec 1868 in LaPlata, Charles Co., Maryland. He died on 9 Jun 1952 in Cumberland, Allegany Co., Maryland. Dr. Arthur Hanson Hawkins, 83, dean of Western Maryland surgeons, died today at 4:30 a. m. in Memorial Hospital where he had remained in critical condition since being admitted last Thursday. Dr. Hawkins, who resided on Hill Crest Drive, Baltimore Pike, continued to maintain an office at the hospital the past two years despite failing health. He survived a number of operations and remained fairly active after recovering from a serious illness several years ago. Considered outstanding in his field, Dr. Hawkins held an unrivaled, position in the area. About 1908, he started to specialize in surgery and continued in that field until failing health forced him to curb his activities and become a consultant at operations. Dr. Hawkins was born December 27, 1868, in LaPlata, Charles county, a son of the late Samuel and Jane (Robertson) Hawkins, both of old Maryland families. He attended public schools and later received private instruction.
Came Here In 1901
Subsequently, he went to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, where he was graduated in 1898. Dr. Hawkins was resident student at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore from 1894 to 1895, and graduate resident at Bayview Hospital from 1895 to 1896. He served at Spring Grove Hospital, Catonsvllle, in 1897 and 1898. Preparatory to a change in location, Dr. Hawkins spent several months in hospital post-graduate study, pursuing special courses at Johns Hopkins, the University of Maryland and the Physicians and Surgeons Hospitals, Baltimore. His interests were surgery and pathology. Dr. Hawkins began his general practice at Mount Savage in 1899. He moved to Cumberland in 1901 and later became chief surgeon of the old Western Maryland Hospital, chief of staff at Memorial Hospital, consultant surgeon at Allegany Hospital here, Miners Hospital at Frostburg, Hazel McGilvey Hospital in Meyersdale and Bedford County Hospital. He also was chief of the tumor clinic at Memorial. Studied In Europe
Seeking additional education, Dr. Hawkins studied in Chicago under Dr. John B. Murphy from 1907 to 1908, at Mayo Clinic in 1909, at Orlle Clinic from 1911 to 1912, and in Berlin, Germany, under Professor Pick, surgical pathologist, in 1913. Dr. Hawkins performed special work in surgery in Berlin, London and Edinburgh in Europe, and in many of the leading hospitals throughout the United States. He was Fellow of the American College of Surgeons since 1914 and Fellow of the Academy-International of Medicine and Surgery. During World Wars I and II, he served as chairman and surgeon of the Selective Service Medical Advisory Board. He also was chairman
of the Army Examining Board at Memorial Hospital. One of the founders of the Dime Savings Bank which merged with the Liberty Trust Company, Dr. Hawkins was a past president of the Allegany-Garrett County Medical Society, the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland and the Cumberland Rotary Club. He held membership in the American Medical Association, Southern Medical Association, Sigma Alpha Episolon and the famous University Club of Baltimore. For many years he served on the board of directors of the Cumberland Country Club, Salvation Army, Central YMCA and Rotary Club and was a member of the Credentials Committee of the American College of Surgeons.
Ardent Hunter
Dr. Hawkins was an ardent sportsman in the field of hunting and the organizer of "The Duck Busters," which holds annual dinners here. He continued to make annual duck hunting trips to Arkansas in recent years despite his poor health. Dr. Hawkins, a Democrat of the old Jefferson school, also was a member of Salem Chapter 18, Royal Arch Masons; Potomac Lodge 100, AF and AM; Antioch Commandery 6, Knights Templar; Cumberland Consistory 32; Ali Ghan Temple, AAONMS; McKinley Chapter 12, Order of Eastern Star; Ali Ghan Shrine Country Club, Diesel Club, Cumberland Lodge 63, BPO Elks, and Emmanuel Episcopal Church. He was a 32nd degree Mason. In 1903 he married the former Louise Brokenborough Price, of Virginia, who resides in Baltimore. Surviving children are Mrs. Gervas McElderry Storrs, Baltimore, and Arthur Hanson Hawkins, Jr., New York. He is also survived by his second wife Mrs. Lou Finzel Hawkins. Services will be conducted Wednesday at 2 p. m. at Emmanuel Episcopal Church with Rev. H. M. Richardson, rector, officiating. Burial will be in Hillcrest Cemetery. The body will remain at Stein's Funeral Home until the hour of services. The Cumberland Evening Times, June 9, 1952  
Hawkins, Arthur Hanson (I06781)
186 . Frostburg, July 22 — Henry Finzel, 65, retired coal miner, died yesterday afternoon at his home, 219 Maple street, after a lingering illness. A member of St. Michael's Catholic Church, he is survived by his wife, the former Miss Lilly Machin, two daughters, Mrs. Gormer Jones and Mrs. Carl Skidmore, and three sons, Clarence, Walter and Joseph Finzel, all of Frostburg. He was a brother of Mrs. Arthur H. Hawkins and Mrs. Alice Goodwin, Cumberland; Mrs. Doll Baer and Mrs. Henry Knepp, Finzel; Miss Margaret Finzel, William, Thomas and Ira Finzel, this city, and Patrick of Washington. The Cumberland Evening Times, July 22, 1940 He was buried on 23 Jul 1940 in Finzel Cemetery, Finzel, Garrett Co., Maryland. Finzel, Henry L. (I06606)
187 . Glenn Gilbert DURST (Lawrence Delbert-3, Nancy Ellen MCKENZIE-2, John M.-1) was born on 31 Jan 1915 in New Germany, Garrett Co., Maryland. He died on 3 Nov 2001 in Frostburg, Allegany Co., Maryland. November 05, 2001 Cumberland Times-News - FROSTBURG -- Glenn Gilbert Durst, 86, of Durst Lane, Frostburg, died Saturday, Nov. 3, 2001, at the St. Vincent dePaul Nursing Home. Born on Jan. 31, 1915, in New Germany, he was the son of the late Delbert and Mamie (Broadwater) Durst. He was also preceded in death by a daughter, Shirley Anne Lavin; two brothers, Blaine Durst and Gideon Durst; two sisters, Gladys Durst and Dailey Rice; and two sons-in-law, Francis J. Lavin and Ronald L. Kyle. Mr. Durst was employed at the Celanese Corp. for 15 years, and was a retired dairy farmer who continued to work with his son until September 2000. He was a member of the Cherry Grove Church of the Brethren since 1938, was a deacon of the church and served as a ministerial trustee until the time that his eyesight failed him. Surviving are his wife of 64 years, Mary (Merrill) Durst; one son, Glenn Allen Durst and his wife Linda of Frostburg, two daughters, Carole L. Kyle of the St. Vincent dePaul Nursing Home, and by Valeria A. Arch and husband Dr. Jack E. of Cumberland; nine grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; two sisters, Vera E. Merrill of Barberton, Ohio, and Ruby Jenkins and husband Don of Randallstown; and one brother, Paul Durst and wife Lois of Grantsville. Friends will be received at the Hafer Funeral Home, P.A., The Frost Mansion, 58 Frost Ave., Frostburg, on Monday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Funeral services will be conducted in the Cherry Grove Church of the Brethren on Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. with Pastor Henry Elsea officiating. Mr. Durst will be taken to the church from 1 to 2:30 p.m. and friends are invited to join the family for a luncheon at the church beginning at 1 p.m. Interment will follow in Rest Lawn Memorial Gardens, LaVale. Memorial contributions may be made in his memory to the Cherry Grove Church of the Brethren, c/o Louise Vought, 3886 Chestnut Ridge Road, Grantsville, MD 21536, the Allegany County Teachers Association Reading Initiative, 13145 Warrior Drive, Cresaptown, MD 21505-5179, or donate a book of your choice to any of the local libraries. Pallbearers will be Jeffrey Lavin, Randy Kyle, Toby Durst, Jeffrey Vaughn, John Morrissey and Robert Ansel. Honorary pallbearers will be Ernest Ganoe, Scott Pope, Dean Durst, Ernest Durst and Patrick Morrissey. He was buried on 6 Nov 2001 in Rest Lawn Memorial Gardens, LaVale, Allegany Co., Maryland. Durst, Glenn Gilbert (I06819)
188 . Harry KEIM (son of Jeremiah KEIM and Margaret (Maggie) LIVENGOOD) was born on 15 Jan 1895 in Elk Lick Township, Somerset Co., Pennsylvania. He died on 29 Feb 1976 in Salisbury, Somerset Co., Pennsylvania. SALISBURY, Pa. - Harry Keim, 81, of RD 1, Salisbury, died yesterday at his home. Born at Elk Lick Township, he was a son of the late Jeremiah and Margaret (Livengood) Keim. His wife, Maggie (McKenzie) Keim, preceded him in death. Surviving are three sons, Edison, Morris and Bradley Keim, all of RD 1, Salisbury; a daughter, Mrs. Leola Paul, RD 1, Meyersdale, and four grandchildren. The body will be at the Thomas Funeral Home after 7 p.m. today. A service will be conducted there Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. by Rev. Walter M. Fike. Burial will be in Salisbury Cemetery. The Cumberland News, March 1, 1976 Keim, Harry (I06974)
189 . L. Delbert Durst, 95, died September 7, 1977, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Gladys Durst of Grantsville, Md., with whom he had resided for many years. Born at New Germany, Mr. Durst was a son of the late Augustus and Nancy (McKenzie) Durst. His wife, Manie (Broadwater) Durst, preceded him in death. Mr. Durst was a member of the Cherry Grove Church of the Brethren. In addition to Mrs. Durst, surviving are three other daughters, Mrs. Vera Merrill, Grantsville; Mrs. Dailey Rice, Lottsburg, Va., and Mrs. Ruby Jenkins, Baltimore; four sons, Blaine Durst, Gideon Durst and Paul Durst, all of Grantsville, and Glenn Durst, Frostburg; one brother, George Durst, Cumberland; 26 grandchildren, 28 great-grandchildren, and six great-great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held Saturday at the Cherry Grove Church of the Brethren with Rev. Earl Harper and Clyde Tanner officiating. Interment, St. Ann's Cemetery, Civilton. Arrangements were made by the Newman Funeral Home. The Republic, September 15, 1977 Durst, Lawrence Delbert (I02623)
190 . Leroy Durst, 53, died of a heart attack at his home in Akron, O., Tuesday, December 31. Funeral services were held in the Evangelical and Reformed Church, Manchester Road, on Friday, Jan. 3, Rev. J. Wolfe, pastor, officiating. Interment in Lakewood Cemetery, Akron. Mr. Durst, the youngest son of the late Augustus and Nancy (McKenzie) Durst was born at New Germany, Garrett County, Md. He resided in Akron, O., for 37 years and successfully conducted a mercantile business at Clinton, O. Surviving are his wife, one daughter, Arlene, wife of Jack Hart, Akron and one son, Herschel Durst, in the United States Service in Columbus, O. Surviving are four brothers, Henry, Delbert and Marshall Durst, Grantsville, and George D. Durst, Cumberland; and two sisters, Mrs. Fannie Wagner, Akron, O., and Mrs. Carrie Garlitz, Avilton, Md. Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Durst, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Durst, Marshall, Delbert and Blaine Durst, of Grantsville and Mr. and Mrs. George Durst of Cumberland attended the funeral of their kinsman. Meyersdale Republican, January 9, 1947  Durst, Joseph Leroy (I02629)
191 . Lottie Elizabeth MCKENZIE (Henry Ellsworth-3, Samuel J.-2, John M.-1) was born on 8 Mar 1910 in Grantsville, Garrett Co., Maryland. She died on 18 Oct 1974 in Somerset, Somerset Co., Pennsylvania. Mrs. Weimer was a member of the Brothersvalley Church of the Brethren.

She was buried on 22 Oct 1974 in Somerset County Memorial Park, Somerset, Pennsylvania. 
McKenzie, Lottie Elizabeth (I06894)
192 . Margaret Ann LORADITCH (Mary Alice MCKENZIE-3, Ambrose G.-2, John M.-1) was born on 16 Jun 1905 in Meyersdale, Summit Township, Somerset Co., Pennsylvania. She died on 20 Jan 1980 in Frostburg, Allegany Co., Maryland. Margaret Ann LORADITCH (Edward Joseph) was born on 16 Jun 1905. She died on 20 Jan 1980 in Frostburg, Allegany, MD. She was buried in St. Michael Cemetery, Frostburg, PA.

Margaret Ann Keating, Box 616, Frostburg RD 2, died January 20, 1980 at her residence. Born in Meyersdale, she was a daughter of the late Edward J. and Mary Alice (McKenzie) Loraditch. She was a member of St. Michael's Catholic Church, Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Secular Franciscan Order and Court St. Michael CDA 2058. Surviving are her husband, Thomas P. Keating Sr.; three daughters, Mrs. Mary Alice Heiger and Mrs. Margaret Alice Strohmer, both of Baltimore, Md.; and Mrs. Norene Lewis, Frostburg, Md.; three sons, Bernard Keating, Hagerstown, Md.; and Thomas P. Keating Jr. and Leo Keating, both of Baltimore, Md.; two brothers, John Loraditch and James Loraditch, both of California, and 13 grandchildren. Friends were received at the Durst Funeral Home. The family suggests that memorials can take the form of contributions to the American Cancer Society or a charity of the donors choice. The Republic, Meyersdale, January 24, 1980

US Government -- Social Security Administration, Social Security Death Index."Social Security Death Index Record about Margaret Keating Name:
Margaret KeatingSSN:215-74-1071 Born:16 Jun 1905
Last Benefit:21532 Frostburg, Allegany, Maryland of America Died:Jan 1980State (Year) SSN issued: Maryland (1973 )

Note from Thomas Keating, June 25, 2007 - Margaret Ann Loraditch died in January 1980 at age 74.2 Name Variation Margaret Ann Loraditch was also known as Margaret O'Toole In Mrs. Hazel Groves' HARGRAVE's notes, Margaret is shown as Margaret O'TOOLE.

NOTE: Margaret O'Toole and Margaret Ann Loraditch are not the same person. There is another, older Thomas Patrick Keating who was married to Margaret O'Toole. His obit:

Lonaconing, January 4 - Thomas Patrick Keating, 78, died Monday at his home on St. Mary's Terrace, after an illness of several months. Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
Keating, he was born in Scotland, coming to Lonaconing at an early age. He was a retired miner; member of St. Mary's Catholic Church and the Holy Name society. Mrs. Keating, the former Margaret OToole, died four years ago. Surviving children are Charles, Detroit; James, McMullen Highway; Mrs. Alex Woods, St. Mary's Terrace; and Mrs. Walter Miller, Cumberland. One sister, Miss Catherine Keating, also survives. The Cumberland Evening Times, January 4, 1944
Loraditch, Margaret Ann (I06941)
193 . Mary D. Elizabeth Merrill (daughter of Jesse Calvert Merrill and Minnie Sophia Pope) was born on 26 Feb 1915 in Avilton, Garrett Co., Maryland. She died on 12 Jan 2009 in Frostburg, Allegany Co., Maryland. January 13, 2009, Cumberland Times-News ~ FROSTBURG — Mary Merrill Durst, 93, formerly of 73 Durst Lane, Frostburg, died Monday, Jan. 12, 2009 at the WMHS Frostburg Nursing and Rehab Center. Born Feb. 26, 1915 in Avilton, she was the daughter of the late Jesse C. Merrill and Minnie (Pope) Merrill. She was predeceased by her husband, Glenn Gilbert Durst; one daughter, Shirley Anne Lavin; two brothers, Robert Merrill and William Merrill; and two sons-in-law, Frances J. Lavin and Ronald L. Kyle. Mrs. Durst was a member of the Cherry Grove Church of the Brethren for 83 years. She was very proud of the fact that she had been a member since 1926. She served as church clerk and treasurer for 24 years, was a Sunday School teacher for 70 years and was Sunday School pianist and assistant church organist. She was the president of CBWF (Church of the Brethren Women’s Fellowship), served on the Finance Board, Ministerial Board, was a deaconess, was involved in the Youth counsel–CBYF. Mrs. Durst was the Chief Judge of Elections at District 9 for 30 years and canvassed the area for cancer funds. Mr. and Mrs. Durst received the Farming for Better Living Award in 1964 for Garrett County. She was a member of the Northern Garrett Republican Club and the Eastern Garrett County Firemen Women’s Auxiliary. Mary is survived by one son, Glenn Allen Durst and wife Linda of Frostburg; two daughters, Carol L. Kyle of WMHS Frostburg Nursing and Rehab Center and Valeria K. Arch and husband Dr. Jack E. Arch of Cumberland; and one sister, June Shull of Salisbury, Pa. She is also survived by seven grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Friends will be received at the Hafer Frost Mansion, 58 Frost Ave., Frostburg, Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009 from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Funeral services will be conducted in the Cherry Grove Church of the Brethren, Chestnut Ridge Road, Grantsville, Friday at 1:30 p.m. with Pastor Richard Greene officiating. Friends are invited to join the family for lunch, which will be served at noon at the Social Room of the church before the services. Interment will follow in the Restlawn Memorial Gardens, LaVale. Pallbearers will be Jeffrey Lavin, Randy Kyle, Toby Durst, Bob Ansel, John Morrissey, Jeff Vaughn and Gary Wilhelm. Memorial contributions may be made to the Cherry Grove Church of the Brethren, 3992 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Grantsville, MD 21536 or donate a book to your favorite library in her memory.  Merrill, Mary D. Elizabeth (I07693)
194 . Mary Verna MCKENZIE (Thomas A.-3, Francis-2, John M.-1) was born on 21 Nov 1908. She died on 19 Jul 1961 in Frostburg, Allegany Co., Maryland.

Frostburg - Mrs. Mary Verna Caton, 52, of Finzel Road, wife of Clifford Caton, died today at her residence following an illness of five years. A native of Greenville Township, Pa., she was a daughter of the late Cora M. (Steinly) McKenzie and the late Thomas McKenzie. She was born November 21, 1908. Mrs. Caton was a member of St. Michael's Catholic Church. Besides her mother and husband, she is survived by four sons, Virgil and Clifford Caton, Jr., both of Frostburg; James Caton, Cleveland; and Thomas Caton, at home; five daughters, Mrs. Sylvia Hunter, RD 2, Frostburg; Mrs. Evelyn Short and Mrs.
Emma J. Hawkins, both of Cleveland; Mrs. Nancy Wilhelm, RD 1, Lonaconing; and Mary Ann Caton, at home; a sister, Mrs. Naomi Lindeman, of near Frostburg; two brothers, James and Thomas, Finzel Road, and 13 grandchildren. The body is at the Durst Funeral
Home where the family will receive friends today from 7 to 9 p. m. and tomorrow from 2 to
4 and 7 to 9 p. m. The Cumberland Evening Times, July 19, 1961 
McKenzie, Mary Verna (I06651)
195 . SALISBURY, Pa.— Miss Eliza F. Wetmiller, 73, formerly of near here, died shortly after midnight today at Memorial Hospital, Cumberland, where she had been a patient several weeks. Miss Wetmiller had been living at Grantsville, Md. Born April 11, 1887, she was a daughter of the late Samuel and Lydia (Weimer) Wetmiller. She is survived by two brothers, Cyrus Wetmiller, Latham, N. Y., and Edward Wetmiller, Cochocton, N. Y.; and four sisters, Mrs. Lucinda Waldo, Lancaster, N. Y.; Mrs. Harry Knecht and Mrs. Howard Coulihan, both of West Salisbury, and Miss Alice Wetmiller, Woodville, Pa. A requiem mass will be celebrated Friday at 9:30 a. m. at St. Michael's Catholic Church, West Salisbury, and burial will be in the church cemetery. The Cumberland Evening Times, March 8, 1961 Wetmiller, Eliza (I06897)
196 . Samuel Vincent WEIMER (Ozias-3, Drucilla Ann MCKENZIE-2, John M.-1) was born on 26 Jan 1877. He died on 20 Sep 1931. Weimer, Samuel Vincent (I02359)
197 . Sylvan Sylvester DURST (Henry Francis-3, Nancy Ellen MCKENZIE-2, John M.-1) was born on 12 Jun 1904 in New Germany, Garrett Co., Maryland. He died on 12 Feb 1982 in Indio, Riverside Co., California. Sylvan (Sid) Durst, 77, died Feb. 12, 1982 in the Desert Palms Nursing Home, Indio, Calif. He was born at New Germany, and was a son of the late Henry F. and Elizabeth (Miller) Durst. He was a former employee of the Kelly - Springfield Tire company and a member of St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Grantsville, Md. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Mae (Broadwater) Durst; three daughters, Mrs. Betty Jo Stull, of La Mirada, Calif., Mrs. Sue Bowers, of Grantsville and Mrs. Peggy Robertson, of Barton; one son, William H. Durst, of Buckhannon, W.Va.; one brother, Wayne H. Durst, of Grantsville; seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. The Republic, February 18, 1982 Durst, Sylvan Sylvester (Sid) (I06803)
198 . Thomas H. WAGNER (son of John H. WAGNER and Caroline Jones) was born about 1901 in Swanton, Garrett Co., Maryland. He died on 14 Jul 1967 in Elizabethtown, North Carolina. Surviving are four daughters, Mrs. Harold Dodd, Moorefield, W. Va.; Mrs. Leroy Emmerick, Mt. Savage; Mrs. Maxie Rogers, Charleston, S. C., and Mrs. Lester Denton, Freeland, N. C.; five sons, Marshall Wagner and John Wagner, both of Freeland; Neil K. Wagner, Spartansburg, S. C.; Gene D. Wagner, Wilmington, N. C., and Frederick Wagner, Danville, Va.; three sisters, Mrs. Edward Baker, Finzel; Mrs. Emma Branson, Oldtown, and Mrs. Ruth Spiker, Frostburg; two brothers, Howard Wagner and Adam Wagner, both of Finzel; 23 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He was a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The body will be at the Durst Funeral Home, Frostburg, where friends will be received tomorrow from 7 to 9 p. m. and Sunday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. The Cumberland Evening Times, July 14, 1967

Emmanuel Cemetery, Garrett County, Maryland

There is conflicting information about his birthplace. Obituary says Maryland, death certificate says North carolina. 
Wagner, Thomas H. (I05192)
199 . Burial in St. John's Cemetery, Ellicott City, Howard Co., MD. Hillsinger, Stephen J. (I04666)
200 . ECKHART — James M. Carter, 71, died yesterday at his home on the Parkersburg Road. He had been in ill health for some time. Born in Eckhart, he was a son of the late James and Hattie (Porter) Carter. Mr. Carter was a former post master of Eckhart and also served as a trial magistrate in Frostburg. He was a member of Eckhart Methodist Church. Surviving are his widow, Eliza (Wright) Carter; a daughter, Mrs. James Williams, Clarysville; a sister, Mrs. Fanny Stewart, of here; a brother, J. William Carter, Clarksburg, W. Va. and two grandchildren. The body is at the Durst Funeral Home, Frostburg, where the family will receive friends from 2 to 4 p. m. and 7 to 9 p.m.

The Cumberland Evening Times, January 3, 1962 
Carter, James Maurice Jr. (I13446)

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